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May 1, 2003

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Social Corner

by Diana

At last! Nice weather for a workday! A lot of dead wood got cut up, and half the dam was cleared of trees and saplings. Many thanks to John D. for renting a big chainsaw and for the hours he and Bruce spent using it.

Have you noticed the new Big Spool tables (with umbrellas!)? And the new signs we now have to post events on? Thank Tractor Doug when you see him. More big spools will be coming. We used them at the pot luck on the 12th and they worked well. It was much easier for everyone to get around them to load their plates. Thanks again Doug!

There is a lot of work to be done to keep our special place nice; lots of trees to be cut up, brush to be cleared and maintenance work. There is a lot of poison ivy to be sprayed. If anyone is not allergic to it and would volunteer for the job, please contact Bruce.

When the lake was low, we noticed some broken glass along the shore. No doubt this is left over from the prior occupants 20 years ago. Let's pick it up later in the summer when the water level falls again. This little job doesn't even count as a chore - it's just a nice stroll along the edge of the lake! If we all pick up a few pieces when we're out, we can get it cleaned up and no one will get hurt.

Thanks to anyone and everyone who helps out, whether it is on an "official" work day or not. If we all do a little when we're at the lake it will make a big difference!

Our first pot luck of the year was really great, we had a large turn-out for the weekend. Lots of visiting with friends that we hadn't seen all winter. The nature walk that was planned for April 27 is changed to Saturday the 26.

Remember the first open house will be May 11 from 12-3.

If things work out, we will have a jam session on Memorial Day weekend. More info will come in an email. Send us an email with your name if you are not on our email list.

Wonderful Kansas Weather

With some very agreeable Naturist weather upon us, it is a great time to help out at our special place with the many tasks that are so important for an enjoyable summer. We have only two work days scheduled in May. So far, all our work days have been rained out and we have much to accomplish. We hope many Eduners are on hand this month to assist.

Also, don't forget the family activities scheduled over Memorial Day weekend. Bring your kids/grandkids. Barb and Bruce are working to make our special place more special for the next generation. If you have any ideas, please share them.

Finally, we have a sauna scheduled each Saturday in May. May 31 will be the last scheduled sauna of the season. Be sure to enjoy one before the end of the month.

Applications For Caretaker Due

Several people have expressed an interest in serving as our caretaker this year. It is time to evaluate these candidates and make our decision. If you have an interest in serving as caretaker at our special place this summer, or if you know someone who would enjoy the experience of caring for one of the most beautiful places in Kansas, have them submit a letter of application stating their interest, qualifications, experience, and salary requirements to our P.O. Box. Applications should be received prior to May10.

Any Eduners wishing to have a say in our selection of candidates for the position may submit written comments or talk with a member of our Board of Directors.

The Naturist Society Helps Us All

As a member of TNS, the Lake Edun Foundation is able to offer all our members a greater view of the world of Naturism. If you are already a member of TNS, you know about their wonderful quarterly publication; if you are not a member, you should consider joining today. Use the form with this issue of Bare Facts to send in your membership.


Activities designated HN are sponsored by Heartland Naturists

May 3; Sat; 10-12; Board of Directors Meeting

May 3; Sat; 12-4; Work Day

May 3; Sat; 5-7; Pot Luck

May 3; Sat; 7-9; Sauna

May 4; Sun; 10-11; Member Forum

May 10; Sat; 7-9; Sauna

May 11; Sun; 12-3 Open House

May 15; Approx; Begin Mulberry Season

May 16; Fri; 8-10; HN Swim in Lenexa

May 17; Sat; 12-3; Crafts

May 17; Sat; 7-9; Sauna

May 18; Sun; 1-5; Work Day

May 24; Sat; Family 50'S & 60'S Party

May 24; Sat; 6-8; Pot Luck

May 24; Sat; 7-9; Sauna

May 25; Sun; Family Day - Tie Dye

May 31; Sat; 12-3; Open House

May 31; Sat; 5-7; Pot Luck

May 31; Sat; 7-9; Sauna

May 31; Sat; Dusk; Friendship Fire

June 1; Sun; 10-12; Work Day

June 14; Sat; 10-12; Board of Directors Meeting

June 14; Sat; 12-3; Open House

June 14; Sat; 6-7; Pot Luck

June 14; Sat; 7:30; Renew Wedding Vows

June 17; Tues; 5-8; Open House

June 17; Tues; Family Fishing Derby

June 20; Fri; 8-10; HN Swim in Lenexa

June 28; Sat; LEF Reunion

June 28; Sat; 6-8 Pot Luck

Aug 8-10; Special activity to be announced. Keep open.

Compost Pile Coming

By John D.

As an agriculture venture, we will be establishing an organic composting pile. A composting pile takes natural organic matter and converts it into good, rich fertilizer. Any vegetable matter that is not cooked in any type of grease will be allowed in the compost pile, this includes egg shells, potato skins, vegetables, etc. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES bring items such as bones, grease or oily products. Animal fats interfere with the microbes that do the work in a composting pile. This prohibition includes lard, bacon grease, or left over cooked vegetables.

Early in May we will identify a convenient area for the compost pile. If anyone has a pitch fork and/or scrap chain link fencing no taller than 6' and/or some fence poles, it would be greatly appreciated. We have some material that can be used for composting at this time. Eduners are encouraged to bring their lawn clippings, leaves and other compostable matter. If everyone brings a bit, we will have an impressive pile by Fall.

Composting done this season will be ready for use at tree planting time next Spring. For those who will be doing any plot gardening, composting is a natural method of using what God makes available for a second round.

More Do's and Don'ts about the compost pile will appear in upcoming newsletters. As always, the more cooperation and help we have with the compost pile, the more benefit our efforts will have to improve our facility.

Random Thoughts & Reflections

Its time to change our lock again. Members will find a new combination to the lock enclosed with this newsletter. Remember: It is the responsibility of each member to insure our gate is locked if they are the last to leave.

From the April 9 edition of the British Guardian Unlimited, we learn that Geoff Hoon and Jack Straw have become regulars at the House of Commons gym as they try to keep their minds alert by exercising every day. At around 7:30 most mornings, the two can be spotted in the nude having an informal chat about Iraq as they shower after their vigorous session.

Story Of Nude James Bond Film Premier

Did you know? ... Every two years or so, cinemas around the world are privileged to be able to show the newest James Bond film on their humble screens. When the new Bond film is released, the very first screening is the Super, Duper, Royal Premiere. It is a lavish, glamorous affair attended by the film's cast, key crew, and other distinguished guest. Even Her Majesty the Queen has been present. It's a rather exclusive event!

The premiere of On Her Majesty's Secret Service was the first time a film was shown in public to a nude audience. Hey, it was the sixties; people felt conformable and free being naked, something to do with expressing themselves. Plus the producers wanted to try something different for this premiere to take peoples minds off the fact that Sean Connery wasn't starring in the film.

Don't Keep Our Open Houses A Secret!

In the next two months, we have four open houses scheduled. These are an excellent opportunity for those interested to satisfy their curiosity about Naturism. Along with our other outreach activities, open houses are an important way for others to learn about Lake Edun and the benefits Naturism can bring to their lives.

Open houses are a great way to introduce your friends and acquaintances about the joys of gardening, or fishing ... naturally. Please insure your guests understand this.

During an open house, guests may talk with Eduners and look around at our beautiful facility. All their questions will be answered. Because everyone is dressed in most areas, it is all done in a relaxed, unpressured atmosphere. This removes the concern a newcomer might have about seeing or reacting to nudity.

We have three Open Houses scheduled: Saturday, May 11, May 31 and June 14; and Tuesday, June 17. The Saturday open houses last from Noon until 3 pm. From 3 until 5, the dress code becomes Clothing-Optional. After 5, we expect everyone to be unclothed. This schedule provides an opportunity for everyone to acclimate to Naturism at their own speed. If they like Lake Edun, they may remain after 3 pm but are not required to disrobe until 5.

A flier for our open houses is enclosed. Be sure to tell your friends and acquaintances about these events. It is a great chance for them to learn about Lake Edun and Naturism.

How to Hug a Tree

Teaching performance art involves sharpening some highly unusual skills as well as the more traditional ones. Most art teachers probably agree there are certain skills that can be imparted by or improved with instruction - draftsmanship, painting techniques, bronze casting, for example. But when it comes to performance art, what knowledge can you convey to a fledgling provocateur?

To "cleanse the body," Marina Abramovic's performance-art students fast, hike in the nude, and hug trees. The Amsterdam-based performance artist recently took up residence and fasted for two weeks at the Sean Kelly Gallery. She favors a kind of boot-camp approach. As part of her course at the Braunschweig College of Fine Arts in Germany, called "Cleaning the House," a group of 20-some students, ranging in age from 21 to 35, retreated to the countryside for five days to live under primitive conditions and perform rigorous assignments. These include five- and six-hour walks, taken in the nude and in foul weather; pulling at the scalp to "release electricity"; hugging a tree and complaining about your life; and finding your way back to home base, blindfolded. "The exercises are designed to heighten perception," the artist claims. "They increase endurance, concentration, self-control, and test your mental and physical limits."

For an artist truly interested in improving their performance skills, Abramovic claims her perhaps unorthodox approach produces good results.

Russian Capitalists

Hey! Nobody can accuse the Russians of not quickly learning how to be good capitalists. Seems as recently a Russian enterprise held a successful promotion by giving away free mobile phones to any customer who was nude.

Photos documenting the event make it clear it was a popular promotion with members of both genders. It seems it was also successful with a number of customers who did not come for the free phone.

As our economy takes a dip, perhaps some enterprising companies can take a clue from the Russians. After all, it takes place in the privacy of your own show room.

Breasts, Sex, and Power

by Amber Madison fom Tufts

As I was growing up, everything was pretty much naked. On a nice day, I'd lay out on my back deck completely nude. If either of my parents happened to walk through the house without clothes on, it just wasn't a big deal. I swam naked with my neighbors in the creek behind my house, and I can't think of one close family friend who I haven't seen in the buff.

Considering the ease with which I both witness and partake in group nudity, most people are shocked when I tell them I get disgusted by wet t-shirt contests and would never participate in one. Some find it bizarre that seeing a post-childbearing body in the nude doesn't faze me, but seeing an 18-year-old flashing her tits to a crowd makes me cringe.

The confusion about my views on nudity can be traced back to the belief that being naked is inherently sexual. But it really isn't at all. Believe me, after growing up around naked 50-year-olds, I have learned to separate one's body from one's sexuality. Viewing all nudity as sexual is an oversimplification that degrades the entire human population to nothing more than sex objects. There's a difference between being naked for comfort and being naked for show.

For me, nudity is not a spectator sport. When it turns into one, that's when you can count me out. I guess I just don't understand how showing the world your knockers is really all that sexy. Take a moment to pretend you're the "lucky" dude who's hooking up with the hot chick that just flashed 100-plus other guys. How lucky are you really?

When I see a girl give in to a crowd chanting "show your tits," I can't help but wonder if she's doing it for her, or doing it for them. If it turns her on, hey, whatever floats her boat. But if she feels obligated to please others because she's insecure or because others expect it of her, then it makes me sad. I know what it's like to feel controlled by you're sexuality and I've come to the conclusion that it's much better to control it than to let it control you.

Controlling your sexuality means being sexy when you want to, not at the request of others. It's about having shaved legs, even if no one else touches them. Or wearing lacy black thongs, even if no one else sees them. It's about learning to make your sexuality about you, not about them. It's your gift to use how and when you want, not a show that they own the rights to.

Should We Have A Caretaker This Year?

Some have suggested that we build a road around the north end of the lake to the other side. This would give easier access to some wonderful areas on the other side and also allow us to have a port-a-pottie over there. However, it would be a very expensive project.

Tractor Doug has offered his services and equipment which will reduce the cost a great deal. There are four obvious sources for the remaining $4-$5,000: We can increase membership by about 20 couples; we can increase our membership costs; we can look for donations; or we can save on some other expense.

One expense we can save on that is large enough to impact this project is our caretaker. However, if we were to reduce the caretaker's time, his responsibilities would need to be picked up by volunteer Eduners. If you are interested in seeing a road to the other side of the lake and are willing to spend some of your time at our special place volunteering, express this to a member of our Board.

Do You Exercise?

by Jon Love

We have a weight bench I intend to set up as soon as we clear out some of the items stored in the shed by north beach. Regular exercise is a very important part of leading a healthy life. It is also good to do prior to working in your garden patch. Even if we exercise only once or twice a week, it will improve our health and make us feel muchbetter than you ever imagined.

I will be at our special place a lot this summer and, in addition to good exercise, hope to kick a bad habit - smoking. (If anyone sees me with a cigarette, please grab it from my mouth!) I normally begin my exercises with some stretches before doing anything physical. In addition to lifting weights, walking and running on our trails is also a great way to stay in shape.

Please join me in my quest to get fit and stay in shape. I will show you the proper way to use our equipment and some simple things you can do at home. You will be amazed at how much better it will make you feel.

Summer Solstice Parade In Seattle

Each year, rain-soaked citizens of Seattle celebrate the return of sunshine with a summer solstice parade featuring traditions like samba dancers, colorful floats and nude bicyclists. And, each year, officials regularly hint they may crack down on the nudity. This year, David Zaitzeff has sued Seattle police for the right for local revelers to be naked to celebrate the arrival of spring.

"Everyone who goes to that parade knows they are likely to see men and women nude bicycling or topless women," Zaitzeff claims. "It's like going to an X-rated movie and saying 'Wow! There's nudity here and I'm offended.' "

For many parade-goers, the handful of naked cyclists are one of the highlights and advocates say it does no harm, even to children, Reuters reports.

It is good to know our progressive brethren in the northwest are advocating what we with LEF already take for granted. Hopefully we will be able to follow this story.

Body Freedom Cooperative

Seattle has a new activist group called the Body Freedom Cooperative. It wants to bring nudism out of sheltered, private clubs and into the Seattle area's public places. And it plans to use "guerrilla pranksterism" - flouting anti-nudity rules - to press for clothing-optional beaches at local parks.

"We're pushing the envelope in what I think is a good way," said Mark Storey, a founding member of Body Freedom.

So far, the group has staged one public prank. Storey and two others went skinny-dipping at the King County park system's headquarters, Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island, to signal their "commitment to bringing clothing-free opportunities on public lands closer to the people of the cities."

More stunts are expected. There's talk of a "mass nude photo shoot" at the Washington Park Arboretum this spring. And perhaps some naked people will jump out of a van to clean up the street, then smile and zip away. "I'm really looking forward to that," smiled Shirley Gauthier of Springfield, Ore., another Body Freedom founder. "It's

hard to complain about someone cleaning up graffiti."

The group also has an artistic bent. It plans a trilogy of plays at this fall's Fringe Festival illustrating what it's like to be nude on a beach for the first time. While nudity in theater is hardly groundbreaking, Body Freedom plans to have nude ushers and ticket-takers, too.

Body Freedom's founders like to quote a recent Roper poll, commissioned by The Naturist Education Foundation, which found that 80 percent of Americans support creation of designated, clothing-optional beaches. "Problem is, where are the beaches?" they ask. The same question can be asked in Kansas and Missouri.

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We love you all! People at the lake are the best. May the Good Spirit be with you all.

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