Bare Facts
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Official Publication of the Lake Edun Foundation, Inc. April 1, 1998

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Let's Be The Best of Topeka

This issue of Bare facts is coming out a little early to give all our members an opportunity to help make us the Best of Topeka.

Enclosed with this issue is a ballot for the Topeka Capital Journal's annual contest, Best of Topeka. This is a great opportunity to receive some wonderful recognition and publicity. Take a few minutes to complete the page and send it in. All ballots must be received by the paper by April 1, 50 we don't have much time. Do it TODAY! Do it NOW!

To be valid, your ballot must be 80% complete. In the event you do not know enough about Topeka to complete a ballot, or if you really don't care about some of the categories, there are some suggested entries on the last page of Bare facts. But, these are suggestions, only. The two categories we are interested in are in the 3rd column: Best place to camp (Lake Edun); and Best annual Topeka event (Return to Edun). Send your ballot to: The Topeka Capital Journal; 616 SE Jefferson; Topeka, KS 66607 or slip it through the slot in the barn.

First Work Day

Warmer weather brings the start of a new season. One of the first opportunities our members and friends have to get together is the work day we have scheduled for Sunday, March 29.

Chuck has identified a few major improvements to focus on this spring. Of greatest interest is completion of the volleyball court, improve both gates and add some beaches. Work days in the Spring are a lot of fun and a good opportunity to become reacquainted with other Eduners. We hope all members will try to join us for one or more workdays this year.

Spring Fix-up/Clean-up

In addition to the work we will be doing at our work days, there are two other, easy ways members can help make our special place more special this season. Soon we will be roping off the main trail and other trails so we can plant grass seed. If we avoid walking on them for a few weeks, it will give the new grass a chance to take root. So, if you see a trail roped off, please use a different path.

Also, this is an easy time to do off-trail clean-up. When you walk around the property, if you notice trash off the trail, please take a moment to step off the trail and pick it up. Mow is the easy time to get it before the grass and undergrowth greens out again. Even if you can't carry it out, at least put it on the trail so it will be easy for someone else to carry out.

Don't Miss the Spring Fling

As the days lengthen and become warmer, it is easy to think about the wonderful time we will have at Lake Edun this summer. The Social Committee has planned a Spring Fling at Kevin & Christina's for Saturday, April 4. It will begin at 7 pm. Kevin, Christina and the Social Committee will provide ice, water, plates and glasses. Our members should provide munchies, and drinks. This is daylight savings night. It is the first calendar-related proof spring is coming.

Directions available to members

Report From The Board of Directors

At its last meeting, the Board of Directors began work on some of the upcoming events and discussed ways of promoting our wonderful place. Notice the upcoming events we have scheduled. It should be a fun season. In addition, we decided to join the Chamber of Commerce and schedule some targeted advertising to begin in May and June.

If you have any ideas you believe will improve our special place, bring them to the attention of a member of the Board.

Items We Need

Please let us know if you know where we can find:
Flat-bottom boat
Working refrigerator
Bulletin Board


March 29; 12-4 Work Day (Sunday)
March 29; 4-6; Sauna
March 29; 6pm Council Fire
April 4; 7:00; Spring Fling
April 18; Board of Directors Meeting
April 18; 12-4; Work Day
April 18; 7:30; Sauna
April 18; Dusk; Council Fire
April 22; Earth Day
May 3; 12-4; Work Day
May 3; 7:30; Sauna
May 3; Dusk; Council Fire
May 16; 10-12; Board of Directors Meeting
May 16; 7:30; Sauna
May 25; Kick-off Party/Lake Edun Birthday Party
June 27; Family Day
July 6-12; National Nude Recreation Week
July 31 - Aug. 2; Return to Edun/6

Page 2 April Bare Facts

Return To Edun/6

Tickets were recently sent out for Return to Edun/6 and we are nearing final decisions on bands. As in past years, there are many excellent bands to chose from. Making the selection is always difficult.

Ticket price is $45-single/$55-couple. Any member with an expiration date after August 2 can receive their advance tickets at half price. Others can save $5.00 if they order their tickets before May 25. If you know anyone from out of the area interested in attending, tell them how they can save $5. In addition, there will be a $5.00 parking charge for all cars.

This will be the best Return to Edun celebration, ever. Get the word out. Don't miss it!

Did You Know?

Naturism is about as traditional as you can get! Families and friends have been skinny-dipping together since mankind came onto this Earth. It is one of the most traditional of all family values. In comparison, the swimsuit is a very recent fad, first appearing only in the mid-nineteenth century and never universally accepted anywhere. With swimsuits getting skimpier, the fad may be disappearing.

Modern naturists continue the long tradition of the American Indians, who frequently spent their summers nude in the midst of nature. In warmer areas, many spent their entire lives, generation after generation, without clothing.

If others suggest Naturism or Lake Edun is not consistent with family values or is not the way it "used" to be, perhaps we can (and should) correct their facts.

What Is Our Mission Statement

With our change of status to a not-for-profit educational foundation, the Board of Directors is working on a mission statement that accurately reflects our purpose and our values. While we have discussed a few ideas, nothing has been finalized. We want feedback from our members. Two ideas suggested are:

The mission off the Lake Edun Foundation is to promote naturist values to the general public and to provide a protected environment in which members and their guests may enjoy an atmosphere conducive to a naturist lifestyle.


The objective of the Lake Edun Foundation is to promote naturist recreation and the naturist lifestyle as a legitimate venue for citizens in eastern Kansas and western Missouri. Toward this end, we will endeavor to provide suitable locations for members to meet and to bring friends interested in learning about the naturist lifestyle.

What do you think best states our values and purpose? Discuss it with a member of the Board.

Help Lake Edun - Save on Phone Bills

We have all been approached by many long distance carriers about changing our service. But, this is a new twist. One of the providers has approached us with a generous offer.

To begin with, they have great rates - less than 10¢ per minute. And their service is good. In addition, they are offering to contribute a minimum of 3% of Eduners phone bills to the Lake Edun Foundation.

Your Board discussed this at their March meeting. While they believe it is a great offer, they did not want to commit without input from our members. One Board member is using the service and likes it.

So... Here's the deal. If you want to get 10¢ per minute billing in 6 second intervals, let a member of the Board know. This is the first time a commercial company has offered to work with Eduners. We should not do it unless we have a very good showing. If you are interested, contact a member of the Board.

Random Thoughts & Reflections

Last year, our property taxes went up about 10 times. This year, our appraised value went up another 25%. Over this two-year period, our appraised value has increased by almost 1,250%. What our civil servants have been unable to accomplish through legitimate means using zoning or existing laws, they will try to do using taxes.

Choose Freedom at Lake Edun

Lee Baxandall's Guide to Nude Beaches

Page 3 of April Bare Facts

Uncovered Opinions
By Dave Bitters

Akin to merry prankster Till Eulenspiegel, mother nature played caprici oils tricks on us during the winter of ‘98. Thus, we got our spring in winter, and our winter in spring. Just when the days seemed to be getting noticeably longer and we thought winter was really behind us (without any winter), we were treated to on of those famous "Alberta Clippers." Indeed, parts of Kansas got not a prank by a dangerous blizzard.

Nevermind. Preparations for St. Patty's day (or the Vernal Equinox if you're an unrepentant pagan) proceeded apace nonetheless. Despite threats of lousy weather, gaggles of Irish (real and honorary) put a happy face on preparations for a bigger and better than ever outdoor green-beer party in Kansas City. (Kansas City has a long Irish tradition, you see, dating back twenty five years to Mike Murphy radio stunt.)

Actually, Naturist got the jump on their thread bound brethren and sistern, thanks to Marge Heming's festive party at her KCK home on March 14. It was her way of saying thanks to her patrons, and to her Heartland Naturist and Lake Edun friends. Yeah, some wearin' o' the green was in evidence. But most of the celebrants were dressed in anticipation of the summer fun-in-the-sun to come. Thanks, Marge. Your event was timely and welcome.

One topic of discussion at Marge’s part centered on how much fun-in-the-sun government ought to permit the governed to have on Missouri lakes. It seems that after some vacillation, state Sen. John Russell reintroduced his legislative sledge hammer to swat the fly know as "the Party Cove problem" at the Lake of the Ozarks, Remember, folks, appearing in public places like the Lake of the Ozarks in one's natural state tends to make aging, conservative politicians wax apoplectic. Like their Puritan forbears, they can't stand the thought that someone, somewhere might be having fun, particularly when it involves violating a social taboo as grave as removing one's bathing suit. Whassamatter, have these drunken revelers no shame?

Of course, Russell wants a permanent fix to "the Party Cove problem." No messing around with local solutions, or with letting the Missouri Water Patrol develop their own solution. He wants to give discretionary authority to Water Patrol officers to arrest on sight anyone who might drop their baggies for an overall tan anywhere on any Missouri lake. I haven't seen Russell's current bill (SB 902), but if it's like last year's, the language will be convoluted. Last year's language gave Water Patrol officers the authority to cite for "indecent exposure" any naked person who "might offend" someone else (forget the citizen complaint). Now, what the hell does that mean?

Russell's rationale for this broad-brush approach appears to be to preempt the boating revelers from gassing up their sloops and taking their moveable beach elsewhere. But I can't help thinking there may be something deeper at works as well. Russell is known to be a pillar of his local Baptist Church.

My guess is that the stakes are fairly high for Russell this time around. He's regarded as something of an elder statesman in the Missouri legislature, and his bill failed last year. This failure occurred procedurally because the clock ran out before a vote could be taken. But the rest of the story is that the Naturist Action Committee and the American Association for Nude Recreation hired veteran lobbyist Sam Licklider to derail the bill.

After the session ended last year, an editorialist for the Columbia newspaper wrote a column in which he opined that Russell's bill was a dumb piece of legislation, and good riddance. Also, Licklider had built bridges with the Lake Ozark Chamber of Commerce, making it clear that the legislation could cost local businesses big buck$. Earlier this year, Licklider reported that Russell was angry because he didn't have the support of the Lake Ozark Chamber of Commerce, and was considering not re-introducing the bill. Ah, but in the immortal words of Douglas County Commissioner Louie McElhaney (another time, another place, same issue), "You hear a lot about morality these days."

I spoke with NAC Chair Bob Morton recently, and he confirmed that Russell is well aware of the source of his opposition. Indeed, NAC has retained Licklider again, and Licklider makes no secret of representing the Naturists. Morton was cautiously optimistic that SB 902 will suffer the fate of its predecessor, because it got off to a slower start than last year's bill. But he said the lurking danger is that Russell will try to attach the language to an unrelated bill. Given the stakes, this is a real possibility.

Meanwhile, back in Kansas, Wichita fundamentalists continue to raise hell over ongoing availability of the Jock Sturges books at a local Barnes and Noble bookstore. Morton said the Sedgwick County Prosecutor declined to haul Barnes and Noble before a grand jury for selling obscene material, so a group of Concerned Citizens of Wichita (read: the rightwing posse) generated a petition with enough signatures to force a grand jury investigation. According to Morton, the signatories bear more than a casual resemblance to a group that caused trouble at an abortion clinic several years ago. This is unsurprising, considering that Operation Rescue honcho Randall Terry has been the chief catalyst for the anti-Sturges campaign.

Round up the usual suspects.

An afterthought: Why do you suppose magazine sellers now wrap Playboy magazine in plastic bags? It wasn't that way in the days of my youth. Hmmm.