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LEF Facility Closure!!!

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The Lake Edun Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to educating others about the benefits living a clothing-free lifestyle can have on the individual, the family, child development, and society. To accomplish this, the Foundation produces an informative newsletter, conducts educational seminars, holds clothing-free activities and endeavors to rent or lease a facility suitable for clothing-free recreation.

Your membership in the Lake Edun Foundation helps us achieve these objectives. In addition, you may use our leased facility to see if a clothing-free lifestyle is right for you. While at our leased facility, you may elect to maintain a private garden plot. Irrigation is available to cultivate legal crops of your choice.

When resting from your agricultural responsibilities, you may use the beautiful, natural agricultural land, including an unsupervised swimming area, primitive hiking trails, and nicely mowed picnic/camping areas. Occasional private events may limit availability.

Periodic camping is permitted and, through the Winter, we schedule periodic saunas.

A free subscription to Bare Facts, the official publication of the Foundation is included with your membership.

We hope you will review our website. If you decide you agree clothing is a much overrated and expensive commodity and want to embrace clothing-free living, send us a response. Or maybe you can find another naturist site in your area on our additional information page. If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Lake Edun Foundation, click here.

Would You Like To Donate?

To make a tax-deductible donation to assist with our educational mission or help fund the work of our Winter Warriors :

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Would you care to donate items to the Lake Edun Foundation? We have a small collection of items we’d like to acquire via donation, if anyone has them and would like to part with them.

The Lake Edun Foundation requests that anyone able to donate the following items to please contact us.

Is anyone with a tractor who can help us move and spread gravel?
Thanks Robert for the chipper

Non-motorized boats
Lawn or lounge chairs
Large water storage tank
Plastic barrels
Concrete pavers
Aluminum cans, etc.
Wooden Cable spools