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April 1, 2002

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April Activities

We have an active April planned! We hope all Eduners will check our schedule and find some activities where they can join us. Winter has been long and cold. It is good to have sunshine to warm the days once again. Work days are an important event at this time of year. It is an opportunity to get our special place ready for the new season. We have three work days and three saunas scheduled in April. We all realize weather in April will probably keep us from holding all three of the work days, but we hope you will join us for as many as weather permits. Remember, if you have a working membership, this is the best time to get your working hours in so the fruit of your labor can be appreciated by all throughout the summer; it is also a relatively easy opportunity to complete this obligation.

In addition, we have our first campout scheduled for the weekend following Tax Day. Plan to join other Eduners and unwind after this most unfavorite day of the year.

All Eduners should be able to find some activities at the lake this month that are of interest to you. We hope you will join us and shake off the winter blahs.

The Highway Tax

By Doug Bennett

It's April! That means tax time right? It also means it is time for a highway clean up. Meet us in the Albertson's parking lot on the northeast corner of Fairlawn and 29thStreets at 9:00am on the 20th of April.

Remember last year when the State let us adopt a section of I-470?

Remember when they finally got around to putting up our signs?

Remember that small, dedicated group that did the first clean up?

Remember you are to come out and help on the clean up this month?

The Kansas DOT provides us with pretty little orange vests to wear and funny colored trash bags to collect the litter in. You need to provide your own sturdy shoes and long pants. You may wear shorts if you really want to, but the long grass and low bushes kind of scratch up your legs. Gloves are optional, but a good idea. Bring some sunscreen and insect repellent if it's that kind of day. Don't bring pets or young children. A water bottle that fits in your pocket or clips to your belt is a real good idea. Ear plugs are also good to reduce the noise level.

We will meet in Albertson's parking lot for a short safety briefing and then car pool up onto the highway. Please try to get there on time so the rest of us don't have to wait for you. The whole clean up can go pretty fast if we have enough people, but plan on spending a few hours with us anyway. After it's all done we'll all go out to the Lake, rinse off the road dust, and celebrate Tax Freedom Day with our friends.!!!!!

Return To Edun/10 Ticket Sales Brisk

If advance ticket sales are any measure, attendance at RtE/10 will be the best ever. Advance ticket sales are al-ready about double where they were at this point last year.

Enclosed with this issue of Bare Facts you will find a copy of the Return to Edun brochure. It is hot-off-the-press and ready to go. You may notice that we put a new band into the line-up. Soul Captives plays reggae music and will greatly enhance the variety of our musical offering this year. We believe the line-up of bands is first-rate and all in attendance will have a memorable time.

If you have not ordered your tickets, you may purchase them at a discount from the price in the brochure until the end of this month tickets will cost $70/single; $85/couple. Members whose membership expires after June 23 may purchase their tickets for half price. Use the order form in this issue of Bare Facts to place your order for Return to Edun tickets.

As is true every year, Return to Edun is our major fund raiser. We hope all our members will support the event and encourage their friends and acquaintances to join us to experience the joys a clothing-free weekend can bring.

Please either use the enclosed RtE brochure to order your tickets or pass it along to a friend. If you think of it, tell them about the discounts available until the end of April.


Activities designated HN are sponsored by Heartland Naturists

Apr 6; Sat; 6pm; Main area closed for Private Party

Apr 7; Sun; 12-4; Work Day

Apr 7; Sun; 4-5; Membership Forum

Apr 7; Sun; 5-7; Sauna

Apr 13; Sat; 10-12; Board of Directors Meeting

Apr 13; Sat; 12-4; Work Day

Apr 13; Sat; 5-7; Sauna

Apr 14; Sun; 2-4:30; HN Bowling - Diamond Bowl

Apr 17; Wed; 8 am; LEF on Jim Cates show 1440 AM

Apr 17; Wed; 6-8; Coffee House Talk at The Buzz

Apr 19; Fri; 8-10; HN Swim in Kansas City

Apr 20; Sat; 9-12; Highway Clean-up

Apr 20-21; Tax Freedom Campout

Apr 20; Sat; 8-10; Sauna

Apr 21; Sun; 1-5; Work Day

Apr 30; Tues; Deadline for RtE/10 Discount tickets

May 11; Sat; 10-12; Board of Directors Meeting

May 11; Sat; 1-5; Work Day

May 11; Sat; 5-6; Membership Forum

May 11; Sat; 6-8; Sauna

May 17-19; Bare to Breakers Run in San Francisco

May 18; Sat; 12-3; Open house

May 18; Sat; Dusk; Friendship Fire

May 25; Sat; 60's Party

May 26; Sun; Tie Dye Party

June 21-23; Return to Edun/10

Member Forum -Your Chance To Be Heard

During this year of transition, the Board of Directors is making a special effort to keep our membership informed about all issues of importance and ensure issues important to members are addressed. To accomplish this, we will hold a Member Forum every month of our "season." The first Member Forum is scheduled for April 7 between the work day and the sauna.

We hope our members will make a special effort to join us at this Member Forum. Bring questions and suggestions with you. While the Board is interested in making this the best year ever for LEF, we need to know what our members want from their membership.

Think about ways LEF can be more fun; How we can get the message out to more people; and what you might be willing to do to help.

Random Thoughts & Reflections

If you have not received periodic email updates from LEF, we do not have your email address. As summer approaches, email will be the quickest, surest way we can keep in touch with our members and friends. Be sure we have your email address. If you have not given us your address or you are unsure, send it today to

One of our members is looking to share rides to our special place from the Kansas City area this season. If you live in or near Shawnee and are interested in sharing a ride, contact this member by email or through our P.O. box.

With A Little Help From My Friends

By Dee Merrifield

Our 1st coffee house talk was a real eye opener. I hope it is not indicative of how we will be treated by others in the Topeka area. There was excellent support from Lake Edun members: Eldon, pt Mike, Heather, Doug and Webb. We did have one brave new soul, Libby. I'm pretty sure we will be seeing her at our special place later this spring.

Our next talk will take place on Wed. April 17 from 6-8 pm at The Buzz. It is located at 2839 SW 29th (that's on the terrace at Brookwood Center). The owners of this shop seemed like great people and are open to the idea of our special place and our right to promote it. It would be great to see them at one of our open houses. Let's work on getting some positive feedback at our next talk.

From The Mail Bag

Brett, you're a genious! I just had the opportunity to view the RTE video. It was a long wait to get it completed. Brett, you did a fantastic job of editing and narrating. Kudos. - Dee

Items We Need

Haulover Beach Revisited

by Webb Garlinghouse

I last visited Haulover Beach three years ago, in the Spring of 1999. Haulover Beach, as you may recall, is, one of the few clothing-optional beach sanctioned by any branch of government anywhere in the US. As reported inBare Facts at the time, the beach was heavily used and attracted visitors from dozens of countries. The success of Haulover has been documented in stories appearing in Nude & Natural as well as the main line press. Because of its presence, hotels in the area are nearly at full occupancy; police report crime in the area has dropped; and the county takes in over $1,000,000 each year from parking revenue alone!

In revisiting Haulover, I was particularly interested in what had changed. Three years ago, the parking lot was packed when I arrived about 10 in the morning. This time it appeared the parking area was much larger than I recalled. In spite of that, I was still forced to find a spot off the paved area in what appeared to be an overflow area on the grass. Although parking appeared to at least double in size, it was still not enough!

Walking to the beach, I was immediately struck by the fact that appeared to be much larger than before. It seems that the county has set aside a greater stretch of beach for clothing-optional use. At both ends were signs warning that clothing must be worn beyond that point. Interestingly, swimmers in suits were right up to the rope that separated the two portions of beach. Evidently, the clothing compulsive did not object to the nudity just a few feet away.

When I left the beach as the sun was approaching the horizon, I reflected that either my memory had shrunk or use of Haulover had greatly expanded in the three years since my last visit. Clearly Miami-Dade County has gotten the message that clothing-free recreation is a good way to attract affluent visitors to relax and spend their money.

Coffee Shop Talks

On Wednesday, March 27, Dee held the first of her carefully planned coffee house talks. She planned the location and owners agreed we could meet and they would hang promotional posters so others would know about the event. About eight Eduners were on hand to address whatever questions curious coffee drinkers might raise.

As is so often the case, the best laid plans quickly go awry. The owners of the World Cup did not bother to tell Dee that they have a personal objection to Naturism; they did not put up the posters as they had promised; and they made the group hide behind a screen so none of the other customers could see the group or the LEF video they were watching. However, the World Cup had no problem accepting money from all the Eduners for their coffee.

The next coffee house talk is planned for a different location. The owners of The Buzz in Brookwood are very interested in supporting our cause and have agreed to put up posters so others will know about the coming event. It will be held on April 17 from 6-8 in the evening. If you are available, be sure to stop by; if you know someone with questions about naturism, tell them about this opportunity to learn more.

The Naturalist Naturist

By Biology Bill

Last month, I wrote about how the angle of the sun to the earth's atmosphere varies with the time of day and the time of year, and how that affects how warm it is on the ground. This month, as the warm season approaches, I'd like to relate that to a pair of related and very serious topics to naturists: skin cancer, air pollution and what they have to do with each other. Early in the morning and late in the day, and also during the winter the sun is not directly overhead, and the relatively oblique angle of the sunlight to the ground forces the light to travel through a larger amount of atmosphere. This is important because light is made up of many different wavelengths, or energy states, and different wavelengths of light interact differently with the atmosphere.

The full spectrum of light is constantly traveling from the sun to the earth. However, not all wavelengths of sunlight reach the ground in equal proportions. Long wavelengths, or low energy forms of light, travel easily through the atmosphere. This is why radio waves, which have low wavelengths, can travel long distances from their radio towers without dissipating (for instance I can regularly pick up AM radio stations from Chicago, especially at night). These wavelengths don't carry much heat, however, so we can walk right through them without noticing their passage unless we are carrying the appropriate receiving device.

The sunlight we like to bask in on the dock at Lake Edun is different. High-energy forms of light reach the ground in large amounts during the days in summer, which heats both the ground and all sunbathers that happen to be blocking the way. The light's path to the ground is shorter then, and less light is absorbed by the atmosphere. This absorption happens in the following way: short-wavelength light waves hit molecules in the atmosphere, and sometimes some of the energy gets trapped in the molecules and is stored in the chemical bonds between atoms. Not all molecules are able to store energy similarly, however. Most molecules are largely saturated with energy, and can't catch much. A few kinds of molecules, for instance ozone molecules, are able to capture a large amount of energy, and then pass them onto others in chemical reactions. This energy is thus stored fairly readily in the atmosphere, where it stays.

This is where any of this begins to matter to Lake Edun folk. A comparatively low amount of high-energy sunlight is absorbed by these molecules during the middle of the day in the summer, which really sends the temperatures soaring. More energy also hits any people who happen to be lying in the sun, which heats up their skin. This gradually damages the skin, leading to a response that we think of as a sunburn. With a certain high amount of exposure which can vary from person to person, this energy can lead to the unnatural growth of certain kinds of skin cells, which we call cancer. Since this type of exposure is greatest during the period of time where the sun's energy is greatest, sunburns and the risk of skin cancer are also greatest at that time.

The amount of molecules which absorb large amounts of sunlight in the atmosphere is not constant. It depends on the type of weather system we experience, and also with the time of year. This also depends on some human-induced factors as well, however. Some chemicals that we use regularly have a strong chemical effect on the atmospheric content. A good example of this is chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's), a group of chemicals that have been used often in aerosol sprays and refrigerants. These molecules don't appear to be toxic in any direct way, but they gradually bounce their way up into the upper atmosphere. There they play a large role, catalyzing reactions which break down chemicals like ozone which absorb large amounts of high energy light (this means that individual molecules take part in many reactions, but don't break down themselves). This loss of high-atmosphere energy blockers leads to a larger amount of energy hitting the ground, and any people who happen to be in the way. CFC's seem to gather in the high atmosphere especially over the poles, and the amount of ozone over the south pole has been seasonally very low. This has resulted in high rates of cancer in the southernmost areas of South America and Africa. Happily, international agreements have slowed the release of CFCs into the atmosphere, although the long-lasting nature of the molecules that are currently in the atmosphere will remain there for centuries. Hopefully, the decrease in CFC release will eventually lead to the recovery of ozone levels in the upper atmosphere, and the eventual decrease in skin cancer risk during the summer. Nevertheless, all Lake Eduners should take the lead of those who use lots of sun screen and stay in the shade during the hottest parts of summer days.

Jim Cates Will Interview LEF Again

On Wednesday morning, April 17, at 8 am, Jim Cates, host of one of the most respected locally produced talk shows in the Topeka area will interview representatives of the Lake Edun Foundation. The show is called Let's Talk. The format is a combination of both guest interviews from all walks and listener call-in with questions for the guests.

Jim is on record as having no particular problem with the mission and practices of the Lake Edun Foundation although he does not believe he could join LEF activities himself. Let's face it, we are all the product of our up-bringing unless we make a concerted effort to change.

Jim's listeners, as you might expect, are all over the map. Some callers in past years have been quite supportive; some have been hostile and nasty. It is important that we work to bring all listeners along so they can learn about the benefits we all take for granted.

If you are able to join the listeners to AM 1440 on Wednesday, April 17, call in with a question for which you believe your friends are interested in hearing an answer; or call in with a comment if you want to assist in our defense of Naturism. Either way, be sure to tell your friends and acquaintances to listen to the Jim Cates show at 8 am so they can learn more about Naturism.Naked Justice

Sex harassment Nonsense

By Dave Kopel

[Adapted from the National Review Online. This illustrates how our basic freedoms are under attack by a very few who would like to impose their narrow view of the world upon the rest of us.]

Attorney General Ashcroft got himself in trouble with the media recently when he asked for the expenditure of $8,000 for a drape to cover the exposed breast of a Lady Justice statue at the Department of Justice. Ashcroft, a very conservative Christian, didn't feel comfortable having to give press conferences in front of a partially unclad woman. But rather than being mocked for prudishness, Ashcroft could have been celebrated as a vanguard of sensitive p.c. feminism if he had merely explained he was covering the statue in order to prevent sexual harassment. Over the last decade, statues and paintings all over America have been removed at the insistence of the p.c. police.

"Lady Justice" is the age-old representation of the spirit of Justice as a woman with the scales of justice in one hand, and a sword in the other. She is often wearing a blindfold, to show her impartiality. The image probably derives from the Greek goddess Themis and the Roman goddess Justia. Lady Justice paintings and statues are ubiquitous in the Western legal world. Often - as in the state flag of Virginia and in the Department of Justice statue - she is portrayed with one breast partly or completely exposed.

Unfortunately, because of twisted, unjust applications of federal law, great statues and paintings everywhere are coming under attack.

Back in 1964, when Congress passed the Civil Rights Act and outlawed workplace discrimination against women, nobody expected that the law would suppress statues or paintings. Similarly, the bill's sponsor Hubert H. Humphrey proclaimed that he would eat every page of the bill if anyone could point to a single sentence which would force employers to use racial quotas. But as it turned out, quotas have become pervasive, and great works of art are being chased out of public and private forums.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 outlaws job-based sex discrimination - such as paying a woman less just because she is a woman, or refusing to hire a woman because of her gender. Decades later, Catherine MacKinnon led a successful campaign to have courts declare that sexual harassment - demanding sexual favors from an employee - was a form of sex discrimination outlawed by the 1964 Act.

Then, in the case of Robinson v. Jacksonville Shipyards a federal district court forbade a company to allow employees to display "sexually suggestive, sexually demeaning, or pornographic" material in the workplace. "Sexually suggestive" was defined as any depiction of "a person of either sex who is not fully clothed . . . and who is posed for the obvious purpose of displaying or drawing attention to private portions of his or her body." Thus, employers who hired, paid, and promoted women on exactly the same standards as men, and who vigilant in ensuring that female employees were not pressured to have sex, were put on

notice that just by allowing free speech on their premises, they could be guilty of "sexual harassment."

Attacks on art weren't unknown prior to Robinson. For example, in 1986, Los Angeles County officials complained that a nude male sculpture at the County Hall of Justice and Records "might" interfere with programs on sexual harassment, and asked that the statue be covered.

That same year, prison managers in Massachusetts removed a copy of Renoir's "Bather" from an inmate's cell, for the stated purpose of protecting the "feelings" of female prison employees.

But after Robinson, when objections were raised about works of art, skittish lawyers had to tell their clients that there was indeed a legal risk that the nude human form could be considered sexual harassment.

At the Pennsylvania State University, a female professor complained that a copy of Francisco Goya's painting "Naked Maja" hanging in a classroom constituted sexual harassment. "Whether it was a Playboy centerfold or a Goya," whined the professor (who was herself later accused of sexual harassment), "what I am discussing is that it's a nude picture of a woman which encourages males to make remarks about body parts." Afraid of a lawsuit, the school removed the painting.

As the North Dakota Employment Law Letter explained in its November 1997 issue, "the Goya incident illustrates that workplace conduct - and, yes, even paintings - that once may have been considered acceptable may no longer be."

Lower Columbia College in southwestern Washington state celebrated the new anti-painting spirit with a memo from its Affirmative Action Officer (Sept. 25, 1995):

During the past few months, complaints have been filed with me regarding various forms of art posted on campus and the sexual harassment felt by members of the campus community when they view the art. In order to provide a work and learning atmosphere free from harassment and intimidation, and to protect the college and all employees from costly legal defense resulting from sexual harassment and discrimination claims, I remind you that it is college policy that employees and students shall be provided a place to work and study that is absent an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment.... Staff members and students will be expected to comply with [the affirmative action officer's] request or with the president's decision regarding removal of bothersome pieces of art in the interest of protecting the college and the accused employee or student from claims of discrimination and harassment, and in the interest of providing a harassment-free working and learning environment.

Vermont tends to consider itself a quite progressive state - but the state government was years ahead of John Ashcroft in covering up works of art. In 1993, female employees in a state office building complained that they were being sexually harassed by a mural of Christopher Columbus arriving in the New World, because the painting depicted native women without shirts. State officials hung bedsheets over the harassing mural.

The Central Intelligence Agency is supposed to be led by courageous people who defend American freedom. In 1993, when the CIA planned a headquarter display of paintings by the artist Carmen Trujillo, some employees objected that some of the paintings showed women's breasts, and were thus "verging on sexual harassment." The Agency's leadership meekly cancelled the exhibition.

The Montana Human Rights Commission, is apparently unaware that the First Amendment is a human right. It produced a document titled "Model Equal Employment Opportunity Policy: A Guide for Employers." The guide explains "Examples of prohibited sexual harassment include, but are not limited to: .... Displays of magazines, books, or pictures with a sexual connotation." Thus, mere "sexual connotation" is transformed into "sexual harassment." Of course, the "connotation" could be purely in the antagonistic, mean-spirited minds of the readily offended.

In 1992 in Spokane, Washington, a painting in the city-hall gallery, "Art of Birth," depicted Mother Earth giving birth to a child who was poisoned by industrial chemicals. The painting was denounced as "a form of sexual harassment."

At the University of Nebraska, a graduate student put on his desk a 5x7 photograph of his wife in a bikini. Some coworkers felt sexually harassed by the picture, and the school ordered the photo's removal.

Had Nebraska defended the graduate student's rights, the University might have lost in court. In the 1997 case In re Grievance of Butler (697 A.2d 659 [Vt. 1997]), the Vermont supreme court ruled "a poster ... of a woman in a skimpy bikini" could be harassment, because "the posting or display of any sexually oriented materials in common areas that tend to denigrate or depict women as sexual objects may serve as evidence of a hostile environment."

In Dayton, Titian's " Venus of Urbino" was vandalized and then removed when "employees felt they were being sexually harassed by the painting."

Following a female employee's complaint of sexual harassment, government officials in Menlo Park, California, got rid of an art exhibit consisting of woodcuts showing scenes from "Romeo and Juliet" and from stories about Greek gods and goddesses.

Using the tool of a "sexual harassment" complaint, a single person can impose her narrow tastes on an entire community. In Murfreesboro, Tennessee, the city government placed a collection of paintings by artist Maxine Henderson in the city-hall rotunda. One painting, "Gwen," portrayed a seated nude woman with part of her breast visible.

Public-school employee Laurie Crowder didn't work at city hall, but when she passed through the rotunda one day, she saw "Gwen." She promptly filed a lawsuit against the city. Her complaint stated she considers "'art' in any form whether it be a painting, a Greek statute, or a picture out of Playboy which displays genitals, buttocks and/or nipples of the human body to be pornographic."

As matter of law, Ms. Crowder was dead wrong. The Supreme Court's definition of obscenity states the work in question must lack "serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value" and must appeal "to prurient interest."

The city attorney recognized that "Gwen" was not legally obscene. Nevertheless, he concluded that the painting was contrary to the city's sexual-harassment policy. He personally took the painting down.

Notwithstanding the duty of every attorney to defend the Constitution of the United States, the city attorney explained: "I feel more comfortable siding with protecting the rights under the Title VI sexual harassment statutes than ...under the First Amendment." Since "Gwen" in the painting is apparently at home rather than at work, the painting constituted sexual harassment, according to the city attorney: "Historically, our society thought women should be in the home or in the bedroom, as opposed to in the workplace. So anything that sends that message is a violation" of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Fortunately, Ms. Henderson sued the city about the removal of her painting, and she won the case.

Yet the city attorney explained why, for most employers, knowingly violating the First Amendment presents a much smaller legal risk than acceding to any and every nitwit's complaint about being sexually harassed by a work of art: "This judgment was for $1 and costs. A sexual harassment judgment usually has six zeros behind it. Quite frankly, I'm an advocate of the First Amendment, but a very conservative lawyer when it comes to giving advice."

In the majority of cases, sadly, there is no-one like Ms. Henderson to stick up for the First Amendment. The artist may be dead (like Goya) or may not have the resources to take a case to trial.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964, of course, outlawed sexual discrimination, not works of art. But federal courts have twisted the law to apply not just to actual discrimination, but also to a "hostile or abusive work environment" which can be created though "severe or pervasive" speech regarding sex.

Because noone can tell in advance what a jury or EEOC enforcement officer will consider "severe or pervasive" or "hostile or abusive," employers are forced to censor broadly, as a protective maneuver. While a single work of art might not be "pervasive", it could be considered "severe," and if an employee sends a risqué joke via the office e-mail, the painting plus the e-mail might considered "pervasive." So defensive employers respond by shutting down speech across the board.

This is precisely the problem identified by a 1964 U.S. Supreme Court case striking down a vague loyalty oath: people must "steer far wider of the unlawful zone than if the boundaries of the forbidden areas were clearly marked. Those . . . sensitive to the perils posed by indefinite language, avoid the risk . . . only by restricting their conduct to that which is unquestionably safe." Yet it is the U.S. Supreme Court itself which created the art-destroying vague standards of "sexual harassment" law.

UCLA Law Professor Eugene Volokh, on his website Freedom of Speech vs. Workplace Harassment Law - A Growing Conflict, explains how workplace harassment laws are being used to stifle not only artistic expression, but religious, political, and other speech at the core of the First Amendment.

As attorney general, Mr. Ashcroft has the legal authority to have Lady Justice re-clothed - even though I hope his successor undrapes Lady Justice, and installs some outstanding nudes at the DOJ offices. The problem at the Department of Justice isn't Lady Justice; the problem is that the Department of Justice in recent administrations, both Republican and Democratic, has allowed and abetted the perversion of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 into a censorship law. Hubert Humphrey, Robert F. Kennedy, and the other great civil libertarians who fought for this law never intended such a grotesque result. Sworn to defend the Constitution from all enemies, Attorney General Ashcroft should reverse the misguided policies of his recent predecessors, and fight to enforce the Civil Right Act so that it stops discrimination, not paintings and statues.

Update From Eldon

by Eldon Rice, Immediate past president

I have not written to the bare facts in a few months. But, I wanted to tell all the men of Edun of another danger.

I went to my doctor, last month, and was diagnosed with prostate cancer. It all started with a high PSA. I had a 5.1 Normal is between zero and four. My doctor said that my prostate was enlarged. I thought, "Great just what I need." He sent me to an urologist to run some more tests. They did a sonogram and took part of it for a biopsy. The waiting began.

I found out it was cancerous. My next step, I had a CT and a bone scan. That came back normal about a week ago. After waiting and many tests, they have determined my cancer is localized in the prostate only. Next week I go in to discuss my options. Keep your fingers crossed.

Please, if you have not been checked in a while do so. I know it is not the most pleasant procedure in the world, but it is better than the alternative.

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