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Official Publication of the Lake Edun Foundation, Inc  January 1, 1999

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A Word from the President
by Kelly "aka Dizzy" Shepardson

Happy Holidays to you.  I don't know about you, but the holidays has left me exhausted!  I finally realize what my mother meant when she said she had to go back to work to rest!  I hope you will give some consideration to being a spokesperson for Lake Edun.. I am looking for some people to team up this winter to discuss Naturism at some coffee houses in Topeka and Kansas City.  I am looking for twelve people in each city to represent Lake Edun and Naturism.  It would be more or less a question and answer session over a cup of java about the benefits of the clothing-free lifestyle.  Lew Covell, head of Outreach/Education, is in charge of this event.  If you would like to volunteer your time and expertise/knowledge, please contact myself at or leave a message on the voice mail at the barn.  I hope to see you at the coffee shops!

Jan 2; 5-7:00 PM; Sauna
Jan 10; 1-3 PM; Guidelines Committee mtg at Vickie's
Jan 15; 8-10 PM; Heartland Swim
Jan 16; 2-4 PM; Board Of Directors mtg at Vickie's
Jan 16; 7-12 PM; Heartland Holiday Celebration (party)
Jan 23; 2:30-4:30 PM; RTE7 Committee mtg at barn
Jan 23; 5-7:00 PM; Sauna
Feb 13; 5-7:00 PM; Sauna
Feb 19; 8-10 PM; Heartland Swim
Feb 21; Lake Edun Indoor Swim
Feb 28; 5-7:00 PM; Sauna
Mar 13; Marge's March Madness

'Just Getting Naked' Is Not
Enough For A Full Life

That is the title of an article in the Autumn 1998 issue of 'Nude & Natural' written by Doug Bookout.  In my opinion, this is an outstanding article.  Here in an excerpt:

"There needs to be a proper balance of positive body potential somewhere between body neglect found in some nudist circles and the body elitism found in some fitness circles.

I've been amazed to discover in the Naturist community, with its emphasis on body acceptance and self worth, a general apathy toward physical fitness.  Go to any nude resort or nude beach and take a look around --- inactivity and poor dietary habits abound.  I'm not talking about appearance.  I'm talking about fundamental issues of health & fitness.

It seems as though some nudist wear their unfit, flabby bodies as a badge of rebellion, saying in effect, "I'm so secure and accepting of myself that I don't have to play into that fitness trap.  I'm way beyond that, and you should be too."  In fact, adopting this attitude is really just an excuse to remain unfit & unhealthy."

Doug then provides the reader with some sobering facts:

"Recent studies by the American Heart Association (AHA) indicate that one in every three Americans is overweight/obese.  That's 58 million people!  In addition, the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III) estimated that the number of overweight Americans increased from 25 percent to 33 percent between 1980 and 1991.

Over the course of a few years, the cumulative effect of a sedentary lifestyle  and calorie-rich diet is obesity and an increased risk of heart disease, cancer, circulatory problems, gallbladder disease, arthritis, breathing problems and degenerative joint disease.

It also raises blood cholesterol and triglyceride

levels while lowering HDL ("good cholesterol") levels, raises blood pressure and can induce diabetes.  In light of these facts medical researchers estimate that over 300,000 Americans die every year due to the results of poor diet and inactivity!  Pretty scary.  Do I have your attention yet?"

He got my attention!  I'm a little overweight and working to fix my problem.  He then goes on to point out that one of the greatest benefits of nude recreation is the decompression or stress relieving aspects of the lifestyle.  However, if the emphasis moves from relaxation to complete inactivity, we have a problem.  I agree.  He then gives some very good dieting tips.  He then addresses the topic on body image and makes one statement that I thought hit the nail right on the head.  He said "I can't think of any self-respecting individual who would purposely want to join a group of lazy, slovenly people who don't care about themselves or their appearance."  I agree.  Seeking out the naturist lifestyle as relief from the stresses of life is great but total inactivity is not the way.  Flopping on the beach in the nude is just as harmful as being a clothed couch potato at home.  I don't know about you but I want to live to be an O-L-D naturist.


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From Our
Mail Bag

Lake Edun
Christmas Party

Prez  Kelly (aka "Dizzy") reports: "I would also like to thank Dave P. for hosting the Christmas party this year.  As usual, a good time was had by all.  If  you didn't see much of me there in his beautiful home, that's because I was down in his bubbly hot tub most of the evening with other fellow Eduners soaking my bones after a  hard day at the lake!  So, if  you were among those who made it to the Christmas party, be sure to thank Dave for being such a wonderful host.

Social Director Vickie reports: "The Xmas party at Dave P.'s was a great success.  Wonderful nosh, home brew,  a hot tub and several versions of  "A Night Before Christmas"--thanks Ed.  The gift exchange will be talked about for months to come.  Sally,Webb, Laura and Bill stealing "naked" mugs from one another, it was thought that Carl had Webb's shot glasses that Marge had made but it turned out that Webb really had Vickie's shot glasses.  Marge got some great brew pub glasses that Bobby stole from her only to have Linda steal them from him.  And so it went.  Great gifts were given and received by all.  Several brave souls spent time in the hot tub.  It was quite a nippy trip down there so it was said. Dave has a really wonderful place.  We thank him for having us and asking us back in August as well for Christmas next year."

Newsguy Ed reports: "Let me start by saying how much we appreciated the gracious hospitality of our host, Dave. Any of you that didn't make it to the Lake Edun Christmas Party in Topeka,…shame on you!  Everyone had a great time and participation was strong with over 30 members attending!  Our host provided drinks plus several members brought their own.  Our own resident nude brewer even brought 5 gallons of handcrafted spiced Christmas ale.  The potluck dinner consisted of holiday treats ranging from miniature cheesecakes to baklava and foods ranging from smoked chicken to baked beans.  The Goofy Gift exchange (max $10 value) was hilarious fun with 15 people participating."

Today's my birthday (the 11th) and since I hadn't been out much, I decided to take a long lunch & come out for a visit.  The sun is shining (finally) and the air is brisk but it's still beautiful out here.
    Robin C.

Items We Still Need

Pay Phone - This would be mounted on the outside wall of the barn for use by members and guests.
Clear plastic jars with lids - For storing small parts in barn (nuts, bolts, screws, etc).
Trash can lids for barrels -
People are normally quite courteous and if you give them trashcans to use, they will.  To help keep our place trashfree, we want to make additional trashcans available.  We need the kind of lids that you see on the cans at the beach.

CPR Class

The centerpiece of the place we love is the lake.  We have no lifeguards.  All visitors and members sign paperwork acknowledging this fact, releasing the Lake Edun Foundation from any liability and agreeing to use the lake "at their own risk".  In spite of all this legalize; if a drowning were to occur, we would all feel horrible. 
To help address this situation, the Board would like to organize a CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) class during the winter months.  This course would include training in the Hiemlich Maneuver.  This will be a "clothed" event and may have a nominal fee associated with it.  Why clothed?  First, it will be easier to find an instructor for a clothed class.  Second, we want to make the class available to the "non-naturist" spouses of Lake Edun members.  This is a valuable skill that everyone should have for use at home as well as at the lake.
If you are interested in attending this course OR if you are a qualified CPR instructor and are willing to teach this course, contact any board member by phone or e-mail the foundation at .


Return To Edun 7
June 25-27, 1999

Everyone  who showed for the work day sure put in a hard day's work.

Editor's Note: No one counted but approximately 15 members showed up to work.  Some unwanted cedar trees were cut and others were transplanted to desirable locations.  The log and beach tables had floated away with the rains and had to be retrieved.  The entire camp got spruced up (even the hedge apples in the meadow were picked up).  The weather was fantastic allowing some members to go topless and others nude.  Special thanks go out to 4 members that donated needed items.  Rick and Brenda donated a microwave and a large bench vise.  Carver & Lew each donated a small bench vise.

Believe it or not, it is time to begin planning for RTE-7.  Right now we have the following volunteers for the committee: Vickie-chair, Corrie, Lew, Dave and Webb.  If you would like to volunteer for the
committee, contact Vickie.  The first committee meeting is scheduled for 1/23/99 at the Barn from 2:30 to 4:30 PM (before the sauna).

News Shorts
(not the wearing kind)

J Webb spoke at a Topeka Rotary Club meeting at the Washburn University Student Union on Dec. 11th at 7:15 AM.  The topic of course was naturism.  Kelly also attended to help field questions.  Attendance was good and our team was well received.
J Vickie & Corrie are close to making an indoor swim a reality for Lake Edun members.  Close enough for us to have already scheduled a tenative date in mid-February.
J As of the last Board of Directors meeting, our membership stood at 104 (47 males, 9 females, & 24 couples).
J  A Topeka resident has offered to let us hold a social event at his home in the near future.  Vickie & Corrie are working on a date.
J Dick Williams (Heartland Naturist & Lake Edun member) is looking for volunteers to participate in the May 1999 "Bay-To-Breakers" run in San Fransisco, Ca.  More info next month.
J Allan is "running amok" again.  He has decided he is going to skinny-dip in the lake at least once a month throughout the winter!  BURRRR!!!  If you cross the path of a nude, blue dude at the lake, it's probably Allan.  Wish him luck in his quest.

Hosting Foundation Events
by Vickie

Have you had an idea for an activity or party theme you would like to see the Lake Edun Foundation do or have?  Not sure how to suggest it?  Why not host it!
This year we are going to try something new. We want members to host some of the activities the Foundation participates in during 1999.  We want you to challenge other members to host a better event than you did.
How does it work?  When you decide you want to host an activity or event, let Vickie know.  What does she need to know?  What date you would like to host your event and what the theme will be.
Hosting an event doesn't imply a large financial obligation, just your awesome ideas, a little time and the desire to have FUN!  If you want more information, contact Vickie.  Dates are already filling up .........can you meet the challenge?

EDITOR'S NOTE:  I just want to clarify something.  You can host your event "at the lake"!  What kind of event?  Let your imagination run wild!  Nude Olympics, Luau, Beach Party, Pig-Picking, BBQ, Volleyball Tournament, Bocce Ball Tournement, etc.  Last years events were great thanks to Sally but she had little help.  If members "help" the Social Director, our events can only get better.

December 12
Workday Report
by the "Prez"

I would like to thank everyone who came out for the work day on 12-12.  We got a lot accomplished that Saturday.  The land is really starting to look nice.