Bare Facts
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November 1, 2003

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Annual Meeting Report

As was announced in the last issue of Bare Facts, the annual meeting was held on October 25th just prior to the Halloween Party. A review of the operations for the past year was presented, financials for the year were approved, new members of the Board of Directors were elected, and members were asked for input about what they would like to see in the future.

The following Eduners volunteered to serve a year on our board: Allan, Cindi, Dee, Doug, Earnie, Heather, Jon, Michael, Webb. Be sure to express your appreciation to each of these Eduners for their hard work and dedication to our mutual cause. Also, be sure to express your appreciation to our outgoing board members for the hours of dedicated assistance they gave to all of us for the past year. It is through their volunteering that we are able to keep our membership rates low.

Food, friendship, and fun were in abundance for all who attended the Halloween Party. Many thanks to Dave for once again hoasting this event at his special place. Time in the hot tub was a special treat. A group of us enjoyed the hot water, and threw out ideas of how great it would be to have such a delightful contraption at our special place. Who knows? Dreams can come true!

A reminder that came out of the meeting pertaining to next year was to think about your garden plot. What you want to plant, arranging to water it, etc. Our investment in agriculture is vital to maintaining Lake Edun as the place we can continue to use for nude recreation for years to come.

Board Meetings Are Open

Some Eduners have expressed an interest in our governance and methods of policy-making.

The Lake Edun Foundation is a not-for-profit educational foundation governed by a Board of Directors who sit to make plans and set policy. The Board meets monthly for these purposes.

All meetings of the Board of Directors are open to all members. If you have an interest in observing the Board in action, you are welcome.

To allow more LEF members to observe and participate in board, the December Board meeting will be held just prior to our Christmas party. If you have an interest in observing the Board or, perhaps, are considering joining the board, this will be an excellent opportunity to learn more.

Random Thoughts & Reflections

We found a nice ladies watch at our special place. If you believe it is yours, please contact us with identifying information.

As you rake an gather your leaves, don't forget to bring them to our special place and add them to our mulch pile.

Christmas Party Planned

Bruce and JoAnn have agreed to host a Christmas party for Eduners once again this season. As in past years, we will have a revenge gift exchange and pot luck.

Anyone interested in participating in the gift exchange should bring something costing $5 or less. It can be a fun gift or something practical. The gift exchange has been an enjoyable event at past Christmas parties.

Bruce and JoAnn live in an historic house and are known to extend legendary hospitality. If you did not attend their parties in past years, do not miss this season.

Members will find directions enclosed.

Mark Hofgard Concert Well Received

Although attendance was somewhat disappointing, the quality of his music certainly was not! Mark Hofgard, a new-age artist from Colorado, performed a benefit concert for the Lake Edun Foundation the afternoon of October 11.

Those in attendance were treated to an afternoon of serene music, entertaining stories, and casual fellowship with a talented artist. His music was a rich blend of sounds designed to stimulate the imagination. At the conclusion, many drove out to our special place for a quiet, evening sauna.

We thank Mark for his support and hope he will agree to visit again next year. Our thanks also go out to Cindi who undertook organization of the event at the last minute and did a superb job given the time available.

From The Mail Bag

Dear Lake Edun:

Please change my email address to: ... Thank you.

It's only the first part of fall and already I'm looking forward to next summer. - Robin


Activities designated HN are sponsored by Heartland Naturists

Nov 1; Sat; 8-10; Sauna

Nov 8; Sat; 10-12; Board of Directors Meeting

Nov 8; Sat; 8-10; Sauna

Nov 15; Sat; 8-10; Sauna

Nov 21; Fri; 8-10; HN Swim in Lenexa

Nov 22; Sat; 8-10; Sauna

Nov 29; Sat; 8-10; Sauna

Dec 6; Sat; 8-10; Sauna

Dec 13; Sat; 4-6; Board of Directors Meeting

Dec 13; Sat; 7 pm; Christmas Party in Kansas City

Dec 20; Sat; 8-10; Sauna

Dec 27; Sat; 8-10; Sauna

Nudity On Stage And Nobody's Shocked

Nude performances are becoming commonplace on Korea's theatrical stages. Recently, the opera "Rigoletto" featured men and women fully or partially nude, followed by a dance musical with "bare" performers.

In dance, the Japanese-born American dancer Maurine Fleming will performed her hour-long show "After Eros" last month completely in the nude. And France's Ballet Prejocaj performed "Rite of Spring," in which a female dancer performs naked. The musical "The Full Monty" was presented without a "cover-up". It ends with a strip show of workers at a steel factory.

Nudity is no longer shocking at arts performances. Disputes of "art or obscenity" are now old-fashioned. Nevertheless, this "nude trend" is somewhat different from the past. As nudity surpasses commercialism, the bare body is being used as a form of art to portray the work's theme more clearly. And the level of nudity has become more daring. Scenes that would have caused arguments of prurience or indecency before are now being accepted by audiences as perfectly natural.

Although "Rigoletto" was a foreign work, it was the first opera to be staged on the peninsula with fully nude performers. The work contains a scene in which a completely naked couple and six women with their breasts bared have a "party" for 10 minutes. The portrayal of the male sexual organ was predicted to be rather shocking for a domestic opera productions. But audiences were quite calm.

"In an arts performance, nudity must be understood as art," said an official at the arts center. "To view these as strange is what is strange."

The opera director Cho Sung-jin said, "On the stage, thebody is a channel that sends artistic language and messages through images. Nudity depends on how it is portrayed in the performance and should not be frowned on in itself."

The Seoul Arts Center performance business director Ahn Ho-sang says, "Before, it would have been very hard for works such as "Rigoletto" to be performed in Korea. However, the audiences accepted it very naturally, as part of the plot."

The nude trend in movies, visual arts and with celebrities seems to have worked as the foundation for bolder nude performances. A music critic, Han Sang-woo, says, "In foreign countries, there are performances that are 'more' than 'Rigoletto.' It seems that our attitude in accepting culture has become more mature."

A dance choreographer, Ahn Ae-sun, said, "In dance, shedding clothes represents freedom. There should be more discussions of the body in dance."

Items We Need

Scottish Film-maker Discovers Naturism

Carolyn Mills, the 25-year-old TV director of a new Scottish Television documentary, Wearing The One-buttoned Suit, looks at the growth of naturism in Scotland. She quickly learned, however, the naturist groups were initially suspicious of her intent - and insisted she join them.

"As I went round the different groups in Scotland I really had to win their trust," said the first-time film-maker from Glasgow. "So I got my kit off and joined in, whether it was eating breakfast with them or playing volleyball. I suppose it felt surreal and a little bit forced, since it's a thing I've never done in my life before, but I really had to show that I was up for it."

"I really wanted to understand why there are naturist groups in Scotland," she said. "I wondered who would want to take their clothes off in this country, with the cold weather, the midges and the prudish attitudes.

"I quickly learned that naturism is not a haven for voyeurs and there are sets of unwritten rules naturists adhere to. For example, they do their best to maintain eye contact at all times and if there are couples present they make sure there is no sexual contact whatsoever."

Carolyn was also surprised to discover naturism covers the widest possible social groupings. "There was everyone there from consultant doctors to bin men. Interestingly, a lot of caring professions were represented, such as nurses. I think the naturists had a common feeling that nudity brought equality.

"But I have to say I found a lot of people, teachers for example, who were worried about going on camera because they feared they would be sacked from their jobs. It seems they think people assume a connection with naturism and some odd sexual predilection."

After completing her assignment, Carolyn admits she is now something of a convert to naturism. "These days young people are often obsessive about their appearance. Being naked with others certainly helped me to accept my body more."

The Truth About Rugby

In two unrelated stories recently from England, we discover some truths about Rugby: The Guardian reports that rugby players, whose light-hearted outlook on life favors laughter-filled hours working together, stand a far better chance of success under an upbeat coach. Thus, they conclude that the sight of a naked man sprinting across the rugby field will raise team spirits and tend favor success for the team on the field.

In the other story, a Peterborough paper reports their rugby club is attempting to raise money for a new clubhouse and training facility by selling a nude calendar. The 23-year-old girlfriend of one of the players, an accomplished photographer, took the pictures. She commented, "It was so funny - I couldn't stop giggling. I've never seen so many naked men in my life." Player Mark Williams discovered for himself what so many who visit our special place have discovered when he said: "Although I was a bit worried about it to start with, once I stripped off I felt free."

Public Baths Rebound In Switzerland

During the heatwave that gripped Europe last summer, the Swiss rediscovered a love of public baths.

Thermal baths, which were at the height of their popularity in medieval times, once had a reputation for hedonism and promiscuity. But today, bathing is once again in fashion for those concerned with keeping fit and healthy.

In ancient and medieval times, Europeans went bathing at places famous for the properties of their water such as hot springs. The thermal baths at Baden and St Moritz in what is now Switzerland were already well known in antiquity and were added to by the hot springs at Leukerbad, Scuol, Pfäfers and Alvaneu in the medieval period.

In the 15th century, baths were not just used for curing ailments, they were also places to socialize. But the emergence of the Reformation and Counter-reformation in Europe ushered in a more sober climate of puritan morals and prudishness that frowned upon the bathers.

Bathing was rediscovered in the 19th century, helped by the boom in tourism and the fashion for taking the waters as a cure for illnesses. Around 1860, Bern had 73 baths and there were also establishments in Geneva and Lugano.

The 19th century also saw the appearance of the first non-thermal baths, created mainly for reasons of hygiene or to encourage swimming. These tended to be fenced off places in lakes or rivers, far away from the public gaze, such as the first public baths in Switzerland - the Marzili baths in Bern, which opened in 1828. Outdoor bathing in lakes and rivers for relaxation and to be closer to nature became popular at the turn of the century and many public baths were modernized in the 1920s and 1930s.

In earlier times men and women used the same baths. But this changed over the centuries and there was generally a strict separation of the sexes at public baths until the mid 20th century. After the Second World War, summertime bathing outdoors or at public paths became more and more common. This was prompted by the rise in paid holidays and people having more spare time, as well as the popularity of sport and mass tourism.

Nowadays, in Zurich and Geneva there is a fashion for mixing swimming and lifestyle, with baths being transformed into bars, restaurants or discos in the evenings. Thermal baths are also undergoing a renaissance thanks to the wellness trend currently sweeping through Europe, which offers fitness and beauty treatments for today's stressed society.

Becoming A Nudist

By Michael

It's not been all that long ago. Just since October 1999. I didn't set out to become a nudist. It just happened. Here's the story.

For years my wife and I wanted to visit Hawaii, but one thing or another kept getting in the way. However, at the urging of a good friend who had visited the islands several times, we bypassed practicality and decided to go with him. Can you believe it? We were going to Hawaii, visiting four islands in sixteen days!

For those sixteen days we camped, hiked, toured, snorkled, and fell in love with paradise.

But - you don't want to hear all about that. The heart of this story takes place on Kauai, and with it the most unexpected discovery of this adventure was my introduction to nudism.

On the North shore of Kauai is the fabled Napali coast. Napali means the cliffs, and cliffs they are indeed. Rising over 4000 feed above the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean are the jagged outflows of lava from the long dead volcano that created this island. The North side of the island is a riot of vegetation, nourished by the rich soil and up to 450 inches of rainfall a year at the highest elevations.

There are two means to reach the Kalalau beach. One is by boat, the other is to walk eleven miles. The trail was originally created by ancient Hawaiians that inhabited the Valley. As with many of the changes to Hawaii since the arrival of Europeans, the Kalalau Valley is no longer home to native Hawaiians. Yet, it's beauty and mysterious power to possess all those who venture there remains.

Hiking the Kalalau Trail is not for the faint of heart. It winds along the coast, in places muddy and slick, over rock and steep inclines, through jungle, across streams, along precipices only a few inches wide, hundreds of feet above the ocean, and the final four miles in the open sun through an arid wasteland. Kalalau makes you earn your reward.

The final mile, viewed from Red Hill, is breath taking. The Kalalau Valley stretches into the distance away to your left, and straight ahead is the long awaited sight of Kalalau Beach. By this time seven hours of hard core hiking have taken their toll. All that's left is to descend three hundred feet down a thirty degree red dirt slope, cross another river, go another half mile, and we are there.

Arriving at the beach, my two hiking buddies and I went out on the wide expanse of sand for our first look at the surf. A few minutes later we were greeted by a well tanned nude young man who offered us oranges he had picked in the Kalalau Valley. My friend had told me of seeing nude people here, but this was real! I showered with the guys in high school after PE, but this was in public - before God and everybody! Wow!

We headed on to the designated camping sites and discovered there were only about a half dozen other people sharing the whole area with us. My two companions proceeded to undress and proceeded about the business of setting up camp. I wasn't prepared to follow their lead at that time and kept my shorts on. It was a feeling of wanting to join in, but at the same time being so inhibited, I just couldn't.

The next morning I stayed at the tent site by myself, watching my friends get in the water, and walk along the surf line. Within me was a raging debate - could I or couldn't I, should I or shouldn't I go nude. Would it be wrong? What would God think? It looked like so much fun. I don't know how long this lasted.

As I was going over this in my mind, almost frozen to the spot with indecision, I turned in the direction of the little nearby waterfall. Through a break in the foliage of the trees I was able to see a young woman step into view. Not only was she beautiful, but she was nude! Then in the most graceful of movements she lifted both arms high, spreading the sarong she was carrying in the ocean breeze, while doing a single pirouette in the morning sun. There was laughter on her face, both for the companion who joined her, and it seemed to me, for the utter joy of life.

Both nude, the two of them walked down the path toward me, totally unaware of my presence. As I watch transfixed, I was aware of the sheer beauty of what I was witnessing. There was sense of awe, and a sudden unbidden outpouring of emotion accompanied by words within my mind, "It's alright to be human!"

As the couple approached where I stood watching, they stopped no more that ten feet away and the woman began to comb the tangles out of her friend's long hair. It was then that she seemed to first become aware of my presence. She smiled at me and both seemed at complete ease with themselves, and with my observing them. They then walked on.

In that graceful moment the reservations that had inhibited me fell away. Within me there was a realization or sense of being at peace with God, these people, this beautiful place, and with myself. I knew I could do what I had just observed without the reservations that had so concerned me. Off came my shorts, and I ran across the beach to join my friends for what turned into three days without the encumbrance of clothes. It was an awakening of delight within me that I have only experienced a few times before. I have since come to think of how I felt as a return to a child-like state, experiencing the world anew much like I briefly did at age seven or eight, sans clothes on my aunts farm .

The power of how I was touched led me to want to become more confident and open to people than I have ever been able to be before. After initiating conversations with complete strangers while nude, how hard could it be when dressed?

Since this wonderful event, I have had the pleasure of meeting the great folks at Lake Edun. They not only welcomed me, but also were so supporting and kind in introducing my wife to social nudism. She too has gained confidence and increased body acceptance.

She went from skeptic to wanting to become a member! Thanks Lake Eduners!