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Official Publication of the Lake Edun Foundation, Inc. May 1, 2000

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Second Annual Luau Approaching

With the success of the Luau hosted by Dizzie and Bill last year, they are planning to do it again. If we consider last year's event a "undress" rehearsal, this year should be terrific! Last year we had island music, wonderful food, and everyone had a great time.

The last weekend of May is a great time to kick-off activities at the lake and the Luau on May 27 should be great. Mark your calendar, tell your friends, Be There!

Our hosts will provide the main course. You should bring a covered dish and eating implements. You may want to do some stretching exercises ahead of time to prepare for the limbo contest.

Remember: Sanity is a greatly over-rated condition considered virtuous only by crazy people.

Return to Edun/8 Plans

After working several months, Nancy has finalized bands for bands for Return to Edun/8. Enclosed is this year's brochure with complete details. Be sure to get your tickets early. If your membership expires after July 16, you can receive your tickets for half price if ordered before July 7. Use the form in the brochure or the form included with this issue of Bare Facts. It includes your 50% discount.

Encourage your friends and associates to get their tickets early. We will ask an additional $10 at the gate. Last year, about 170 people enjoyed Return to Edun. This year, we anticipate about 250 people will attend.

Now that the bands are set, Nancy is working on vendors and other details. If you or someone you know is interested in being a vender at this year's event, be sure to let Nancy know soon. If you wish to assist with the event, also let us know. Return to Edun is one of our methods of letting others experience the joys we experience as Naturists.

Business After Hours

Just two days after Return to Edun/8, we will host Business After Hours for the Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce. Business After Hours is a monthly chamber event where members can learn a bit more about another member firm and socialize with other chamber members.

Hosting Business After Hours will be our first opportunity to educate many in the local business community about Naturism and the Lake Edun Foundation. Because of the curiosity most have about our special place, we expect a large turn-out. Soooo... It is important we plan this event well so our visitors leave with a positive impression.

If you are available on Tuesday, July 18, from about 4 PM on and are willing to assist, please let us know. It is important that we have many Eduners on hand to help and answer questions for our curious visitors.

Tax Party Provided Needed Tax Relief

Vickie and Carl hosted an outstanding party on April 15. Many Eduners attended and all appeared to have a great time. We enjoyed everything from good conversation with friends, to sitting in a wonderfully relaxing hot tub. And, Vickie and Carl always have lots of delicious munchies.

It was good to see how many Eduners stayed late and talked into the early hours of the morning. It was also good to see so many Eduners who have not made it out to our special place yet this year. Thanks to Vickie and Carl for being great hosts and showing everyone a good time.

If you are interested in hosting a party, at your home, some other facility, or at our special place, please send e-mail to

Join Our Fellowship Fires

With the coming of warmer weather, we are once again beginning our weekly fellowship fires. These are an informal gathering of Eduners at dusk on Saturday evenings to talk and share some good fellowship. It also serves as a means to use up some of the vast quantity of dead-fall we have at our special place.

If you are free on a Saturday evening, join other Eduners for our fellowship fires. Bring some music to play; or songs to sing; or jokes to share. Come prepared to tell stories or tall tales. Each week, the flavor of the evening seems to change, depending on the mix of people.


May 6; Sat; Dusk; Fellowship Fire

May 13; Sat; 10-12; Board of Directors Meeting

May 13; Sat; 12-4; Work Day

May 13; Sat; 5-7; Sauna

May 13; Sat; Dusk; Fellowship Fire

May 19; Fri; HN Swim

May 20; Sat; Dusk; Fellowship Fire

May 21; Sun; 12-4; Work Day

May 21; Sun; 5-7; Sauna

May 26; Fri; Noon-4 pm; Closed for private party

May 27; Sat; Luau - Sponsor: Dizzie & Bill

May 27; Sat; Dusk; Fellowship Fire

June 3; Sat; 12-3; Open House

June 3; Sat; Dusk; Fellowship Fire

June 10; Sat; 10-12; Board of Directors Meeting

June 10; Sat; 12-4; Work Day

June 10; Sat; Dusk; Fellowship Fire

June 17; Sat; 6 pm; Stephanie & Jason's Wedding

June 17; Sat; Dusk; Fellowship Fire

June 24; Sat; Dusk; Fellowship Fire

July 8; Sat; 10-12; Board of Directors Meeting

July 8; Sat; 12-4; Work Day

July 14-16, 2000; Return to Edun/8

Presidential Pearls

by Kelly "aka Dizzy" Shepardson

I hope everyone had a good Easter. I'm thankful that the weather is starting to warm up enough to start enjoying the outdoors again. Don't forget, on Saturday, May 27th, Biology Bill and I are hosting the annual Luau. We will provide the meat and condiments. We would like everyone to bring a covered dish. There will be a limbo contest, plenty of festive decorations, and plenty of reggae music. Come out and have a good time!

I would also like to mention the Open House is scheduled for June 3. We will be accepting donations of clothing as an admission fee. The clothes will be donated to Let's Help of Topeka. Here are the hours. Noon to 3 is clothing required. 3 to 5 is clothing optional. 5p.m. on is nudity required. We changed the hours from last year due to the number of people, myself included, who were chomping at the bit all afternoon to do away with the textiles!

Here's a way to cope with the stress in your life. Take an afternoon off from work when the weather is warm, and play hooky from work. Call it a "mental health break." You'll be amazed at how it changes your disposition!

One last reminder: If you are interested in getting on the Lake Edun listserve, please send me e-mail at Hope to see you at the Lake Memorial Day Weekend!

You're Invited ...

Stephanie & Jason have announced their wedding plans and want everyone to know about their pending wedding. And, they would like all Eduners to join them on their very special day.

Their chosen day is Saturday, June 17, 2000; Time: 6:00 pm; Dress: required (unfortunately). If you are able to join them, please email them so they will have an accurate count. Their email address is:

Thanks: Barry & Debbie

Some of our members who have already visited our special place this year have noticed that the dam is clear of trees and we have some new chairs to lounge on. A very special thanks is due to Barry & Debbie for sticking with the project on the dam. They began working to clear the dam of trees last Fall. This spring, they completed the work. Now, we need only keep the trees from regenerating or new seeds getting started.

In addition, this wonder-couple learned a nearby country club was about to replace all the lounge chairs around their pool. Being the civic minded people they are, they offered to dispose of the old chairs for the country club.

Thanks for the addition and the good work. Many Eduners will enjoy this new comfort for years.

Random Thoughts & Reflections

Thanks Alan and Dan for some more wood for our sauna. We were getting short

Be Considerate On The Dam

Barry and Debbie completed clearing trees off the dam which is good. This makes it more important than ever that we are considerate of our neighbors when crossing the dam. We have planted fast-growing trees that will soon provide ample coverage. However, until they get large enough to do the job, we must be modest if a car drives by while we are crossing the dam. So, if you are on the dam and hear a car approach, cover up, squat down, or turn around! We know it's not right, but its so much easier.

We already know our nudity upsets our neighbors. Let's not fan the flames.

Its An Issue Of Freedom

Perhaps it would be different if we engaged in secretive and illicit activities at Lake Edun Foundation functions. If our activities were lewd and lurid, we should be ashamed about our behavior; we should keep our activities in secret from our friends, family, and boss. However, this is not the case. Yet, we continue to apologize for doing something that is good and wholesome.

Would we be ashamed if others found out we go hunting? Or fishing? Or play golf? Why should we allow others to make us feel ashamed we enjoy the sun?

Every time we allow others to dictate our activities, we sacrifice some of our (and in a broader sense, their) freedom. It is a sacrifice we should not take lightly. If the "others" trying to force us to be apologetic were aware of the broader issue, perhaps they would have a different view of the situation.

As naturists, we enjoy all the gifts our Creator provides, without shame. We do not frolic naked for the titillating thrill it gives our libido, but for the lift it gives our soul. We realize that as we grow older our body may sag, but our resolve becomes stronger.

It is important each of us show our pride in our association with the Lake Edun Foundation and naturism in general. If we do less, we acquiesce to the assumption others make when they assume we are doing something wrong. Most people respect us when we stand up for our beliefs. Regardless of their position, they understand it is an issue of freedom. Those who condemn our activities out of ignorance and believe we do not have a right to practice our beliefs, by their condemnation, strike a blow against freedom for us and for all society. It is fascinating to see who in our society truly believes in freedom and diversity..

Items We Need

We need more lids for trash barrels. These should be designed to fit over a 55 gal barrel and keep the rain out.

3-5 gallon plastic pails. These make wonderful storage containers. We are about out.

The Benefits of Membership

As a member of the Foundation, you may place a free brief classified ad in Bare Facts. Send it to our PO Box or email us. All ads are subject to space available and acceptance.

The Naturalist Naturist

By Biology Bill

I have always liked full moons. This comes to mind in part because while lying awake in bed this morning, I was able to look out the window and see the moon in the morning sky. While in literal reality the light we see from the moon is really just sunlight reflecting off a relatively small, cold heavenly body, the phenomena surrounding the phases of the moon have had all kinds of importance for different cultures though the millennia.

Many civilizations have learned to keep track of the passage of time by watching the phases of the moon. As the sun and moon have moved through the sky, different cultures have ascribed god-status to the heavenly bodies, and rituals and offerings were given to them. Of course, for most of human history people assumed that the sun and stars were points of light in the sky that circled around the earth, instead of the earth orbiting around the sun.

Of course, the moon is in fact the only known natural object (satellites don't count) that does in fact orbit the earth. The moon is also different from all the other points of light in the sky, in that it is capable of making things light enough for humans to function during the night. A full moon in the autumn is the "harvest moon," because it is possible then for hard-working farmers to continue to harvest ripe crops all night if they need. The saying that an event only happens "once in a blue moon" probably arises from the rarity of two full moons occurring in the same calendar month. Of course, crime also increases during times around the full moon, probably because the greater light causes more people to be out at night.

The cycles of the moon affect animals as well - even animals that can see perfectly well when there is no full moon. When I was in Costa Rica, I spent a lot of time trying to catch bats in stationary nets at night. I learned not to bother during full moons - the bats could see the nets during full moons and avoid them. Of course, there are also fewer bats (and other animals) that tend to be active during full moons - predators like owls and large carnivorous bats can see their prey very well, and the prey stays home for the evening. No doubt other animals are also quieter during full moons because they are concerned about being seen by predators.

Other animals, such as dogs and coyotes, are said to like to howl at the moon. Probably they just like to howl for purposes of doggy communication, and don't really care about the moon. People, however, seem to like to howl at the moon for its own sake. I happen to be one of those people. People also are particularly interested in eclipses of the moon - this happens when the earth is directly between the sun and moon, and blocks the light that would otherwise flow to the moon and reflect back towards the earth. A lunar eclipse happened on a chilly evening a couple of months ago. The next one visible in this area will happen in July, happily during the Sunday night just following the weekend of Return to Edun! So, if you are planning to attend (tickets are on sale now!), see if you can stay an extra night at the Lake. We're planning to have a little full moon party, and it'll be a howling good time.

Uncovered Opinions

by Dave Bitters

Naked Hysteria in Ohio and Elsewhere

Do you remember George Orwell's 1984. I'm persuaded Orwell was correct in his major premise ("Big Brother is watching you"). Perhaps he missed his forecast by a couple or three decades. But in the future, the display of the nude human form (whether live or in photographic form) will be increasingly precarious, particularly that of an under 18-year-old. I recall a poignant scene in the movie version of 1984 in which a couple walked lovingly (but fearfully) nude through a meadow. The scene symbolized the yearning for love and freedom in a world gone berserk.

Will being naked, even in a secret place, ever become as fearful as the movie suggests? A recent Supreme Court decision, ostensibly dealing with nude cabaret dancing, reaffirmed the constitutionality of "content neutral" anti-nudity laws. So let's say your friends and neighbors concerned about the tawdry image of nude cabarets can muster enough support on the Shawnee County Commission to pass an anti-nudity ordinance. Thereafter, I don't think I'd want to be a stockholder in Lake Edun.

Dick Williams raised the latest red flag on the alarming Orwellian trend, in his most recent online Heartland Naturists newsletter ( I'll quote a few lines, then review a couple of articles that appeared in recent editions of The Nation magazine.

"Meanwhile in Missouri it's recommended that naturists at least be aware of proposed language in HB1240 which would define new categories of computer crimes. Section 9 of the bill includes this language:

"Requires computer providers, installers or repair persons, and Internet service providers to report to law enforcement if they know of or see images depicting child pornography. Currently, this duty is imposed only on film and print pro-cessors. The substitute also raises the age of children that the statute applies to from 17 to 18 (Section 568.110). …

"While naturists decry child pornography, the bill would put computer technicians, repair services, your ISP and anyone with access to your hard disk in the business of policing your private files. ..." Interestingly, a case of computer snooping already has occurred in Johnson County. District Attorney Paul Morrison, who has made sex policing a centerpiece of his administration, tried to prosecute an individual as a child pornographer and pedophile because he had some pictures of naked kids on his hard drive. A repairman got to snooping around while installing some new equipment, found the images and turned the computer over to the DA. The owner claimed he got the images from naturist-related web sites. Oddly, I believe him. (I haven't seen the pictures, though.)

Let me make a controversial statement. I DON'T decry child pornography. The fact is, I've never SEEN any child pornography. How, then, can I judge how terrible I think it really is? I HAVE seen the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, though. Its language seems perfectly clear: Congress shall make NO law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, …" One wonders what part of NO the Court and legislatures fail to understand.

In the December 13 issue of The Nation, Katha Pollitt wrote about the case of Cynthia Stewart in her article "Protecting Innocence." She related that Ms. Stewart, a resident of seemingly liberal Oberlin, Ohio "… is now facing prosecution for making 'child pornography' and is now being investigated by child protection services for possible child abuse.

"What happened? In a now-familiar scenario, a technician at a Fuji Film processing lab turned in to authorities a roll of film containing pictures of Cynthia's 8-year-old daughter, Nora, at various stages of taking a bath." Pollitt went on to explain that Nora's father, David Perrotta used to be The Nation's operations manager, then gave a character sketch of the couple that made them sound like anything but child abusers.

"What makes the photos of Nora porn seems to be that they struck a handful of total strangers as 'over the line,' in the words of the Oberlin cop who first investigated the photo lab referral. …In one photo Nora's facial expression appears to the prosecutor as 'provocative'; to Cynthia's lawyer Amy Wirtz it looks 'sarcastic.' The showerhead Cynthia's accusers see as a masturbatory aid looks to others who have seen the photos like, well, a showerhead."

A letter to the editor in the May 1 Nation provided an update. "The good news," wrote David Perrotta, "is that we will all be spared the ordeal of a prolonged criminal prosecution and that our 9-year-old daughter will not have to take the witness stand. The bad news is that Cynthia had to agree that the prosecutor could destroy two of her photographs, had to state publicly that these two pictures could be interpreted as "sexually oriented" and had to agree to participate in six months of counseling." It sounds a bit like Kansas's sexual predator law, doesn't it?

"The Stewart case … exemplifies how, in a 'law and order' climate, prosecutors feel free to pressure defendants into deals and plea bargains unwarranted by the evidence rather than admit a wrongheaded case. … The broad picture into which Stewart's case fits is a national panic over the small subculture of child exploitation. … But as Stewart's case shows, to conflate image with real abuse is to attack the integrity of families. To confuse child nudity with criminality only hinders the pursuit of real victimization. Cases like Cynthia Stewart's represent not child protection but the pernicious marriage of puritanism and prosecution."

The individual who ran afoul of the Johnson County Prosecutor can't command the kind of sympathy Cynthia Stewart got as a result of the Nation articles. I'm unaware of his eventual fate but win, lose or draw he faces the same kind of financial difficulties Stewart has. Moreover, he has a pre-teen daughter who suffered considerable unnecessary stress as a result of his ordeal.

How did this witch-hunt mentality arise? As best I can determine, the impetus came in the mid-1980s when the Reagan administration convened the "Meese Commission" on pornography. This panel was stacked with right-wing stars such as Alan Sears and James Dobson. The goal of these religious authoritarians (along with left-wing victim feminists such as Katherine MacKinnon and Andrea Dworkin) was the suppression of all erotica.

They knew this would be difficult to achieve. But wedges they found included "violent" pornography and child pornography. In the wake of the their report (which drew a sharp dissent from a minority of the panelists) the Reagan and Bush administrations targeted mail-order suppliers with customers in conservative states (such as Utah and Tennessee). Essentially they used sting operations.

It's fair to say, I think, that the reign of terror they unleashed would have been much worse, had Bush been re-elected. Almost surely, naturists would have been caught in the ensuing dragnet - nudity was one of the categories covered in the Meese Commission report.

As it is, child pornography continues to be the Trojan horse for authoritarian zealots who want to suppress pornography and nudity. As the Nation articles articulate, this issue remains a political third-rail; even rational, non-ideological politicians won't touch it.

If you share my concern that government has gotten out of control with respect to the censorship, particularly of nudity and you live in Missouri, go to the Heartland Naturists web site listed above. Read the text of the legislative changes carefully and express your concerns to your state senator or representative. Even if you don't live in Missouri, get involved. For starters, contact Cynthia Stewart and join her network of concerned citizens. Write to Cynthia Stewart Defense Fund, Main Post Office, Box 332, Oberlin, OH 44074-0332. Also, step out from behind the walls when bills come up that affect our interests or goals (however remotely). Become knowledgeable about the issues. Write letters to the editor; contact your representatives; speak up. For the naturist idea to survive in America we have to change public perception of who we are, what we do and what we stand for.

In the February hearing on the anti-nudity bill before the Kansas Legislature, I agreed that our dominant culture would find it inappropriate to walk down Kansas Avenue naked. But cultures change. Imagine a culture in which nudity were accepted enough that you could walk down Kansas Avenue naked and nobody cared. In such a culture I doubt cases like Cynthia Stewart's would even come up.

Imagine, then act.

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