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Visit to Haulover Beach
By Webb Garlinghouse

In this month's article I wanted to throw out an idea to everyone.  What about scheduling trips to other places in the area, such as  Oak Lake Trails, or Sun Meadows, which are both in the Tulsa area.  I think it would be a good gesture on our part to visit them as representatives of Lake Edun and extend an invitation for their members to come visit us.  I will work with the Board of Directors to set up times for these trips and let you know when they are so you can participate if you would like.

This brings me to my second point I wanted to speak about.  On memorial day weekend, I will be hosting the year's first big weekend.  I will be coordinating that with our Social Director, Vickie Knueppel.  What I am picturing is providing the meat, and having everyone bring a covered dish.  That is just something to be thinking about.

I wanted to thank those people from Lake Edun and the Heartland Naturists who came out to Westport Coffee house to show their support for Lake Edun. 

I want to wish everyone a happy Easter and look forward to seeing you at the lake this spring.

My family just returned from a Spring-Break vacation to Florida where we visited several clothing-optional beaches. On Saturday, March 27, we drove to Haulover Beach which I believe is the only clothing-optional beach sanctioned by any branch of government anywhere in the US. 
We drove our rental car from our hotel to the area on the map of Miami Beach identified as the location of Haulover Beach.  It was easy to find and soon we were driving into a nearly empty parking lot identified as Haulover Beach parking lot #4.  Before paying the parking fee, we confirmed with the parking attendant that this was the clothing-optional beach we were looking for.  She informed us this area of the beach was not clothing optional and instructed us to proceed a little farther to parking lot #1.  We turned around and headed toward our destination.  On the way, we passed parking lots #3 & #2 - both of which were equally devoid of cars. 
Finally, we reached Parking lot #1, paid our parking fee and began looking for a place to store our car for a short time.  The lot was packed!  Not only were all the spaces taken up, an additional area for cars on the grass was also filling up fast.  We pulled our car in and headed toward the ocean.  So far, so good.  the parking attendant was friendly; the parking lot was paved; it appeared our car would be safe; and we found the walk way to the beach under the busy highway.  Soon, we walked past the shower and onto a beautiful stretch of Florida sand beach packed with visitors enjoying the Florida sun.

We were immediately greeted by members of the South Florida Free Beaches Associa

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tion.  They had a table with information and souvenirs.  To my delight, one of those whom I met was the tireless and charming Shirley Mason.  It was wonderful to talk with her and learn a bit about the history of Haulover Beach.  It is maintained by the county and enjoys about 1.2 million visitors each year.  We arrived about noon on Saturday and while we were there, people continued to stream in. 

The economic impact of Haulover Beach on the surrounding economy has been well documented in Nude & Natural. What fascinated us most was amount of usage this portion of the beach received compared to other parts of Haulover Beach where clothing was not optional.  I asked Shirley about this:  Was this portion of the beach somehow better than the other stretches?  No!  In fact, the South Florida Free Beaches Association negotiated with the county to use this portion of beach because it enjoyed very little use otherwise.  It was either less desirable or more difficult to access than other portions of Haulover Beach.  In spite of this, because it is now clothing-optional, it is the most heavily utilized stretch of beach in this area of Miami Beach.
Unfortunately, we did not have much time to relax on the beach.  I did walk around a bit. I could hear people speaking Spanish, French, Creole, German, and many other languages I did not recognize.  People were sunning themselves, swimming in the surf, playing volleyball and generally, having a great time.  In many ways, it was not so very different from our special place; but in one major way, it was very different. 
Haulover Beach is supported by the county; they provide support, lifeguards, security, and enjoy the benefits that the increased tourism brings.  They recognize clothing-optional recreation benefits them economically and are probably beginning to realize it has benefits beyond economics.  They are working with the South Florida Free Beaches Association to find additional beaches that can be designated as clothing-optional.  The county also assists in representing clothing-optional recreation accurately to the Florida legislature. 
It is easy to say one believes in Freedom; or that one supports the Free Market.  The test comes when the freedom one person wants to

pursue conflicts with our own personal values; or when the free market finds a product or service with which we don't personally agree is more desirable than those with which we approve.  Such is the case for clothing-free recreation.  Many do not approve of our lifestyle.  Although they believe in freedom and the free market, they can not bring themselves to accept that not everyone shares their values.
As members of the Lake Edun Foundation, it is important we continue to help others realize the benefits of a clothing-free lifestyle.


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CPR Class

age.  Night blindness and color blindness are attributed to long-term ultraviolet exposure to your eyes.

Because some of these conditions take years to develop, you might not realize you are damaging your eyes when you fail to wear eyewear.  Merely closing your eyelids while you tan is not enough!  Your thin eyelids do not stop the invisible rays of ultraviolet light from penetrating through your eyes.

The centerpiece of the place we love is the lake.  We have no lifeguards.  All visitors and members sign paperwork acknowledging this fact, releasing the Lake Edun Foundation from any liability and agreeing to use the lake "at their own risk".  In spite of all this legalize; if a drowning were to occur, we would all feel horrible. 
To address this situation, the Board is organizing a CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) class.  This is a valuable skill that everyone should have for use at home as well as at the lake.  We have a "certified instructor" willing to teach the course that is also a naturist.  All we need to do now is decide "when & where".
If you are interested in attending this course, contact any board member by phone or e-mail the foundation at .

Return To Edun 7
June 25-27, 1999

The committee for Return To Edun 7 is making fantastic progress.  The promotional brochure for RTE7 is included with this newsletter mailing.  The Lake Edun Foundation Board Of Directors has decided that until the end of April, anyone can obtain a ticket(s) to Return To Edun 7 and a membership or renewal for only $190/single or $220/couple.  Of course the $50 worker's discount can still apply.  This is a heck of a deal.  After that, until the cutoff date for advance tickets, members may recieve their tickets at half-price.  Tickets this year will be $45/single and $55/couple in advance ($10 more at the gate).  Parking will be $5/vehicle.  If you would like to be on the committee or have any ideas, please contact Vickie 816-966-9774 or e-mail at


Your skin can tan--your eyes cannot.  That's why it's absolutely necessary for you to wear the special eye protection provided to you in an indoor tanning facility.

You risk serious injury to your eyes if you fail to wear protective eyewear.  You can eliminate that risk by simply using the eyewear supplied to you by the tanning facility or by purchasing your own special pair that meets federal standards for indoor tanning usage.  Special eyewear that meets government standards will be labeled "21 CFR" somewhere on its packaging.  This means that the eyewear will block 99% of UVA & 99.9% of UVB while allowing visible light through so that the tanner can still see.  Sunglasses, towels, or cotton balls are not adequate protection.  They do not block invisible ultraviolet rays adequately to protect your eyes from damage.

Left unprotected, ultraviolet light penetrates deep into your eyes when you tan.  Specifically, the short waves of UVB penetrate the cornea, possibly causing painful corneal eye burns.  But some UVB and the longer waves of UVA can penetrate the lens or retina, causing retinal burns or even cataracts and other long-term internal eye dam


Pay Phone - This would be mounted on the outside wall of the barn for use by members and guests.
Trash can lids for barrels - People are normally quite courteous and if you give them trashcans to use, they will.  To help keep our place trashfree, we want to make additional trashcans available.  We need the kind of lids that you see on the cans at the beach (They keep rain from filling the barrel while still making it easy to throw things away).


Concentrated Calories

An excerpt from the book RIPPED by Clarence Bass

Avoid concentrated calories: That is my cardinal rule!  For example, sugar contains calories in one of the most concentrated forms.  On the other hand, the apple has a great deal of volume, with a low concentration of calories.  When you eat all the sugar, or all the sugar filled foods you want, you take in more calories than your body can use and you become fat.  By contrast, you can gorge yourself on apples and you won't take in more calories than your body can use and you won't become fat.  Butter is another good example of a concentrated calorie food, while the potato, like the apple, has a low concentration of calories.  You can eat your fill of plain baked potato and not get fat, but if you drench your potato in butter you will get fat.

Concentrated calorie foods also stimulate the appetite and encourage you to overeat.  You eat more baked potato when you add butter than if you eat it plain.  The food processors know exactly what they're doing when they add sugar to processed foods.  The more sugar they add, the more you eat, the more they sell, and the fatter you become.

The formula for losing weight is no secret: eat fewer calories than you burn up.  Self-discipline is the problem: It's hard to discipline yourself to eat fewer calories than you burn up.  I found the solution to this problem.  I discovered by eating only natural, unprocessed foods, you avoid almost all concentrated calorie foods, and you won't overeat.  You'll become lean

Apr 10; 10 AM-Noon; RTE Committee Mtg
Apr 10; Noon-4 PM; Workday
Apr 10; 4-6 PM; Sauna
Apr 10; 6:30-8:30 PM; BOD Meeting
Apr 17; 8-10 PM; Heartland Swim (Elite Aquatics)
Apr 25; Noon-4 PM; Work Day
Apr 25; 4-6 PM; Sauna
May 14; 8-10 PM; Heartland Swim (Elite Aquatics)
May 15; 10 AM-Noon; RTE Committee Mtg
May 15; Noon-4 PM; Workday
May 15; 4-6 PM; Sauna
May 15; 6:30-8:30 PM; BOD Meeting
May 29; Luau Sponsored by Kelly "aka Dizzy"
Jun 5; Noon-4 PM; Workday
Jun 5; Lake Edun Foundation Sponsored Weiner Roast
Jun 18; 8-10 PM; Heartland Swim (Elite Aquatics)
Jun 19; Noon-4 PM; Workday
Jun 19; 5-7 PM; BOD Meeting
Jun 19; 5-7 PM; Sauna
Jun 25-27, 1999; Return to Edun 7

News Shorts
(not the wearing kind)

* Dick Williams (Edunite & Heartland Naturist) is still looking for volunteers to participate in the "1999 Bare To Breakers" run/walk in San Francisco.

*  Lake Edun Foundation note cards are now available in packages of a dozen for only $5.

*  Editor goof!: In last month's "Things We Just Got" article, I said we just obtained a VCR for use at our special place.  It was a last minute entry and I neglected to give the donor credit.  Belated thanks to Kelly for donating the VCR.

Frisbee Golf at Lake Edun

Hi, everyone / hope the winter time blues are not too heavy / summer is just around the corner!  We are going to design & construct a frisbee golf course (9 holes) on the backside of the lake.  Frisbee golf can be very relaxing & fun (clothed or nude) and Webb feels that this would be a very positive activity.  I would appreciate any input from the membership that is offered.
Contact: Mark Sorensen @ 816-746-8871 after 7pm