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Official Publication of the Lake Edun Foundation, Inc  February 1, 1999

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A Word from the President
by Kelly "aka Dizzy" Shepardson

Can you believe it, Spring is almost here! I don't know about you, but I'm starting to get Spring Fever!  I can't wait to get back to the lake and start camping again!  Which brings me to my next subject: Coffee
houses!  Lew Covell, and myself, are working on being at coffee houses speaking about naturism. What we  would like to see is a kind of question and answer session with members of  Lake Edun.  I think the biggest question people have is "why do you want to run around in public without any clothes on?"  My response to that is "freedom, stress relief, and true friendship".  Why do I mention friendship, because you can only really get to know a person when their barriers are down and they are relaxed. At Lake Edun, you are free to come out and shed  your stresses and worries along with your clothes. But, back to my point. We thought the best way to do that would be to meet people on their own turf, that being in a clothed environment.  Our aim here is to educate the public at large about the benefits of
naturism. We intend to go to these coffee houses armed with info that is factual.  I want to have casual conversations with people that are considering a naturist lifestyle.  What does all of this rambling mean? I am looking for people that are willing to sit in a coffee house one night a month and discuss the benefits of naturism.  If you are interested, please contact me at and we will get  you the info.  I hope to see you at the coffee houses!

Feb 7; 1-3 PM; Guidelines Committee at Vickie's
Feb 13; 11-1 PM; RTE7 Committee at Webb's office
Feb 13; 2-4 PM; BOD Meeting at Webb's office
Feb 13; 5-7:00 PM; Sauna
Feb 19; 8-10 PM; Heartland Swim at Elite Aquatics
Feb 28; 5-7:00 PM; Sauna
Mar 7; BOD meeting & Sauna
Mar 13; 7 PM; Marge's March Madness
Mar 19; 8-10 PM; Heartland Swim at Elite Aquatics
Mar 27; Sauna
Jun 25-27, 1999; Return to Edun 7

A Naturist Challenge From Dick Williams

Midwest Naturists how about taking our act on the road and making a splash in the Pacific ocean? I propose that we band together and form a group to take part in this year's Bay to Breakers run out in San Francisco on May 16th, 1999.  Ed has given you the information and internet references for the event - the next step is to get some Edunites and Heartlanders and Independents from Missouri and Kansas to take part in the fun.

I know you've never taken part in a race before, nude or clothed. The trip from the house to the mailbox is as close as you've come to doing 10K. Who cares? The Bare to Breakers is more for the fun of it than it is a competitive race - and just being there and being part of the crowd is the goal.  I'd like to toss down a challenge to everyone reading this to get youselves to San Francisco and walk naked through the streets - celebrating the right to do so in the company of like-minded folks and in a no-hassle setting. 

Check our Ed's writeup,  if you're on the internet visit the websites, take a look at the pictures and ask youself how you'll get through the year if you don't take part in the 1999 Bare to Breakers? It might be the wildest thing you do all year and Lord knows we all need to take a few chances, engage in some whimsey and silliness from time to time. As Nadine Strain tells us we need to pick more daisies. 

Take a piece of paper - make a line down the middle. Left side label a column - Reasons to Do Bay to Breakers and right side Reasons to Not Do BTB.  The right hand side is easy: "costs money", "uses vacation time", "sounds crazy",  "I'm out of shape", "might run into somebody I know".

The left hand side is more imporant.  Items like: "Sounds crazy",  "money's for spending", "vacation time's for doing something memorable", "I need to get in shape anyway", or "might run into somebody I know".

Well make your own list - and do take the challenge seriously.  I'd guess some of you have frequent flyer miles expiring this year, some might have airline connections or TWA neighbors who can get you those delightful EEE coupons.  Watch the ads - roundtrips to SFO sometimes show up for under $200 and try the online airline auction sites. 

Do like I've done stay in a Youth Hostel once you're there. The Ft. Mason Hostel is just up the hill from Fisherman's Wharf and beds go for about $18 a nite. They even have couples rooms now for maybe $30 a nite. If you use hostels, city buses and eat cheap the whole trip won't have to cost an arm and a leg.  Of course if money's not a hangup go for broke, fly out full fare, rent a car,  stay in a nice place and see the city. the coast  and the redwoods before and after the run.  You'll be going somewhere this summer, might as well do something memorable that you can be proud of.

Let the idea swirl around a while. Talk it over with the SO  if you've got one.  Just think about it for a while and let it take up residence in your brain.  What to do next, email me - I'm keeping a list via the Heartland Naturist online newsletter. Each month

from now til May you'll see the list of folks who're indeed thinking seriously about Bay to Breakers. Right now it's a list of two. Let's see if we can make it a dozen or two dozen by May 16th. 

The logistics will work out - the impulse, the idea,  the commitment is the first part.  Think on it for a while. Email me when you're ready to at least say "Maybe" or "Heck yes, put  me down for it".  This is a challenge for all midwest naturists - Lake Edun, Heartlanders, unaffiliated. Check out Ed's info then see the monthly updates via the HN Notes newsletter  The URL is for January's version ...hnn299.htm for February,  etc.  And when the spirit moves you email me - Dick Williams to get on the list. 

Best wishes  - and don't say "no" before you give "yes" a chance to take wing.

dick williams, , Heartland Naturists/Lake Edun/TNS


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Items We Still Need

Pay Phone - This would be mounted on the outside wall of the barn for use by members and guests.
Clear plastic jars with lids - For storing small parts in barn (nuts, bolts, screws, etc).  Plastic "peanut butter" jars are great for this.
Trash can lids for barrels -
People are normally quite courteous and if you give them trashcans to use, they will.  To help keep our place trashfree, we want to make additional trashcans available.  We need the kind of lids that you see on the cans at the beach.

Hello my name is Dave Peters and I am involved with conservation at Lake Edun.  I have many ideas I want to try this year.  I hope that you all will help me work in this area to make Edun a nicer place to go and enjoy nature.  I hope that everyone has been thinking about your special garden at the lake.  Whether or not it is a flower garden or a few vegetable spots on the trails for all to enjoy.  I also want to build 25 blue bird houses; add a few bat houses.  (If any one has any 1 x 6, 1 x 8 or 4x4x96" (cedar or CCA) that you can donate to help; please do).  But at this point I have something special to tell you about.

*************Special Deal Time****************
I have been given a few couples memberships.  We are wanting to offer these full year memberships in exchange for a special work program.  What we want to do is thin out the spruce trees, we need help to cut the large trees down and to move them up the road to use them to block the view from the road.  Also, to replant the smaller trees up to the road to grow and to help block the view.  Also, we are working out the details now.  What I am needing to know is who is interested in applying for these memberships???  This is a need to do ASAP before the weather warms up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Email [your name, phone and any other info that you think would help me pickthe people for these membership] to me at
WOODPETERS@AOL.COM or snail mail me at:
Dave Peters, 21945 W 179th Street, Olathe, KS  66062.  All requests for these memberships need to be in writing.

Thanks, Carver Dave

CPR Class

The centerpiece of the place we love is the lake.  We have no lifeguards.  All visitors and members sign paperwork acknowledging this fact, releasing the Lake Edun Foundation from any liability and agreeing to use the lake "at their own risk".  In spite of all this legalize; if a drowning were to occur, we would all feel horrible. 
To help address this situation, the Board would like to organize a CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) class during the winter months.  This course would include training in the Hiemlich Maneuver.  This will be a "clothed" event and may have a nominal fee associated with it.  Why clothed?  First, it will be easier to find an instructor for a clothed class.  Second, we want to make the class available to the "non-naturist" spouses of Lake Edun members.  This is a valuable skill that everyone should have for use at home as well as at the lake.
If you are interested in attending this course OR if you are a qualified CPR instructor and are willing to teach this course, contact any board member by phone or e-mail the foundation at .

Return To Edun 7
June 25-27, 1999

The committee for Return to Edun is progressing with the festivities for 1999.  If you would like to be on the committee or have any ideas, please contact Vickie 816-966-9774 or e-mail at


Hosting Foundation Events
by Vickie

Have you had an idea for an activity or party theme you would like to see the Lake Edun Foundation do or have?  Not sure how to suggest it?  Why not host it!
This year we are going to try something new. We want members to host some of the activities the Foundation participates in during 1999.  We want you to challenge other members to host a better event than you did.
How does it work?  When you decide you want to host an activity or event, let Vickie know. (E-mail at or call 816-966-9774).  What does she need to know?  What date you would like to host your event and what the theme will be.
Hosting an event doesn't imply a large financial obligation, just your awesome ideas, a little time and the desire to have FUN!  If you want more information, contact Vickie.  Dates are already filling up .........can you meet the challenge?

EDITOR'S NOTE:  I just want to clarify something.  You can host your event "at the lake"!  What kind of event?  Let your imagination run wild!  Nude Olympics, Luau, Beach Party, Pig-Picking, BBQ, Volleyball Tournament, Bocce Ball Tournement, etc.  Last years events were great thanks to Sally but she had little help.  If members "help" the Social Director, our events can only get better.

News Shorts
(not the wearing kind)

The Heartland Naturists elected new club officers at their Holiday Party.  Several of our Edunite friends are now Heartland officers.  Marge is their Vice-President, Vickie is their Treasurer, & Carl is their Activities Director.
J Vickie & Corrie are saddened to report that the facility that was going to host our February indoor swim had second thoughts & "chickened out".  Take heart, they haven't given up hope yet,... they're continuing their search effort.

TO DO B2B IN 1999

For information on participating on May 16, 1999, check out the "Official" Bare to Breakers info page on the Web, sponsored by the Bare to Breakers Boosters, at:

Or, link from WANR's at:

Other contacts for 1999:

Judy Williams (Canada & Northwest):

Les Dearing, Camping Bares (So. Calif.):

For more information about the [textile] Bay to Breakers race, the "Official" Bay to breakers info page is on the Web at:


Another Successful Dieting Tip

On airplanes, I'm constantly amazed when many of my fellow passengers have almost finished eating before I can unwrap my eating utensils.  They seem to inhale their food.  Don't make this mistake.  Take your time.  Savor and chew every bite, completely.  Eat slowly and take small bites.  You will enjoy your food more and your appetite control mechanism works more efficiently to tell you when you are full and satisfied.  If you gulp your food down, as many people do, you'll enjoy it less and eat more than you need or want.  If you make it a point to take small bites, you automatically eat slower, eat less, and enjoy it more.  It helps to use small spoons, forks, bowls, and plates.

Editors Note: Some great articles written by past participants in the Bare to Breakers can be found in the Autumn issue of Nude & Natural magazine.