Bare Facts
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October 1, 2000

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2nd Annual 60's Party Was Great!

About 100 friendly Eduner's gathered for our very popular 60's Party. The Labor Day weather was hot, and the water was wonderful. It was a perfect formula for everyone to have a great time.

The weekend began Saturday, as families gathered to socialize and swim. Mark brought out a Moon Walk which all the children, both young and old, spent hours enjoying. Most were surprised at how much effort it required! In the late afternoon, everyone gathered for a much anticipated LEF pot luck dinner. It was Great! Wonderful meat; Great pasta; even ice cream for desert.

Sunday, Vickie brought out all the equipment and supplies needed to tie-dye. Each year, it seems Eduners get more creative and turn out more impressive die-dye creations. This year was no exception. Surely, we will see these beautiful garments often in the future. Thanks, Vickie, for making this great weekend really special again this year.

Save Your Receipts

Many Eduners come from outside of Shawnee County in order to enjoy the freedom and serenity Lake Edun has to offer. This fact is lost on many in the Topeka community. With the recent announcement that the Menninger Foundation is moving their operation and their 1,100 highly-paid employees to Texas, some in the Topeka community may be a little more interested in considering proven methods to attract visitors to Topeka.

We can help shape that debate. If we can provide proof about how much Eduners bring to the Topeka economy, perhaps some in the community will begin to see the light.

You can help us provide that proof. Please save receipts for purchases you make in Shawnee County. Write your name (illegibly, if you wish) and your home town (legibly) on the back. Turn them in at the barn. We will collect them and use them at an appropriate time.

Consider A Position On The Board

Several good Eduners have declared their intention to run for a position on the Board of Directors at our annual meeting on the 28th. It will be a fun group determined to make the Foundation grow while furthering our educational mission.

The Board of Directors is charged with managing the affairs of the Lake Edun Foundation. They set policy and plan our program. It is because of an active and committed Board that we have such a wonderful program and facility at our disposal for a very reasonable membership.

If you have any interest in serving on the Board, there is still time to make your intentions known. Send a note, email or call the barn. A listing of Board responsibilities is enclosed with this issue of Bare Facts.

Eduners Plan Scary Halloween Party

For the fourth year, we are planning another fantastic Halloween celebration at the rustic site we have used in the past. It comes complete with resident ghosts ready to appear as soon as the fun begins.

Myron Jones will be our (g)host. Festivities start as soon as the Annual Business meeting ends on Saturday, October 28. We will enjoy a pot luck dinner and an evening of live music (compliments of Nude Fusion), partying and costume judging.

Our (g)host will provide beer, pop, chips, dip, paper plates, napkins and plastic-ware. Eduners provide their favorite dish. The Board is asking everyone to make a $10-20 (or more) tax deductible contribution to our Legal Defense Fund.

This party is restricted to only members of the Lake Edun Foundation. Members will find the directions enclosed. If your membership is not complete, you may use the form in this issue of Bare Facts to complete your membership.

This is a wonderful setting to celebrate Halloween and will be a fun evening. If you missed last year, don't miss again!

Annual Membership Meeting

As required by our by-laws, we will hold our annual meeting on Saturday, October 28 beginning at 6:30 pm, just prior to our Halloween Party. Members will find the address and directions enclosed.

We will hear reports from the outgoing board, consider plans and proposals for the upcoming year, and elect members to serve on the Board of Directors for the next year. If you are interested in a position on the Board or have any proposals you wish to have considered, send them to our PO box or email us. A copy of the description of Board positions is included in this issue of Bare Facts


Oct 7; Sat; 8-1am; Main Meadow Closed for Private Party

Oct 7; Sat; Dusk; Friendship Fire @ Locust Grove

Oct 14; Sat; 10-12; Board of Directors Meeting

Oct 14; Sat; 7-9; Sauna

Oct 14; Sat; Dusk; Friendship Fire

Oct 20; Fri; 8-10; HN Swim in KC

Oct 21; Sat; Dusk; Friendship Fire

Oct 28; Sat; 6:30; Annual Meeting & Election of Board

Oct 28; Sat; 7:30; Halloween Party (Members only)

Nov 4; Sat; 7-9; Sauna

Nov 17; Fri; 8-10; HN Swim in KC

Nov 18; Sat; 10-12; Board of Directors Meeting

Nov 18; Sat; 8-10; Sauna

Dec 1; Fri; 7-9; Sauna

Dec 9; Sat; 7-12 pm; Christmas Party

Dec 15; Fri; 8-10; HN Swim in KC

Presidential Pearls

by Kelly "aka Dizzy" Shepardson

Here it is fall time already. That means Halloween, Thanksgiving, cooler weather, and the thought of actually wearing clothes to keep warm! It also means that our Annual Membership meeting is a couple of weeks away.

This year's Membership Meeting/Halloween Party will be held October 28th at Myron's place. Bring your best dish, your best costume and have a great time. Be sure to show up if you want to run for a position on the Board or let us know in advance. The Annual Membership Meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. with the festivities following.

This also marks the last time that I will be addressing you as President of the Board of Directors. I would like to thank you for your participation and your support of the Lake Edun Foundation. Thank you for putting up with all the newness of being a foundation. Also, thank you for your hard work in keeping Lake Edun open by writing letters to the editor, showing up for legislative hearings and contributing to the various Lake Edun funds throughout the year. Since I do not know who your new president will be, let me say that I wish them well in their endeavors. I will still be serving on the board, so I look forward to another great year with the Lake Edun Foundation.

Here's wishing you a Happy Halloween and hope to see you at the Halloween Party!

The Process Works

About two years ago, the Board of Directors spent a great deal of time developing a system to use to handle conflicts and accusations of inappropriate behavior. Many different proposals were considered. What came of this collaborative effort is a process that attempts to protect the interests of all parties; it quickly addresses serious breaches of eti-quette; and it recognizes we are all fallible human beings.

Several times this year, we have had to implement this system. In a few instances, we have asked people not to return to LEF activities. But, in most instances, we have found a less drastic solution that solves the problem.

Sometimes, the person or persons making the accusations wanted a more drastic outcome. While the Board is sensitive to the very human desire for vengeance, we do not believe revenge is or should be the proper motivator for an educational foundation.

At its last meeting, the Board reviewed our procedures in-formally and concluded the system works. All parties have an opportunity to be heard; serious problems are quickly resolved; and it provides an opportunity for the fallible among us to change. Perhaps most telling: In each instance where an indiscretion served as a learning experience, the lesson was learned and the cause of true Naturism was advanced.

As an Educational Foundation, the board believes it is just as important that we address educational opportunities to our own membership as it is to attempt to educate others about Naturism. With the successes we have had this past year, the Board believes we have a system that works. We invite comments from our members .

From The Mail Bag

Dear Lake Edun;

This past Monday I spent an afternoon at Lake Edun. This was the first time I have visited a naturist club. No matter, I immediately felt at ease in these beautiful surroundings and with all the people I met. Being able to describe these positive experiences to my wife, for the first time, caused her to consider accompanying me if I visit again. Given that incentive, your Sept 30 work day seems like a good way to show my appreciation. Let me know how I might help.

Here's a great big THANK YOU for a wonderful afternoon. - Michael

Dear Lake Edun:

I finally got to come out and enjoy Lake Edun, and "WOW" is all I've really got to say!! Everyone was wonderful, welcoming and helpful. Lake Edun itself is beautiful, a small piece of natural Kansas at its best, which is to say, paradise.

Best of all are the people, I felt like I was meeting old friends. Going to Edun was like stepping out of the everyday world with its hang-ups and dishonesty, into the "bright lands" wwhere life is lived is as it should be outside.

My wife Kim has not yet experienced social nudity but is willing to try it in the near future, and I think Edun is the right place for a first timer. As soon as we can, we will be out.

Again, I want to thank everyone for making my first visit so wonderful.

- Mike (a.k.a. Jerry Garcia)

Dear Lake Edun:

Tammy and Faith Mary Elizabeth are doing great. Faith was born at 7:49 pm on August 30 after around 24 hours of labor. She weighed 9 lbs and 11 ozs and was 21 inches long. They've both been catching up on their rest and sleep since then and things are starting to get routine for them. We took Faith for a walk to the park last night.

Tammy and I have talked about coming out for a few hours soon but we're not sure yet. Anyway, we'll see you all as soon as we can. Let everyone know that we miss them and the lake.

- Sam

Dear Lake Edun:

I was very nervous about our (my) first visit. Everybody made me feel as if I was at home and my husband of 25 years was talking to me. They made me feel so welcome

I was able to take off my top after a few minutes. It took a while for me to take off my swimsuit bottoms. My husband went on an errand and when he came back, I was out of my swimsuit bottoms at the beach.

I can not wait now to get back to Edun. This is the greatest place to meet new people and FRIENDS. We would not change this lifestyle that we have found for anything.

Thank you Lake Edun, and all members for your Friendship.

- Mary Lou & Gordon

Legal Fund Challenge Well Received

As announced in last month's issue of Bare Facts, we received a challenge to help our Legal Defense Fund. Every two dollars donated by Eduners during Labor Day weekend was matched by one dollar from a supporter. Generous Eduners dug deep and raised $1003.50 which has been matched with and additional $501.75.

It is this kind of support that is crucial. Thanks to everyone who helped to make this special opportunity truly beneficial for all Eduners.

Random Thoughts & Reflections

Fall is definitely upon us and the weather is beautiful! If you haven't been to our special place since Labor Day, you are missing some wonderful weather and great sun.

Thanks to all the wonderful Eduners who do so much to help keep our special place clean and beautiful. It really makes a difference!

Date Set For Christmas Party

Mark your calendar and don't miss it. Our Christmas party will be December 9. More details and directions will be in upcoming issues of Bare Facts.

In our arrogance we have assimulated cultural nudity to "primitive" peoples. In that same arrogance we fail to notice that these naked peoples are very often far more modest, considerate of others, and respectful toward their own and others' bodies than many in our over-heated, oversexed, scandalously clothed western society.

- Fr. James G. Dodge

New Combination To Our Lock

On Monday, October 9, we will change the lock on our gate. Members will find a neww combination enclosed.

If you are the last to leave, be sure to lock the gate by passing the change between the two eye bolts and then sliding the hasp of the lock through all three.

Fall Is Upon Us

Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year. Leaves begin to change color and fall to the ground; Animals make preparations for the cold winter that is coming; Evenings take on a wonderful crispness. A brisk walk around the lake strengthens the body and rejuvenates the soul.

As we prepare for our winter schedule which will be held at various locations in the area, it is important we not neglect our special place. Thanks to everyone who helped with our final work day. In addition, each Eduner should clean personal items out of lockers, and fridges. Take home any tents, chairs, floats you may have. This is the season when it is easy to pick up the odd bit of trash that may have been carelessly tossed aside by a visitor. As you walk our trails, watch for this carelessness and pick it up.

Through the winter, we will have several special projects we will be working on: We will continue with The Great Cedar Tree Round-up. And we have other projects in the planning stages. If you want to be notified to help with these projects, please notify a member of the board.

It continues to baffle me why there is no attempt to censor television's continual portrayal of homicide as a means of conflict resolution, while at the same time regarding an unclothed human body as a problem.

- Charlie Metcalf

The Naturalist Naturist

By Biology Bill

Well, since the temperature hasn't reached 100 degrees for a few days, I suppose that it's reasonable to presume fall has reached eastern Kansas. Although fall arrives later here than it does in those parts of the country north and east of here that I'm more used to, you will all recognize that an integral part of the fall landscape is the natural changing of the colors.

Why have I chosen this topic now, since trees don't really change color until late October and November around here, in other words in time for next month's newsletter? Because something a little unusual has happened this year. In my yard, the big cottonwood tree has already lost about half of its leaves. The dogwood bushes in back of the house have completely turned brown. And trees at my field site and the shrubs and the trees around the lake have in many cases also begun changing colors and/or losing their leaves. Why did this start happening in August this year? Here is the explanation, and a little about the process that is going on.

Many trees we are familiar with lose their leaves in the fall, and grow them back again in the spring. This is not a phenomenon that everyone in the world knows about. Somebody who lives in the Amazon River basin would never see trees losing their leaves in this way. Someone who lives in northern Canada may also not see trees losing their leaves either! What is going on here?

The fundamental question here is how do trees get through tough times. As you probably know, winter is a tough time for trees around here. There is not much light to use for growth, and freezing temperatures are highly damaging to many soft plant tissues. Snow and ice tend to sit on leaves, breaking them off with their weight. In this area and in other areas, most leaves have a solution to this problem: they just don't try to grow in the winter at all. When trees lose their leaves, they are going dormant for the season, kind of like the bear that goes to sleep for the winter in a cave. They will be quiet and reserve their energy for growth and reproduction until times are better, in this example when spring comes. Well, so why did trees lose their leaves in August when it sure as heck wasn't freezing?

Drought is another form of hardship for plants. So, trees respond in the same way to drought as they do to cold - they drop their leaves, and grow them again when conditions are good again. This means that trees that drop their leaves in drought are not necessarily dead - they are just going dormant. Of course, if the drought leads straight into winter the trees will have to go much longer without energy input than they are used to, and if they have to do this several years in a row it will be very bad for them. But if trees drop their leaves early this year, and next year turns out to be good for growth, they have a good chance of making it through. (On the other hand, any plant that has to grow from seed every year really is dead if it lost all its leaves in the drought.)

Okay, so I said earlier that all trees don't do this. The person living in the Amazon doesn't see the trees all lose their leaves at once because there is never any major form of environmental hardship: there are no winters or droughts in the rain forest. The person living in northern Canada may only know evergreen trees, which are not so important here but are able to have leaves all year round because their leaves are small and waxy and needlelike, and are resistant to the problems of cold and ice.

So why are the leaves pretty colors in the fall? First you need to know why they're green. Chlorophyll, the molecule that catches the light energy, absorbs blue, red, and yellow light better than green. The green light that is not absorbed bounces off the leaves and into our eyes, giving us the signal that leaves are green in the summer. When fall (or drought) comes and the leaves start to die, the chlorophyll and living components are gradually removed by the tree. Once those components are gone, they are not absorbing light in the same way anymore, and the absorption effects of the other compounds in the leaves gives leaves a different color. Different species of trees have different organic compounds in the leaves, and thus they turn leaves different colors in the fall.

Finally, I'd like to point out that trees are not the only plants that turn colors in the fall. Grasses, another kind of plant that goes dormant in times of cold or drought (the grass on your lawn was probably not really dead this past summer - it was just sitting dormant under ground, and has proved it recently when the lawns green up a bit with rain), also turn pretty colors. If you drive through the Flint Hills, or make the drive to Wichita this month, watch for the range of reds, rusts, and browns that grasses turn as they senesce. Also, you may notice that native, untilled prairies turn better colors than introduced grasses like brome and fescue, largely because they have a better mix of species. In any case, here's hoping that this October we have a veritable cornucopia of natural colors to enjoy.

Items We Need

We still need a good quality (but inexpensive) large garden tractor or small tractor with attachments.

Gas-powered hedge shears.

Canoe paddles for our flotilla of boats.

One of our chain saws has worn out. If you have a chain saw you no longer use, we can certainly make good use of it to trim the trees.

Every once in a while, sod is taken up and not replaced. Perhaps the grass appeared to die or plans changed. If any Eduners come upon a quantity of sod, we have several places it can be put to good use. Even if it appears dead, its roots will serve to hold soil and retard erosion.

One water heater that doesn't leak; it doesn't need to work either. Mike is going to use it to improve our shower.

Board of Directors Responsibilities


The Board of Directors sets policy and implements the program for the Lake Edun Foundation. Board members meet monthly as a group and as needed with their committee. Each member of the Board chairs a committee with specific responsibilities and makes periodic contributions to Bare Facts.


Preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors. Sit as an ex officio member of all committees.


Keep minutes of meetings of both the Board of Directors and members. Maintain membership records. Carry on correspondence with members and with others for the Foundation.

Maintain contact with all appropriate national organizations including TNS, NEC and NAC. Educate our membership on the function and importance of these organizations. Encourage support among our members for these groups.


Account for all money and property owned by the Foundation. Pay all legitimate invoices in a timely manner as directed by the Board. Make regular financial reports to the Board.


Implement the educational mission of the Foundation to the public through seminars, press releases, articles, presentations, meetings, interviews, etc.

Bare Facts Editor serves on this committee. Edit, write articles for, produce, print and mail our monthly newsletter.

The Web Master also serves on this committee. Maintain and enhance our presence on the Internet.

Education & Outreach committee is responsible for spreading the word on the beneficial impact naturism can have on the individual, the family, and our community.

Member Relations:

The overall purpose of this committee is to improve membership retention. Screen new applicants. Make a recommendation to the Board concerning their suitability for membership. Maintain contact with members; determine problems or conflicts that may develop with their membership. Work with the Social Committee to develop meaningful activities for all members. Remind members we have not seen about upcoming activities. Keep all members active and interested in the Foundation.


The promotion and publicity committee should work in concert with the Education Committee to arrange for appropriate publicity of our foundation with the objective of improving the public perception of nude recreation in general and increasing membership in the Foundation. We want to present nude recreation as a healthy alternative to other forms of family entertainment. We should strive to be featured positively in news stories twice during the year.


We realize not everyone will be comfortable with the Naturist lifestyle at first. The Social Committee must plan and coordinate special activities throughout the year that implement our educational objectives with our membership and permit members and guests to learn firsthand about the benefits of naturism. It should plan indoor events during winter months when use of our leased facility is not practical. It should make a special effort to conduct events that will attract women and families to the Foundation. Major summer activities should be limited to not more than one per month.

Return to Edun is a sub-committee. It plans the annual Return to Edun celebration including entertainment, security, and all aspects required for the safe execution of this event. Our objective for Return to Edun is to host an event to provide an enjoyable introduction to nude recreation for those who may not have tried it in the past. This committee should plan an event that is safe, enjoyable, and attracts new people to try the clothing-free lifestyle and then join the Lake Edun Foundation.

Lake Edun Association of Kids

Represent to the Board the interests of children of Foundation members. Promote events designed to involve children so they become comfortable at Foundation activities and parents recognize the benefits on their children's development. Elected by LEAK.


Insure we meet our obligations for maintenance and improvement as required by the terms of our lease. Organize our resources, including work days, toward achievement of these obligations. Coordinate with other committees to insure their requirements are met. The facilities committee is also responsible for insuring firewood is available for all friendship fires.


Insure we meet our obligations for conservation as required by the terms of our lease. Organize our resources in coordination with the Facilities Committee to achieve these obligations. Our lease requires we maintain a rustic, natural setting. This committee must plan ways that will tend to encourage suitable plant and wildlife growth. This includes planting trees and shrubs and attracting compatible wildlife. This does not mean all plants and wildlife are desirable. Poison ivy and other noxious and annoying plants must be discouraged. Likewise, beaver that kill trees or muskrat that damage the dam are not desirable. Our objective is to balance the needs of desirable plants and wildlife against our lease requirements.

Uncovered Opinions

by Dave Bitters

Talk It Up

When I spoke at Lake Edun on August 5, little did I realize how fast things might move in precisely the direction I feared.

I had planned to write a much different column this month, but certain recent events in Leavenworth County have interceded. As the NAC area representative I felt an obligation to get involved. So, I haven't been able to spend the time necessary to fully research my thoughts for the other article.

What has happened in Leavenworth County conceivably has Constitutional significance. Nor does it look bright for the Naturist idea at the moment. The situation is delicate, so I won't elaborate at this time. Eventually the entire story will be told.

But what happened in Leavenworth County reinforces a belief I share with Webb Garlinghouse that, if the Naturist idea is to survive (particularly in the Heartland), we have to win the battle in the court of public opinion. This means we have to talk it up. We have no apparent protection from the courts and we will get little protection from the legislative branch of government - unless they know we're out there. Particularly at the county level, the events of the past month have taught us how easily and seamlessly legislation can be created that, however unintentionally, affects our rights.

The problem is sex, pure and simple. We who are associated with the Naturist movement claim, with some validity, that IT ISN'T ABOUT SEX. But how is the general public, which largely has no experience of nude beaches or naturist parks, to know this? Conversations about nude recreation invite a wink and a nudge (or worse) from the untutored.

Concerning nude recreation, it's my opinion that the only way you really can "get it" is to try it for yourself, in an environment that's accepting, welcoming and mutually respecting - such as a self-policing nude beach or an ethically run naturist park. The majority of the Supreme Court have declared that nudity is conduct, actionable by governing bodies rather than expression (or "expressive conduct"), ostensibly protected by the first amendment. But where groups of people are naked together, the medium clearly is the message. Here's the problem: how are we to get this message across if we're legislated out of existence?

Words are a poor substitute for the real thing. But very soon words may be about all we have left. So to help you articulate your interest better to your skeptical neighbors, I offer the following paragraphs - thoughts that aren't mine but that tell the story very well, I think.

"The vast majority of humans are accustomed solely to a clothed mankind. To many of them nudity seems ridiculous, comical, and sometimes even ugly and grotesque, because it is strange and unaccoustomed. In the case of prurient minds, its fancied ridiculousness and ugliness may be due to an unconscious attempt to suppress sex feelings aroused by nudity. This is also due to its strangeness, for nudity per se cannot be sexually suggestive when it is habitual and customary." - Maurice Parmelee, Nudism in Modern Life, 5th edition, 1952.

"Nudity may be eye-opening but it's less erotic than a slinky gown or a tangerine bikini. I talked to a man in his twenties who confessed that he had the obsessive idea that the ultimate secret of a girl's identity was literally hidden in her pants and that her absolute being, if not the secret of the universe, would be exposed if he ever saw her naked. 'I admit that I had a sheltered life,' he said, 'and I was really terrified when I first came to the free beach. It was really a revelation to have the feeling that I'd walked into a big coed gym class. I got into a volleyball game and that was it.'" - Leon Elder, Free Beaches, A Phenomenon of the California Coast, 1974.

We Naturists call this "body acceptance." Maybe you can add your own personal experience of body acceptance. It's an idea worth preserving, protecting and promoting.

Talk it up.