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Visit Our Web Site

Once again, we have our own site on the Internet. By the time this reaches you, our new website should be up. Check us out at

The site contains general information about Lake Edun, past issues of Bare Facts, a calendar of upcoming events, and some pictures of our special place and Eduners enjoying themselves. Dave Bitters is working on some information on the history of Naturism which will be a wonderful addition to the site. As always, our interest is to educate others about the joy and beneficial effects Naturism can have.

For about a year, Barbara hosted an interesting, informative and well maintained site for Eduners. When she dropped the site, Eduners and others interested in our special place were left without a source of good, current information on the internet. Our thanks to Barbara for the good work she did.

You may want to bookmark the site so you can find it easily. If you have suggestions on how we can improve the site or make it more informative or useful, please use the feedback form or e-mail us.

Return to Edun/6 To Feature Craft Fair

The Board of Directors decided to combine the annual Edun Craft Fair with Return to Edun/6. In the past, this has been a low-key opportunity for some of our creative members to introduce other Eduners to their talent. Because of the increased exposure offered during Return to Edun weekend, your directors decided to offer crafts at that time.

Members who have crafts to show and sell may reserve space. There is no additional charge to members for this. Non-members are also welcome. Cost for non-member vendors is $75 which includes admission for the weekend. Vender space is limited and must be reserved in advance by anyone interested.

Guests Are Welcome At Lake Edun

Lake Edun has always tried to welcome visitors and guests. We encourage all members to invite their friends to experience the joy and freedom they take for granted when they come to relax in our place under the sun.

As a part of your membership, you may bring as many as three guests with you whenever you visit. If your guests enjoy the experience, you may bring them back a second time. If they want to return again, they should join or pay the visitor fee.

* It is very important that all visitors and guests register at the barn each time they come to Lake Edun.

Bands Set For Return To Edun/6

Return to Edun has a well deserved reputation as the premier Naturist event in the Midwest. Thus, we are able to attract the region's best bands. Many asked us to bring the jazz band, or the raggie band or the blue grass band from last year. But the board felt it was better to bring in some new groups this year. We found some excellent ones! The en-closed brochure has a brief description of their music.

Eduners may want to know more about the music. Confessing Sila is a Lawrence group that plays original music. Everyone who has heard their tape likes it... Even my kids! DDT is the only band we are bringing back from last year. All the bands were good, but we believe it is better to mix it up. Nude fusion plays in a lot of places around Topeka and was well received at our Halloween party. They will lead a sing-a-long Friday night. Rolland Allan Band has opened for a whole list of notables and have a seemingly endless repertoire to draw on. Velvet Freeze also plays wonderful original music. Their lead singer, Stephanie, played at Return to Edun-4 where she met Jeff, playing with X-35. They are still together. Pretty neat, eh!

If you do not have your tickets, get them soon. Advance tickets are $45-single; $55-couple. Order from Box 1982; Topeka, KS 66601 or buy them at: The Groove Shack in Topeka; On The Wildside in Manhattan; or the Creation Station in Lawrence.

For mail-order only: Members tickets are half price. All others can save $5 by ordering tickets before May 25.


May 3; 12-4; Work Day
May 3; 7:30; Sauna and Council Fire
May 9; 4-midnight; Closed for Private Party
May 15; Swim Party at Elite Aquatics in Kansas City
May 16; 10-12; Board of Directors Meeting
May 16; 12-4; Work Day
May 16; 7:30; Sauna and Council Fire
May 23; Kick-off Party/Lake Edun Birthday Party
May 30; Dusk; Council Fire
June 6; Dusk; Council Fire
June 13; 10-12; Board of Directors Meeting
June 13; 12-4; Work Day
June 13; 7:30; Sauna and Council Fire
June 24; 4-9; Closed for Private Party
June 20; Family Day
June 27; Special Event
July 6-12; National Nude Recreation Week
Jul 31 - Aug 2; Return to Edun/6

Page 2 May Bare Facts

Did You Know?

George Washington's soldiers, like all armies, bathed wherever they found a clear lake or stream. Benjamin Franklin insisted on an hour-long "air bath" each morning. Conservative president John Quincy Adams skinny-dipped daily in the Potomac, and gave the very first presidential press conference while nude. A century later, Republican president Teddy Roosevelt was still skinny-dipping in the Potomac with European ambassadors. More recently, president Lyndon Johnson and his conservative opponent, Barry Goldwater, both grew up skinny-dipping, and would get together for a bi-partisan dip in the White House pool.

The old swimming hole, described by Mark Twain and painted by Norman Rockwell, has long been a cherished part of all-American boyhood. The tradition has continued at youth camps run by the Boy Scouts, Unitarians, and Quakers. YMCA's and many American high schools allowed no clothing on either sex in their pools through much of the twentieth century.

There is nothing new about clothing-optional beaches. Most sites have seen decades, if not centuries of continuous nude use. The clothing-optional spots have always been there, and most Americans, with their traditional tolerance, have either participated or had the good grace to leave them alone.

Social Committee Is Active

Lake Edun's Spring Fling last month was a fun time for all who attended. Thanks again Tom and Kim for opening your home and your hearts to us on such short notice. This is another example of how special the folks at Lake Edun are. We had great fun, conversation and food.

Make your Memorial Day weekend plans at Lake Edun. We are celebrating the 15th anniversary of our lake with a big birthday bash. Pot luck on Saturday night with surprises and events all weekend long. Bring your covered dish and camping gear if you wish. Don't miss the first big social event of the warm season, 2nd only to Return to Edun/6.

Work Day Was Productive

Our April work day brought a couple dozen Eduners out to make improvements to our special place. Dave planted some trees and began work on improving the low spot on the trail between the beaches. We will cover it with rock when the ground dries enough to bring in a truck. Another group worked on the volleyball court. It will definitely be ready by Return to Edun and may be ready by our "birthday" on the 23rd. Others readied our mowers for another season and worked on trail improvements.

We have ordered seedlings for planting on May 3 and we will continue work on the volleyball court and other projects. Eduners who join us for work days seem to get more enjoyment from our special place and make a meaningful contribution to its upkeep.

Report From The Board of Directors

At its April meeting, the Board of Directors elected the following officers: Webb Garlinghouse-President; Chuck Sobke-Vice President; Jennifer Dudley-Secretary/Treasurer. Other members of the Board include Allan, Barrie, Charlotte and Sally. They approved use of the land for two private parties at times that should have minimal conflict for our members and gave tentative approval for an event to be held June 27.

If you have any ideas you believe will improve our special place, bring them to the attention of a member of the Board.

Items We Need

Please let us know if you know where we can find:
Flat-bottom boat
Working refrigerator
Bulletin Board

Lake Edun Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 1982
Topeka, KS 66601-1982
(913) 478-BARN

Choose Freedom at Lake Edun

Save On Phone Bills

We have negotiated an agreement with Feist Long Distance that will benefit our members as well as Lake Edun. Here's the deal.

Feist rates for our members is under 10˘ per minute billed in six second intervals. We have been using them at our business for several months. The quality is good and the bill is honest and simple--just 10˘ as promised. There is no minimum, no monthly charge. In addition, they will contribute 3% of Eduners phone bills to the Lake Edun Foundation. It is a good deal and will help to keep our membership rates low.

Review the enclosed brochure. If it looks like you can save money on your long distance, sign up. If you can not save money on your long distance, let a member of the Board know. Help keep our membership rates low.

Random Thoughts & Reflections

We will need lifeguards for Return to Edun and possibly other events planned through the summer. If you are or if you know of anyone who can serve as a lifeguard at Lake Edun, please let us know. It will be an opportunity to help out, earn some money, and have a great time with some great people.

Every year, Spring is a busy time. Preparing our special place for a new season, planning activities, arranging for another successful Return to Edun celebration. In addition to this, each of us has a job, family and other demands on our time. But we should take time to appreciate the wonderful facility we too often take for granted and express our gratitude to those who spend extra time to make it all possible by serving on the Board of Directors.

Every season at Lake Edun has its own special beauty. Somehow, I believe, Spring is my favorite. All the trees and bushes begin to sprout sharing a sea of new green across the landscape. The sound of geese and ducks circling overhead in the evening and splashing down on the water or beating their wings to take off is particularity relaxing in the evening. It is a season for a new beginning. If you have not taken time to enjoy this solitude, you should.

Invite A Friend To Lake Edun

All of us have friends or know people who are curious about Naturism. It is important we invite them to visit our special place. All members may bring guests with them when they visit at no cost. Take advantage of this and invite friends and associates to visit with you.

Likewise, if you come upon someone new exploring our facility, be sure to introduce yourself. Explain about the features and benefits of membership. Insure they signed in at the barn. See if there is some way you can make their visit more pleasant. Many visitors to Lake Edun have written glowing reports about the friendliness of Eduners and how much they enjoyed their stay. Keep up the good work!

The Image of Christ in Earlier Christianity

The current issue of Nude and Natural contains several articles addressing the issues of current Christian views of Naturism; historical reasons for differences between the Catholic and Protestant positions on Naturism; and a fascinating review of Leo Steinberg's book, The Sexuality of Christ in Renaissance Art and in Modern Oblivion.

It is typical of major articles in N -- It is thoughtful, well researched, and completely documented. This is a must-read for anyone suspicious that the current view of nudity (as defined by the Radical Religious Right) is not truly reflective of the historical Christian view of the naked body.

Copies of N are available for $10. Membership in the Naturist Society is only $40 per year and is well worth the investment.

From The Mail Bag

Hello, Lake Edun:

I moved here from Eastern Iowa, visited Lake Edun a few times last summer and enjoyed the peaceful place very much. Lake Edun is truly a very special place to be. Anyway, you sent me a few copies of Barefacts which tells all happenings. We love this newspaper.

I do want to be a member later on and maybe my lady friend and 2 children as well. ... Please send us a monthly subscription to Barefacts. Hope to be a part of Lake Edun.

- Gerald B.

Page 3 of May Bare Facts

Uncovered Opinions
By Dave Bitters

Winston Churchill reportedly once said, "You can count on the Americans to do the right thing, after they’ve tried everything else." Churchill referred to our foreign policy prior to our entry into World War II. But his observation might equally well apply today to President Clinton’s alleged sexual peccadilloes.

A decade ago I got interested in the nude beaches one finds in various tolerant locations around the country. I became convinced that these places offer social utility far beyond the sophomoric attributes our larger culture ascribes to them. Since then, I’ve met dozens of people who’ve seconded this view – who’ve spoken of positive, life-changing experiences resulting from their free–beach visits. Why, then, have these places been so slow to gain recognition in America? And why has the experience in Europe been so different.

Answers to these questions are more difficult than one might suppose. They lead into the deep recesses of psychology, sociology, anthropology, law, religion, history, and human sexuality. But it’s probably fair to say that the key involves our cultural attitudes toward sex. Free–beaches become tolerated (with a wink) in California, Vermont, New York, Wisconsin, and elsewhere following the "sexual revolution" of the 1960s. One might think of them as stepchildren of the revolution. (Locally, the free–beach experiment around Lawrence was more fragile; it got squashed during the Reagan era.)

So what happened to the much–touted sexual revolution of the 1960s? Was it a failed experiment, or are larger cultural forces still at work?

In his book An End to Shame: Shaping Our Next Sexual Revolution (c. 1990), University of Minnesota sociologist Ira Reiss predicted that America will experience anther sexual revolution, in which we finally will be able to talk about sex. (If you think we’re there now, consider the word mincing of some of the political pundits and "experts" concerning how to tell children about Pres. Clinton’s alleged misconduct. Their lame commentary involved words like character and obstruction of justice, when they really meant oral sex.) Very many of us have no idea how to talk to our kids about sex; we can’t even do it comfortably among ourselves.

Reiss proposed a new sexual ethic, based on the three pillars of Honesty, Equality and Responsibility.

Writer John Heidenry seconded Reiss’s views. In his recent book What Wild Ecstasy: The Rise and Fall of the Sexual Revolution (1997), he traced the revolution that began with Kinsey in the 1950s and Masters and Johnson in the early 1960s, led to the liberation and experimentation of the late 1960s, devolved into the excess of the 1970s, and collapsed with the AIDS epidemic, and reactions by the victims–feminist left and the religious right in the 1980s.

It wasn’t always a pretty picture.

At the end of his book, though, Heidenry sounded an optimistic note. He predicted that sometime after the millennium we’ll experience another sexual revolution. "Yet the road to sexual emancipation, though long and difficult, is not endless. Someday we will find that courage to declare that freedom of sexual expression does not mean merely a license to cast off sexual inhibitions. Rather it means the freedom to love another person on a consensual adult basis implies that sex is morally neutral – a position increasingly being adopted by enlightened elements within the Christian and Judaic traditions.

"When all of us become sexual revolutionaries, we will find a way to put an end to sexual violence, the greatest scourge of our time."

The Futurist, the magazine of the World Futures Society, echoed this theme in "Sex in the Future: Virtuous and Virtual?" by California State University Long Beach biologist Kenneth Maxwell (July-August, 1997). Maxwell opined that, in the twenty-first century, "the need for all sex therapy, will be minimized by an enlightened view and acceptance of nudity as normal and innocuous behavior." The author concluded by observing that, " Some things may get worse before they get better, and changes will be accompanied by acrimonious debate and prolonged disputes. But the long–term trend will be a vast improvement in the quality of life.

"The world of sex is at the threshold of trend amounting to a twenty–first century revolution, bringing about the most dramatic changes in sexual relationships, habits, health, pleasures, pains, and living standards that world has ever seen."

Former Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders took criticism (and ultimately lost her job) because of remarks she made about "teaching masturbation." But when one considers her comments in light of these quotations one gets the impression that she had something serious in mind: rational public policy regarding human sexuality.

Regardless of Pres. Clinton’s eventual political fate, the Lewinsky matter may force the nation into a reexamination of our often irrational and contradictory sexual mores and policies. If Reiss, Heidenry and Maxwell are right, perhaps this might be Clinton’s greatest legacy.