Bare Facts
Copyright 2000 Lake Edun Foundation, Inc.

Official Publication of the Lake Edun Foundation, Inc. February 1, 2000

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February Party in Kansas City

Due to scheduling conflicts, Vickie and Carl have graciously agreed to host our February party at their new home in Kansas City. We are anxious to see their new digs and appreciate their hospitality for the February party. While planning is still in process, Vickie and Carl have never disappointed Eduners when planning a party. So, come prepared for a great time.

Please bring your own beverage and a snack to share. We are also asking that everyone bring one new stuffed animal to donate to the Shawnee County Sheriff's department. They give these cuddly animals to children who are victims of domestic violence, abuse or who are involved in traffic accidents or house fires. We think this will be a positive message about our group.

Return to Edun/8 Plans Nearly Done

After much time and effort, Nancy is nearing completion of her plans for this year's Return to Edun celebration. The general plan calls for a jam session Friday night, fun-in-the-sun on Saturday including some excellent bands, and a Drum Circle Sunday evening. In addition, we will once again have various venders displaying their wares. >From early indications, this will be the best Return to Edun yet and the planning process is still underway.

Anyone wishing to be a vender should contact the LEF by mail or email to reserve a space. Because of its popularity last year, we will once again offer e-commerce (Edun-commerce) to make transactions convenient for those who find it difficult to carry cash. In addition, we will also have venders with food and non-alcoholic beverages.

We have already begun to receive ticket orders. Be sure to order your tickets early. Members receive tickets at half price; all others enjoy a $10 discount before April 1.

Random Thoughts & Reflections

If you want to renew your membership at last years rates, don't forget to do it before April 1. After that date, the new membership prices apply.

Don't forget: If you are or want to be a working member, you must indicate the responsibility you wish to undertake. Use the form included with this issue of Bare Facts to communicate your interest.

Report From The Board

The Board of Directors of the Lake Edun Foundation continued their work to lay the foundations for another great year with the Lake Edun Foundation. An important change is contained in this issue of Bare Facts. It sets up a way members may set up an individual site they may call their own. The Board hopes some of our members will find this an inviting alternative to carrying all their belongings to the lake every visit. We anticipate some members will improve their sites with a gazebo or other shelter and it will make the west side of the lake more inviting for Eduners to use. For more information on this new opportunity, see the related article.

Social has nearly completed a list of activities for the year. It is full, nearly complete and should make for some wonderful memories. We have also started to work on another Open House on June 3. At last year's open house, it was clothing required from 12-4; clothing optional from 4-6 and nudity expected after 6. Although we had very little publicity, it seemed to be very successful and attracted several people to visit. We anticipate doing much the same this year only with better publicity.

We are beginning a wonderful and exciting new year with a great deal being planned for the Lake Edun Foundation. If you want to help, contact a member of the Board.

From The Mail Bag

Dear Lake Edun;

WOW! The place sounds GREAT! I am very intereted in the music festival and all Lake Edun has to offer. Thank you. - Owen


Feb 11; Fri; 7-9; Sauna

Feb 12; Sat; 3-5; Board of Directors Meeting @ Vickie's

Feb 12; Sat; 7 pm; Party at Vickie & Carl's

Feb 18; Fri; 8-10 pm; Heartland Naturists swim in KC

Feb 27; Sun; Noon - 4; Winter Worker Day

Feb 27; Sun; 4-6; Sauna

Mar 11; Sat; 2-4; Board of Directors Meeting

Mar 11; Sat; 7-9; Sauna

Mar 17; Fri; 8-10 pm; Heartland Naturists swim in KC

Mar 18; Sat; 7 pm; Marge's March Madness

Apr 1; Sat; 5-7 pm; Sauna

Apr 15; Sat; 2-4; Board of Directors Meeting

Apr 15; Sat; 7 pm; Tax party at Vickie & Carl's

Apr 21; Fri; 8-10 pm; Heartland Naturists swim in KC

Apr 30; Sun; 6-8; Sauna

May 13; Sat; 10-12; Board of Directors Meeting

May 13; Sat; 12-4; Work Day

June 3; Sat; 12-4; Open House

July 14-16, 2000; Return to Edun/8

Presidential Pearls

by Kelly "aka Dizzy" Shepardson

Here it is, a new year, and January is already gone! This has been an exciting month, watching 2000 join us and 1999 and the '90's leave us. This year promises to be an exciting one! The Board of Directors has been busy already this year making plans for the spring and summer! Nancy is working hard on plans for Return to Edun 8! If I were you, I'd buy my tickets early, because they are going to go fast this year. I'm not sure what all Nancy is planning for us, but from the fevered pitch that she has been working, it has got to be something good! There are many exiting things going on this spring, so stay tuned for future developments!

Many thanks to those of you who made it to the party at Biology Bill's house. A "wild" time was had by all. Guests were entertained by Lorenzo the Kingsnake, Sammy the milksnake. Lorenzo was quite the social snake (I would say "butterfly", but somehow that doesn't seem appropriate!) Thank goodness nobody was deathly afraid of snakes. (just for the record, I'm not as afraid of snakes as I used to be, thanks to these characters!) We had plenty of food and conversation to go around, and then some! Biology Bill and I look forward to hosting more parties in the future.

For our party in February, we are asking for a donation of a stuffed animal to be donated to the Shawnee County "Bears on Patrol". These are stuffed animals that are given to children who come into contact with the Shawnee County Sheriff's Department through no fault of their own, ie; vehicle accidents, domestic violence situations, burglaries, and the like. If you are not able to make it to the party in February but would like to donate a bear, please drop a new bear off at National Electronic Type, 2320 S. Kansas Ave, in Topeka (Webb's Office). We will give these bears to the Shawnee County Sheriff's Department to be distributed to needy children.

We are also interested in starting a Lake Edun e-mail distribution list. This will be to notify people of changes in the schedule and to remind people of upcoming events going on in the Lake Edun Foundation. If you are interested in having your name added to this list, please e-mail me at I will keep all addresses from public view to maintain your privacy.

Hope this finds you well. As always, if you have questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail me

One final remark, in honor of Charles Schulz retiring this month, let's raise a glass of milk and some chocolate chip cookies, (Snoopy's favorite!) and wish Mr. Schulz a happy retirement and speedy recovery from his illness.

Winter Workers Make Good Progress

Our fearless Winter Workers made some great progress in January. On the 22nd at least eight people gathered to continue thinning Cedar trees and work on some new beaches on the South end. These are two projects that will require additional effort. If you are interested in helping, check the schedule. In addition to a bit of work, we also seem to enjoy ourselves and end with a sauna.

Board Approves Member Sites

Some members have expressed an interest in building a more permanent site they can use. At its last meeting, the Board of Directors approved a proposal to permit up to five members to make improvements to a portion of our special place which they may enjoy. The following conditions and understandings will apply to all such improvements.

This offer applies only to those who are currently members in good standing and have been members continuously for two or more years.

All improvements will be on designated sites on the West side of the lake in an area to be defined.

Plans for all improvements must be approved in advance by both the Board of Directors and the landowners; and the plans must conform to all building codes and requirements of the county and state.

All costs for construction and materials will be born by the member.

The member will enjoy exclusive use of their site for as long as they are members and all other conditions are met.

There will be no charge to members for this site in the first year, although a $200 refundable security deposit must be made. In subsequent years, there will be a modest charge in addition to membership. Members should anticipate this will be in the range of $150-$250 for the next few years.

Members must keep their improved space in good repair and all foliage appropriately trimmed.

Members must maintain liability insurance on their improvements.

Members assume responsibility for security.

Members acknowledge that title for any permanent improvements they make rests with the landowners.

In the event more than five members apply for a site, they will be awarded in the order deposits are received.

In the event the membership of someone with an improved site is revoked for any reason, they will have 15 days to remove any personal belongings from their site. They must make arrangements to be accompanied by a member of the board while they are at Lake Edun.

We will re-evaluate this policy from time-to-time and not later than January, 2002 to decide if it should be continued..

All Enjoyed Biology Bill's Party

Eduners met on the 22nd for a thoroughly enjoyable party at Biology Bill's. Everyone brought a little something to eat and we all tried to put a serious dent in the food. There was a 3 foot sandwich, a huge pot of Kelly's excellent stew, a 3-pound bar of Gharadelli chocolate, and an assortment of other goodies. Its amazing how large a dent a few hungry Eduners can put in that much food.

It was an enjoyable opportunity to get to know Eduners better and meet some of Bill's snakes. Even Bill's roommate, Anna, joined in. Thanks, Bill, for your hospitality!

Lunatics Are In Charge of the Asylum

by Webb Garlinghouse

According to the most recent issue of the periodical, The Public Interest, about a year ago, the prestigious Psychological Bulletin carried a controversial article. While the exact nature of the article is not so important to our purposes, the outcome is very telling.

The Psychological Bulletin is the scholarly publication for the American Psychological Association (APA). With 80,000 members, the APA is the largest organization of its kind in the world. Research submitted for publication in the Psychological Bulletin must be peer reviewed and accepted based on the quality of its research and science. That is what makes this tale notable and disturbing.

It seems this particular bit of research drew some conclusions our current society finds offensive. No one claimed the science or methodology used was bad-just that the conclusions were counter to our preconceived notions.

Dr. Laura was outraged and devoted her March 22, 1999 show to attack "garbage science." This brought the notice of politicians. Representatives Tom Delay and Dave Weldon both joined the attack (probably without bothering to read the scholarly article).

While "the public's outcry was to be expected," the article noted, "the response of the APA to these attacks was surprising. Disowning the article in a letter to Delay, the association rejected the article's basic conclusions, stating that they were contrary to the public-policy positions of the APA. Furthermore, the association acknowledged that it had failed to evaluate the article before publication for its 'potential for misinforming the public policy process.' Consequently, in an unprecedented move, the association announced that it will seek independent expert evaluation of the article and will publish the results of this review. The association also promised Delay that it will institute procedures to assure that its journal editors will evaluate papers for their social-policy implications as well as their scientific merit."

Wow! To have the American Psychological Association cave in to critics of scientific research is disturbing. When scholarly papers must be evaluated for their "social-policy implications as well as their scientific merit" suggests we have reached a new low point in our quest for knowledge and truth. This is truly troubling and naturists everywhere should be concerned! We may be next. That's what makes our educational mission so important.

Working Members

If you are or want to be a working member of the Foundation, be sure to reserve the responsibility you prefer. These are on a first-come, first-serve basis. So, if there is some particular task you are interested in, you should reserve it early. This is to your benefit; it also helps us in our planning. If we know which tasks our members will undertake, we know which we must find some other way to complete.

The renewal form enclosed with this newsletter contains a list of tasks available for working members. Please indicate your interest and return it to the PO Box or the Barn.

Is Lake Edun Ready for the New Year?

By Vickie Knueppel, Social Director

Of Course! Great things are happening with the LEF. And not just during the summer. Events are already scheduled for February, March, April, May, July and September. We will have our Halloween and Christmas parties, as well. On February 12, March 18, and April 15 parties will be in KC making it easier for our Missouri members to attend. See the related article about the March party at our house.

March brings us Marge's March Madness once again. This year it will be on March 18th. Marge has also moved since last year. This is the 3rd year that I am aware of this shindig and it has always been a great success.

What do most Americans think of in April? TAXES! Carl and I will host the "Official Lake Edun Tax Party" on none other than April 15th.

May brings us back to the lake our favorite way, NUDE! Once again, Dizzy is hosting a Luau Memorial Day.

June and August are still open, let me know if you have any ideas or would be willing to sponsor an event.

Our big month this summer is July. We will have our annual July 4th bash with a cook off. Last year was lots of fun. It will be our third year with fireworks, let's see if we can top last year. July 14-16 is RTE-8. Nancy will be sending out more information on that event.

Remember the 60's, remember last Labor Day? The 60's landed at Edun, and what a blast! There were tie-dyed things everywhere you looked. Lava lamps, groovy music, love beads, and lots of good feelings! Based on last years success, this is a must-have event, so we will have it!

This will be a great year, both at the lake and in the homes of members who have graciously invited us to invade. Just because we have an event scheduled for a particular month it doesn't mean that we can't schedule another. We all have different schedules and the more events we plan the more opportunity there is for our members to attend.

Let me know if there is anything you would like to see socially at the lake this year. My home number is 816-966-9774 and my e-mail address is

The Benefits of Membership

As a member of the Lake Edun Foundation, you may bring guests with you to LEF functions. Most of our members find this to be a particularly valuable benefit during the summer months.

Here is how it works: You may bring up to three non-members whenever you come out. Any individual may visit twice as a guest. These are your guests and you assume responsibility for explaining our expectations. As guests, they are not asked to pay anything for their visit.

You must register your guests immediately upon arrival. Do this at the barn. Your guest should complete the registration form and you, the member, sign it on the line for member's signature. If your guest eventually joins LEF, you receive a discount on your own renewal. Spread the word about the benefits of clothing-free.

The Naturalist Naturist

By Biology Bill

Two months ago, I wrote about the various ways that the non-human inhabitants of Lake Edun cope with the cold temperatures of winter. This time, I'll comment on some of the other challenges that animals and plants have during the winter and how they cope with them.

Several major changes that animals have to adapt to are caused by a major plant adaptation to cold: dormancy. Most plants drop their leaves in the winter because the tissues are damaged by freezing, and because the short days make it difficult to soak up enough sunlight to stay active. This sets off a chain reaction of effects for other species, since almost all land animals use plant leaves as food or shelter.

Most species of animals rely on either insects or green plants for food in the summer. Since most insects depend directly or indirectly on plants, they mostly die back or are forced into dormancy, which in turn makes most animals that like to eat insects for a living out of luck. Some animals are forced to travel to look for insect food, for instance migratory birds such as warblers and flycatchers which go south for the winter. Most other critters can't fly long distances, however, so they need to go dormant themselves or find something else than bugs or green leaves to eat.

As I mentioned in December, reptiles and amphibians and other cold-blooded animals sit quietly in holes or in mud for the winter. How can they go all winter without eating at all? Well, their metabolism is slowed down so much by the cold that they barely burn any energy at all. This apparently is a convenient system, because some warm-blooded animals like ground squirrels and bats turn their metabolisms down so low in the winter that they can live off their last meals in the fall as well.

The rest of the animals that are awake all winter need to change their diets, or just work much harder to find food. Seeds are a good source of food for a lot of animals in the winter. They were produced by plants last summer, and are just waiting around until the warm weather returns to start growing. Seed don't usually do bad quickly, and they also contain a ration of food for the baby plant, so they're full of energy for a predatory animal. Many of the birds that come to your feeder in the winter are switching their diets to seeds for the season; chickadees and other species are taking advantage of your handouts, although they could easily manage without them. Similarly, mice and other small mammals that like to eat insects and greens during the summer go for seeds in the winter. If you're a tricky animal like a squirrel, you can even hide caches of food to eat later. Blue jays and a few other birds also cache food. But look out, any other critter might find your stash and eat it first!

Meat-eating animals like foxes or bobcats can't really change their diets, so they just have to look a lot harder for food in the winter. The fact that so many prey species are dormant or gone for the winter cuts down on the potential targets. Relatively big plant-eating animals like deer or rabbits have to munch on shoots and tree bark, or scavenge old food from the previous summer. The short days of winter may make it even tougher to find enough food.

Finally, the lack of green leaves not only has effects for the food chain, but has major repercussions for animals that like to hide in vegetation. Some species change the coloring of their fur coats to match the snow. Others spend a lot of time hiding underground, both because of the cold and because they are vulnerable to predators above ground. Most animals and plants find life a lot easier once winter ends, because the food will again be plentiful, light and warmth available, and shelter possible amongst the newly grown leaves of spring.

Gandhi's Views of Non-sexual Nudity Related to a Higher Consciousness

At the age of 37, Gandhi took a vow of sexual abstinence. He stated that he believed "in a woman's perfect equality with man" and that his wife was "inferior" when she was the "instrument of his lust."

"She ceased to be that way," he says, "when she lay with me naked as my sister. If she and I were not lustfully agitated in our minds and bodies, the contact raised both of us" To master his desires, he gradually extended the range of physical contact he allowed with women. He nursed them when they were ill and allowed them to nurse him, for example.

He took his bath in full view of his fellow ashramites, male and female. He had his daily massage virtually naked, with young girls most frequently serving as his masseuses. He often gave interviews or consulted the leaders of the Congress Party while the girls massaged him. He wore few clothes and urged his disciples, male and female, to do likewise, because clothes, he said, "only encouraged a false sense of modesty."

Gandhi spent the rest of his life trying to conquer the sexual urge, and so a lot of criticism was directed towards his practice of sleeping in the same bed with his teenaged great-niece and constant companion, Manu, which seemed to many to be contrary to his teachings.

He defended the practice by declaring that one cannot overcome a desire by avoiding it, but by facing it on a daily basis. "I hope you will acquit me of having any lustful designs upon the women or girls who have been naked with me." said the Mahatma. "The perfect Brahmachari" he said, "was a man who could lie by the side of Venus in all her naked beauty without being physically or mentally disturbed."

It seems that naturists mingling on a non-sexual basis is fully in line with the Mahatma's code of ethics, and a boon to overcoming carnal urges instead of creating them as so many naturism critics have claimed.

Uncovered Opinions

by Dave Bitters

A Journey of a Thousand Miles

Imagine a 50 degree day. Imagine a cloudless, deep azure blue sky. It's 7 a.m. You're standing in a parking lot, alternately sipping coffee, jogging in place to get your circulation going and making small talk with others nearby. Slowly, almost imperceptibly a crowd begins to gather. Some appear sporting t-shirts with outrageous logos, others wearing outrageous costumes.

After 30 minutes or so an officious-looking person arrives with a clipboard. The assemblage gathers around him as he reveals the location of a previously secret rendezvous point. He leads you down a side street to a point where a larger crowd gathers. People pose for snapshots, queue up in front of one of a dozen or so port-a-potties and finally assemble for a series of large-group pictures.

It's now 7:55 a.m. As the photo session ends a few people remove their t-shirts. Then their shorts. You wonder for a moment if you have the nerve to do likewise, then remind yourself that you've traveled halfway across the country for this. You go for it.

Close to where you're standing several dozen world-class runners, all intent on proving they're the VERY best, zip by. No sooner have they passed than somebody yells go, Go, GO! and removes some sawhorse barriers. A hundred or so strong, your group leaves the side street and emerges onto a main thoroughfare, some running briskly, some jogging, some strolling at a pace befitting a leisurely Sunday outing. A thunderous cheer arises from nearby spectators. Overhead a blimp containing a television crew records the entrance of your special-interest entourage.

You are among perhaps 70,000 participants; roughly 100,000 others line the streets as spectators. Participants are dressed in everything from elaborate, carefully planned costumes they hope will gain media attention and prizes all the way down to the ultimate un-costume. While your un-costume will win no prizes, it does contribute to the festive, zany atmosphere of the day. You discover, if you're so inclined, there's seemingly no end to the people eager to pose in photographs with you. As you reach the high point of the race course you spot television reporters who would welcome a sound-bite or two if you're willing (no pressure, though). As you amble through the last half of the course (by now you've discovered that there really is no sense in hurrying and bringing a marvelous experience to a premature end), someone in a festive mood may offer you a beer. Perhaps someone will find it sporting to douse you with water from a squirt bottle (it's refreshing). By this time the spectators have thinned out, so you have the feeling you're on a quiet Sunday stroll with several thousand friends.

All too soon you spot a famous landmark that indicates the final stretch of this special event. Shortly thereafter you see the terminus of the race course, as well as the sight for which the race is named: the Pacific Ocean "breakers." You've just participated au naturel in San Francisco's famous moving block party, the Bay to Breakers 12K run.

Some fondly refer to San Francisco as "Baghdad by the Bay." Indeed, there's a feeling of enchantment in this city of funky cable cars, winding streets, stark white row houses and ethnic and cultural diversity. While it would be inaccurate to say anything goes, undeniably San Francisco has a good deal of tolerance for the eccentric. Where else would walking naked downtown at midday in the presence of thousands of others be greeted with a shrug? One Australian participant is said to have remarked: "I do it because this is the only country in the world where you can do such a thing without being arrested. I could never run past parliament in my skin without going straight to jail."

The official "unofficial" count of the Naturist participation in Bay to Breakers 1999 was 112. Organizers of this year's Bare to Breakers special interest group hope to break that record by a substantial margin.

When I edited the Heartland Naturist newsletter, I ran annual announcements about B2B, not really thinking anyone would be bold (or crazy) enough to actually participate (myself included). Early last year, Dick Williams announced in an e-mail to me he was planning to do just that, and why didn't I consider doing so too? In reply I said I might be interested and would think about it.

Talk is easy. Taking action is another matter. Now, I was on the receiving end of a series of gentle reminders that I ought to just get on with the planning. In response, I found myself inventing various and sundry (lame) excuses for why I couldn't go. In reality, I couldn't find a convincing reason not to participate. When I learned Lupin Naturist Club would provide bus transportation to and from the city and I could get favorable plane connections to and from San Jose, any semblance of an excuse vanished.

I went ahead and made the plane reservations, reasoning I really didn't have to use them (I could just write off the cost). But of course I did. When I got to Lupin I reasoned that I really didn't have to catch the bus. I could spend a leisurely Sunday morning chatting with the locals and soaking in the hot tub. But of course I did. When I got into the city I reasoned that I really didn't have to take off my shorts and participate with the Naturists. But of course I did. In retrospect it was all very easy and, I suppose, quite inevitable. And in retrospect I don't regret any of it.

There's a Chinese (I think) proverb that says a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. It's a thousand miles (actually somewhat more) to San Francisco. Visiting the web site is your first small step on your journey to B2B; alternatively try There you'll get more details on B2B 2000 than I could possibly give you in a short article. In fact, you'll probably find all your questions answered and then some.

By the way, B2B isn't just a guy thing. There were plenty of ladies and couples among the Naturists. B2B is safe and fun for ALL participants.

The big day is Sunday, May 21. It'll be here sooner than you think, so it's not too early to begin making plans - right now. Warm up your web browser and take that first small step. You won't regret it. See you there?


More Nudity In The Movies

There is another movie with casual nudity in its story line. Waking Ned, the surprise package of this year's Cannes film market is unlike Full Monty, where the entire story line led up to a male strip show. In Waking Ned, the nudity is more causal. It is portrayed as accidental, or better, situational; forced by events of an unfolding story line.

It is good that film-makers are beginning to treat the body more casually by allowing nudity when appropriate to the action. We should all hope this trend continues. Since Waking Ned has already posted a comfortable profit even before it opens, additional films in the same genre are almost assured. Waking Ned will be distributed in the US by Fox Searchlight who also handled Full Monty.

Items We Need

We would like to measure the length of our trails next spring. If any Eduners have access to a measuring wheel we could use to get an accurate length of our trails, please let this be known.

We also need more lids for trash barrels. These should be designed to fit over a 55 gal barrel and keep the rain out.