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Bare To Breakers
by Dave Bitters

    The fireworks on the fourth of July were great! The kids collected around $200 for the fireworks show! (thanks to the persistence of Carl!) Chuck was in charge of setting off fireworks and had a lot of help from some members of LEAK. The kids picked out some great fireworks! Many thanks to Chuck for putting the fireworks show together!
    Before the fireworks there was the first annual Lake Edun Chili Cook-off! This year there were three contestants, Ed, Vickie, and Marion. It was difficult to decide who had the best chili, because all of them were delicious! But the ultimate bragging rights of having the best chili went to Ed! Congrats Ed on your victory!
    If you have any activities that you would like to see at Lake Edun for next year, please send me an e-mail at The Board of Directors is putting together a schedule for next year and would really like to know what kind of activities everyone would like to participate in so they can schedule accordingly.
    I wanted to mention to everyone that elections for the Lake Edun Foundation Board of Directors will be in October. I would like for everyone to think about being on the Board of Directors. This is your opportunity to be involved in all of the wonderful activities that go on at Lake Edun. In all fairness, let me say that being on the board of directors requires dedication, but it is worth it when we see the results, i.e.: Return to Edun! If you are interested, Webb has put a list of the board positions that are available. If you are interested in a spot on the Board of Directors, please see myself or Webb about that position.
    Alright, enough about business, let's talk about fun!  We still have a few weeks left in the summer, and I hear that Vickie and Sally are planning a great party with a 60's theme over labor day weekend! So, polish off your old 45's, and come dance the weekend away!
    I was rather amused during Nude Rec. Week, the week of July 5-11 that radio stations in KC chose to honor this week. One station had their morning sidekick go around streaking in various establishments. Another station spoke to a former President of AANR. They did the usual sophomoric brand of humor, but the lady handled herself well and got the word out about Nude Recreation!!
    I hope everyone is doing well and look forward to spending time at the lake in the few good weeks we have left in the summer!

    A short time ago in a galaxy not so far away I ran (jogged, walked) nude for 7.5 miles through a major city. Remarkably, most greeted this conduct with indifference. Thus did I glimpse the future as it might be.
    The city was San Francisco. The date was Sunday, May 16. The event was the 88th annual Bay to Breakers 12K run. This race combines a serious competition for some with an excuse for the rest to enjoy a good time in a great city. Think of it as a huge moving block party. One Internet site described the scene thus: "The course follows a path across the San Francisco peninsula from the east bay side to the Pacific shoreline's breakers. In 1999 the race had 73,000 registered participants with roughly 30-40,000 more participating nonregistered. Along the course, an estimated 100,000 to 150,000 spectators normally cheer the participants on."
    It wasn't always this way. According to another source, "The Cross City race was established in 1912 to celebrate the rejuvenation of the city after the 1906 earthquake. There were 174 runners that year [147 according to the first source]. And as recently as the 1963 race only two dozen toed the line for the 7.46 miles from Howard and Spear on the Embarcadero to the Pacific Ocean."
    But this event has grown enormously in popularity in recent years, partly because it offers other diversions besides the race. Particularly, there's a competition for the zaniest costume. In San Francisco it's a logical (perhaps inevitable) progression from zany costumes to un-costumes. Thus was Bare to Breakers born a few years ago.
    The San Francisco Examiner, which sponsors the race, quoted Mark Goldman as saying, "Each city has its own craziness, I guess. But this one's different. Even the Mardis Gras doesn't have anything like this. This craziness is uniquely San Francisco." Justin Kielty added, "This race is one thing that occurs in San Francisco that people don't fight about. No matter what direction you're coming from, you can't find much to say against the Breakers. And in San Francisco, that's unique." Asked what the theme of the 88th Breakers might be, Stephen Wiley said, "... what's great about San Francisco is, this city allows you to be what you want to be, do what you want to do. To be free, that's the theme."
    All spring fellow Heartland Naturist Dick Williams urged me to join him for Bare to Breakers and all spring I sat on the fence. While I vigorously defend the idea that government has no business setting dress codes, I had the vague

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feeling that this was a bit over the edge. If offered the opportunity to walk naked among up to 250,000 strangers, most people probably would decline. This is not something most of us are used to doing.
    But a tiny voice in my head kept reminding me that I'm not getting any younger. When I learned that the Lupin Naturist Club would provide bus transportation into the city and that I could fly to San Jose on Saturday morning and return on Sunday afternoon, it became hard to say no.
    As the bus pulled into the city Sunday morning I spotted a sign atop a taxi that set the tone of the day. It read, "The San Francisco Bay Guardian. Defending your right to SunBatheNude." Perfect. A few minutes later 50 of us stepped off the bus and into the parking lot that was our initial gathering point. It was 7 a.m., there was a slight chill in the air and the sky was crystal clear. About 40 minutes later the Bare to Breakers organizer led us a few blocks to our departure point, there to pose for photographs. Promptly at 8 a.m. the race got underway, with the seeded runners starting first. Then it was off with the shorts, shirts and halter tops and away we went.
    A huge cheer rose from the nearby crowd as over a hundred naturists streaked onto the streets of San Francisco. Overhead a helicopter from one of the local television stations recorded our entrance.
    The first half of the course wound through the business district. After about 2 miles we approached the mile-long Hayes Street hill. At this point the crowd of racers, joggers and strollers began to bunch together noticeably. This togetherness afforded those who wished to socialize the perfect opportunity to do so. There were several rock bands in the vicinity. At the top of the hill the course flattened out and led the participants along several blocks of row houses and "painted ladies." Apparently we were passing through the high-rent district. Off the street there was much partying and socializing. Occasionally someone would shout "more naked guys coming." Two or three individuals sprayed participants (not only the naturists) with water from squirt bottles. For the unclothed this proved refreshing.
    At the halfway point the course entered the tree-lined Golden Gate Park. Here the crowd of spectators thinned a bit. We could see picnickers enjoying the morning and the river of humanity. All too soon we passed the famous landmark windmill, then sighted the azure blue ocean and frothy white "breakers" that marked the end of the course. Our brief encounter with the clothing-optional society was nearing its end. The Bare to Breakers coordinator made it clear that it would be wise to dress after we passed through the "chutes."
    Doubling back along Lincoln Way we approached an avenue leading back into Golden Gate Park. There the after-race festivities continued until well into the afternoon at "Footstock," San Francisco's gigantic after-party for racers, walkers and spectators alike.
    The seeded runners complete Bay to Breakers in about 35 minutes. Joggers who are in good shape can finish easily in an hour and a half. At a leisurely walking pace it takes about two and a half hours. Dick and I agreed that it would be sporting to run the course but, on the other hand, this would just shorten the experience. Why hurry?

    There's strength in numbers, so it helped for the naturists to start together. However, after the first mile or so we began to separate into small clusters. So we had a good opportunity to find out how accepting San Franciscans might be of clothes freedom. While the local media were eager for comments and video footage, I detected very few of the sportive remarks one might expect from a large crowd under such circumstances. One fellow said it made his day when a woman stepped forward and thanked him for his courage in promoting body acceptance.
    It's likely that any official attempt to end the Bare to Breakers tradition would generate immediate vocal opposition. The police department asked the Examiner to pre-file a complaint against the naturists but the newspaper declined, saying this wouldn't be in keeping with the spirit of the day. Though public nudity still is an explosive issue that can generate surprises, it's a reasonably safe bet that Bare to Breakers is here to stay.
    Even in San Francisco I doubt that today the majority would endorse clothes freedom as a civil right. But who knows? This might be an idea whose time is only a few years away. In any case, our presence demonstrated clearly that it was the emperor, not the naturists, who had no clothes. As a result of very public events like Bare to Breakers it will become increasingly difficult for politicians and naysayers to defend the claims of intrinsic "harm" they use to justify anti-nudity initiatives.
    Our legal system still confuses public nudity with sexual misconduct. We should work to change this - to move our culture and our laws beyond this anachronistic standard. The San Francisco experience suggests that body acceptance can be realized in our lifetime. What a remarkable contrast this would be to the fear, division, despair and violence that motivate some of our youth to kill their classmates. Clothes freedom (and the progress it signifies) constitutes a worthwhile legacy to bequeath to the next generation.

Far Out !
The 60's are back at
Lake Edun

by Vickie Knueppel
    Mark your calendars for Saturday, Sept 4, 1999. Carl & Vickie, Bobby & Sally and Cookie are sponsoring the grooviest, hippest, most far out "60's Summer Send Off At Lake Edun". What you ask your self would you do at a 60's party? The answer is simple---TYE-DYE!
    We are planning on turning the meadow into a veritable rainbow of color. You should plan to bring the article you would like to tye-dye (to start with we will only dye one item each, and after that, continue until the dye runs out!). What you may ask can I tye-dye? Again, the answer is simple---anything that is cotton, a cotton blend, rayon or silk! (We do ask that you not bring sheets or towels, they tend to just

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drink up the dye and we are purchasing professional dyes that are a little more costly than rit dye from the drug store.) We will have limited white t-shirts available to purchase at cost, but really recommend you bring one that has been pre-washed as it will accept the dye more easily.
    We will plan to begin tye-dying at about 1pm. We will provide everything needed to produce your own work of art. We will also have a book that will give you suggestions on how to fold and rubber band your item to get the desired effect. I have hosted several parties like this in the past and have never seen anything that didn't turn out just awesome!
    While we are tye-dying, we will have lots of great music to dance to! All from the 60's of course. We are also talking with a band to see if they would be willing to work for what we can afford to pay (nothing!), so we may even have live music.
    After we have all created our masterpieces, we want have a potluck dinner and party starting at about 6pm (Sally and I both have Birthdays around this that planning or what! Of course we are always looking for an excuse to have a party.) Bring your favorite dish, we will supply cupcakes for dessert. After dinner we will dance the night away!
    If you have any questions I can answer about what to bring to tye-dye etc., please call me at 816-966-9774 or e-mail me at

Aug 7; Saturday Night Movie (Stage area)
Aug 14; Saturday Night Movie (Stage area)
Aug 21; 10-12 AM; Board of Directors Meeting
Aug 21; Workday
Aug 21; 8-10 PM; Heartland Swim; Elite Aquatics
Aug 21; Saturday Night Movie (Stage area)
Aug 21; 8-10PM; Sauna
Aug 28; Saturday Night Movie (Stage area)
Sep 4; "Back to the 60's" Celebration

"Carver" Dave Update

"Carver" Dave is having a brain operation on September 9th.  It is the same operation Michael J. Fox had to help stop the tremors associated with Parkinson's Disease.  A few weeks later, he will have the same surgery on the other side of his brain.

Teacher Destroys Student's "Porn"

    PANAMA CITY, Fla. (AP) _ A fourth-grade student was reading a magazine when his teacher, Wanda Nelson, grabbed it, called it ``pornography,'' ripped up the offending pages and threw them in a trash can.
    The magazine was National Geographic, and the pornography was an article on evolution that included drawings of naked humans.
    Yesterday, the Cherry Street Elementary School teacher received a written reprimand for ``inappropriate action.''
    But the school superintendent did not believe censorship was an issue.
    Bay County School Superintendent Larry Bolinger said he supported the teacher's right to stop what she considered a disruption, but said she crossed the line when she damaged the magazine.
    Sebastian Allen, 10, had taken his older brother's magazine, a rare collector's issue, to school after Ms. Nelson had encouraged students to bring reading material from home in case they completed a state assessment test before time ran out.

Associated Press 07:33 PM ET 06/16/99


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Pay Phone - This would be mounted on the outside wall of the barn for use by members and guests.
Vending Machine -  We are looking for a soft drink vending machine that we can put on a platform next to the barn so that visitors can buy cold sodas.
Post Hole Digger - This would help us in our annual tree planting.  Each year we plant 500 trees throughout the property.  If you have a gas-powered one we can borrow next Spring, let Chuck or Webb know.

The naturalism of Edun was breath taking. It's everything Marian told us it would be. The people were extremely friendly and made us feel very welcome.  The band was good, at least what I heard of it. Sorry the weather was so
nasty the last day. Don said in a half joking manner, We ought to get a "rain check" for today.

Dear Webb and all,
I want to thank you for the invitation to Lake Edun.  All the people made me feel welcome from the start.  Throughout my stay the serenity, fellowship, stress-free atmosphere cleansed me and made me feel new.  Besides marrying my wife, it was the best or one of the best times of my life.  Ed & Linda welcomed me with open arms as I entered 'Heaven's Gate'.  I camped right across from them by the fire pit.  I want to thank everyone, not just in my camp area but also anyone I may have met.  I enjoyed all the activities.  My wife is not a naturist like myself and I know no one in Des Moines that is.  I never will forget the best time I've had!

Steve Jones; Des Moines, Iowa

July 4th Goes Off With A Bang!
by Vickie Knueppel

    July 4th at Lake Edun, what could be better. This was the first weekend Carl and I had the opportunity to camp at the lake this year. We took a lot of ribbing because of our new "condo" we pitched for the first time, but it was all in good fun. We arrived on Saturday afternoon ready for a couple days of complete relaxation and that is exactly what we got (ok, things got tense when we tried to put the rain fly on our new tent, but other than that things were just wonderful). Saturday night was lazy and warm. We sat and talked with good friends and enjoyed the out of doors.
    Sunday there was excitement in the air. The members of L.E.A.K. were still soliciting funds for the fireworks. All they could talk about was how much fun they were going to have setting them off from the island with expert assistance from Chuck. About 5pm Chuck took off with some of the kids to get the fireworks and the preparations on our other pyrotechnics began.
    We had 3 Eduners enter the Chili Cook off with a total of 4 entries. Ed, Marion (2 kinds of chili, kids and adult) and I. Everyone's was sampled by the whole crowd and we all seemed to have our own personal favorite. All were distinctly different. Ed's was Pork and Beef with pinto beans, Marions was Beef with Beans and mine was Turkey with 9 different kinds of beans (the garbonzo beans and the 10th ingredient hominy seemed to get the most attention).
    Along with the chili, Franklin took some good natured "ribbing" (pardon the pun), for making BBQ

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Dear Sirs,
Perhaps it may be of some interest to you that on my previous visit to Lake Edun I was delighted to discover a few "toadstools" growing beneath the Lake Edun sign and under the park benches.  They were a species unknown to me so I carefully collected some and took them for study and identification to friends in Lawrence, Richard & Sherry Kay who are published authors and recognized experts in the field of fungi.  Between the three of us we decided that the "toadstools" were a species called Amanita populiphila.  The discovery was published in the Newsletter of the Kaw Walley Mycological Society and gave credit to "Edun Lake" as the discovery site.
Please find enclosed my membership application.  I intend to arrive at Lake Edun on Wednesday the 23rd of this month in order to have one or two days to assist you with preparations for the weekend.  I will be bringing along my chain saw, hedge clippers, and a small selection of general tools for plumbing, electrical wiring, and carpentry in case you need some "last minute help" in those areas.
Sincerely yours,
Mr. Damian R. Pieper


ribs and chicken after it was his idea to have a chili cook off. Even though he didn't bring chili, one bite of either the ribs or chicken and all was forgiven. We also had a great tossed salad and watermelon to top off the meal. Ed suggested that after all the chili that we all jump in the lake and make it a jacuzzi!
    After everyone's dinner settled, there were several rounds of rock the dock while we waited for darkness to fall. Once darkness descended, I gave everyone on the beach firework glasses, if you have never seen fireworks with them, you are missing out. The members of L.E.A.K. shot off fireworks in honor of several of the members of the lake. The fireworks display was awesome and lasted at least an hour. In between rounds of the fireworks, we looked at all kinds of things with the glasses; lightening bugs, lighters, glow sticks and even cell phones. It was really a good time.
    On Monday, people drifted in and out all day. It was just another lazy day of summer at Lake Edun. What more could one ask for?

    Recently we found out the IRS approved our application for recognition as a 501c3 educational foundation.  This is exceptionally good news for us because now, all contributions to the Lake Edun Foundation, Inc can be deducted from individual income taxes as a charitable contribution.  It also means we must review our operations to insure we operate in a manner consistent with the requirements of any not-for-profit organization.
    To further our educational mission, and to avoid future problems with the zoning authority, your Board of Directors voted to make access to our leased facility free, with a donation requested.  With the change voted by your Board, all visitors must sign in and conform to our expectations which includes no glass, clothes, or jerks.  In addition, we hope all visitors will make a donation of at least $15 for a single and $20 for a couple to help maintain our special place and pay our expenses.
    On weekends, we will have a representative at the barn to meet and greet all who visit.  This person will answer questions and insure our guests and visitors are signed in.  The Board is working on a schedule of board members and others willing to assist with this.  The way it will work, on weekends, is anyone visiting as either a guest or visitor must register with the board representative; members may merely wave and identify themselves.  During the week, visitors and guests must continue to sign in at the barn.  If you are interested in assisting with this task, contact a member of the Board.

    As a member benefit, anyone who is a member of the Lake Edun Foundation may obtain an internet dial-up account at for only $120 per year.  This means, that if you are currently using aol or any other internet service provider, and are a member of the Lake Edun Foundation,  you may switch so you have a e-mail address for only $10 per month.  In addition, members will have unlimited use of their account to access the internet, send messages, research information, or join chat rooms.
    This is a great price and a prestigious e-mail address.  It allows you to communicate to the world the values you hold most dear.
    Members interested in taking advantage of this opportunity should send their check for $120 and their desired e-mail name ( to our PO Box or slip it through the slot in the barn.  While this offer is

not available in all areas, it should be available to most members.

    As some of you may know, since I have become President, I have made it known to nearly everyone that I am a naturist. Since this revelation, I have had people come and approach me about being a naturist! I have even found closet naturists where I work. I had one co-worker approach me and ask me if Lake Edun was a nude lake. I told her yes. She stated she wanted to come out, but her husband was not sure if he wanted to join her. So she asked another co-worker to join her. This co-worker approached me and asked me if I was a naturist. I told her yes.  She told me our co-worker asked her to go with her out to the lake. This co-worker then proceeded to tell me that she was comfortable with her own body, but was not sure how she would deal with seeing other people nude! I have

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extended an invitation to them both to come out as my guests and experience the beauty of Lake Edun. We'll see if they show up and how long they stay! I just find it amazing the different responses that I have gotten from this revelation! I have heard things like "But, Kelly, you're so quiet!  I wouldn't expect that of you!" (as if you had to be loud or obnoxious to be a naturist!) to "You hang out Nekkid?? That's kinda weird!" I have also heard many people say that they admire me for being so comfortable with my body to take my clothes off in public! They then go on to say that they wouldn't have the nerve to try it themselves! What I also have found, also, is that some people are not that shocked when I tell them that I am a naturist. I don't know if it is because people expect shocking things from me, or if they are not shocked about the naturist lifestyle! Either way, revealing to people that I am a naturist is quite a conversation starter!!! It's a great icebreaker at a party!!! I like to do it for the shock value, personally, but it is also a great way to get the word out about the naturist lifestyle and how natural it is walking around in the nude! I have heard from many people that their significant other is apprehensive about being nude in public. I offer to those people the two brochures that are available in the barn. One was written by our own Julie Hebberd about being a woman and being nude in public the first time. The other was a study don on the effects of nudity on children. If you know someone who is apprehensive about trying the naturist lifestyle, see a board member about getting you a copy of either of those brochures. I think both address many of the fears that people have about becoming a naturist.

etc.  It is the mostly conveniently accessed clothing optional place I've been to.  There are three motels within a couple of hundred yards, and many within a couple miles; and numerous restaurants in the area.  It's all part of a community called Sunny Isles.  More on all that later.
    Third, with a little planning, it's a very cheap trip to make.  The low-season rates are in effect at the area motels from mid-April through November, and you can get a room right on the beach for as little as $40 a night.  Plan on at least twice that during the winter.  These places are not fancy, but they're clean, and I spend almost all of my waking hours on beach anyway.  I can fly from Omaha to Ft.Lauderdale for between $220 and $270, and I'm sure you can do better out of KCI.  The bottom line is that I can do 4-5 days on the beach for about $500 during low season.
    I do recommend flying into Ft.Lauderdale.  Miami International is a little closer, but  Ft.Lauderdale is smaller, friendlier, better organized, and usually is a much cheaper air fare.  If you don't want to mess with a rental car (I don't) Ft.Lauderdale has an outfit called Airport Express that will give a ride to the Sunny Isles motels in a Lincoln Town Car for very reasonable rates.  As I recall, it's $24 for your own private car, or $9 per person if you share the car with other people going in the same direction.  Much better in every way than taking a cab.  If you do like I do, and only leave the beach to eat and sleep, you don't really need a rental car. 
    Like I said, there are many motels in the area of the beach.  I can speak intelligently about a couple of them.  There's a Days Inn at 15811 Collins Avenue that's one of the three closest to the nude beach.  It's an older Days Inn, but it's more than acceptable by my standards.  It's main drawback is that it's a solid mile walk to the nearest restaurant.  I've also stayed at the Best Western Surf Vista which is about two miles up the beach at 18001 Collins Avenue.  It's a walk to the c/o section, but there are many restaurants in the immediate area.  I like both of these because you can make reservations through Days Inn or Best Western, either on the internet or by the chain's 800 numbers.  They're both in the $50-60 range during low season.  At the high end of the other choices is the Newport resort.  It's a very large, full-service resort with low season rates in the $120 range.  It's just under a mile from the c/o section.  The rest of the motels are independent, mom and pop type places.  Any place with an address of 15700 through 19000 Collins Avenue will put you in the neighborhood.
    As for the beach itself, there are a couple of things you'll want to know.  It's informally divided into  quarters by the life guard towers.  The north quarter is predominantly, and usually blatantly, gay.  The next section from

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    I was floating in the surf at Haulover Beach in Miami in April, and found myself remembering that nobody that I'd talked to in my visits to Lake Edun last year knew about the place.  I visit both Haulover and Lake Edun a couple of times a year, so I offered the editors of Bare Facts this review of what's probably the premier nude beach in the U.S..
    Haulover Beach is a public park beach in Miami Beach, Florida with about a half-mile long stretch that's established and posted as clothing optional.  The beauties of the place are several.  First, it's one of the better beaches I've been to, regardless of dress code.  The water is usually very clear, the sand clean, and the surf is usually fairly light.  Because of the shallowness of the water and the light surf, even midwesterners can swim well out from shore within risking their lives. I've gone in April and October the last couple of years, and the air temperature and water temperature have both been around 80. 
    Second, the place is run as a full-service beach that just happens to be clothing optional.  There are lifeguards, restrooms, a volleyball net,  concession stand,


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the north is a very heavily used area that's predominantly heterosexual and family oriented.  This is where the volleyball net and concession stand are.  The vast majority of people on the beach are usually in one of these two areas, and it gets very crowded on weekends. The south half is much less crowded, and seems to draw a mix of people that want a little more space.  I leave my stuff unattended on the beach while I go swimming, and have never worried about losing anything.
    During, and close to, the winter high season the place has a very international feel.  You'll hear a half dozen languages spoken, and feel like you're at a place that the whole world has come to.  In mid-summer, the international tourists are gone, the locals dominate the beach, and it's a little rowdier.
    One word of warning.  This is not Lake Edun.  It's a very public beach.  You're within sight of a high rise condo across the street, non-naturists are constantly walking through the c/o section, and there have been reports of problems with gawkers.  It took me about 30 seconds to get used to it.
    The place is sponsored by South Florida Free Beaches, which must have exerted some impressive political influence to establish this place as clothing optional.  They have an excellent web site at
    Have fun,  Dave

we turned a blind eye to nudity that they could get away with other activity,'' said Scott Tillson, chief of staff for Councilman Harry Mathis, who represents the La Jolla area.
    This isn't a new issue at Black's Beach, named for a founding family of La Jolla but officially known as Torrey Pines Beach. The southern portion of the property near Scripps Pier belongs to the city; the northern part belongs to the state. The dividing line is the city's clifftop park for hang gliders.
    In 1974, the city decided to allow nudity at the beach, but voters reversed the ordinance in 1977. Ever since, San Diego's lifeguards have sporadically enforced the ban but generally turned a blind eye to nudists.
    The problem isn't unique to Black's Beach.
    Officials in Sandy Hook, N.J., are cracking down on nudity at South Gunnison Beach, where reports of lewd acts and sex crimes involving children rose when it was listed on the Internet. Thousands of visitors now visit the once quiet hideaway for naturists, coming from as far away as Connecticut and Maryland.
    Gary Hanauer, a freelance writer who compiles an annual guide to California's nude beaches, said nudists fear that the clothing-optional zone will get too crowded.
    Black's Beach hasn't been overwhelmed. Those who routinely visit the beach say complaints are exaggerated and a live-and-let-live attitude prevails.
    ``It doesn't bother me at all,'' said Steve DiPalma, surfing at the beach Monday in a full-body wetsuit. DiPalma, 37, a substitute teacher who has surfed twice a week for more than 10 years at Black's Beach, said he's never seen any lewd conduct.

A topless sunbather agreed.

    ``I've never been offended by anything that's gone on down here,'' said Mindy Duncan, 28, a San Diego department store manager.
    Anti-nudity signs were posted last week, and beachgoers already seem to be getting the message. On a recent afternoon there wasn't a single person au natural on the city section, while about two dozen unclothed sunbathers, mostly men, relaxed on the state-owned portion of the beach.
    Ken Wisniewski, a 42-year-old dispatcher for the San Diego Water Department, said he will simply throw on a pair of shorts when he strolls along the city-patrolled section. But he doesn't think he'll have to do it for long.
    ``It won't last,'' he said of the al fresco crackdown. ``They'll give up after this season. They always do.

AP-NY-06-29-99 0330EDT
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Maintain contact with all appropriate national organizations including TNS, NEC and NAC. Educate our membership on the function and importance of these organizations. Encourage support among our members for these groups.

  Account for all money and property owned by the Foundation. Pay all legitimate invoices in a timely manner as directed by the Board. Make regular financial reports to the Board.

  Implement the educational mission of the Foundation to the public through seminars, press releases, articles, presentations, meetings, interviews, etc.  "Bare Facts" Editor serves on this committee. Edit, write articles for, produce, print and mail our monthly newsletter. The Web Master also serves on this committee. Maintain and enhance our presence on the Internet.  Education & Outreach committee is responsible for spreading the word on the beneficial impact naturism can have on the individual, the family, and our community.

Member Relations:
  The overall purpose of this committee is to improve membership retention. Screen new applicants. Make a recommendation to the Board concerning their suitability for membership. Maintain contact with members; determine problems or conflicts that may develop with their membership. Work with the Social Committee to develop meaningful activities for all members. Remind members we have not seen about upcoming activities. Keep all members active and interested in the Foundation.

  The promotion and publicity committee should work in concert with the Education Committee to arrange for appropriate publicity of our foundation with the objective of improving the public perception of nude recreation in general and increasing membership in the Foundation. We want to present nude recreation as a healthy alternative to other forms of family entertainment. We should strive to be featured positively in news stories twice during the year.

  We realize not everyone will be comfortable with the Naturist lifestyle at first. The Social Committee must plan and coordinate special activities throughout the year that implement our educational objectives with our membership and permit members and guests to learn firsthand about the benefits of naturism. It should plan indoor events during winter months when use of our leased facility is not practical. It should make a special effort to conduct events that will attract women and families to the Foundation. Major summer activities should be limited to not more than one per month.
Return to Edun is a sub-committee. It plans the annual Return to Edun celebration including entertainment, security, and all aspects required for the safe execution of this event. Our objective for Return to Edun is to host an event to provide an enjoyable introduction to nude recreation for those who may not have tried it in the past. This committee should plan an event that is safe, enjoyable, and attracts new people to try a clothing-free lifestyle and then join the Lake Edun Foundation.

"Lake Edun Association of Kids" President:  Represent to the Board the interests of children of Foundation members. Promote events designed to involve children so they become comfortable at Foundation activities and parents recognize the benefits on their children's development. Elected by LEAK.

  Insure we meet our obligations for maintenance and improvement as required by the terms of our lease. Organize our resources, including work days, toward achievement of these obligations. Coordinate with other committees to insure their requirements are met. The facilities committee is also responsible for insuring firewood is available for all council fires.

Conservation:  Ensure we meet our obligations for conservation as required by the terms of our lease. Organize our resources in coordination with the Facilities Committee to achieve these obligations. Our lease requires we maintain a rustic, natural setting. This committee must plan ways that will tend to encourage suitable plant and wildlife growth. This includes planting trees and shrubs and attracting compatible wildlife. This does not mean all plants and wildlife are desirable. Poison ivy and other noxious and annoying plants must be discouraged. Likewise, beaver that kill trees or muskrat that damage the dam are not desirable. Our objective is to balance the needs of desirable plants and wildlife against our lease requirements.