Bare Facts
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September 1, 2001

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Be Prepared For The Chili Cook-Off

Warm your taste buds in advance or be prepared to have them warmed for you at this year's Chili Cook-off. Several Eduners have their own secret recipes for outstanding Chili. On September 15, we will find out whose formula is voted the best.

Our cook-off will follow our first fall Work Day. Eduners will have several hours between our tasks before tasting and judging begin at 6pm. In the event the chili does not warm you, we will have a sauna later in the evening.

If you believe you can make a winning pot of chili, you should participate; if you don't feel confident with your chili recipe, bring a side dish and join the fun. As in the past, anyone who does not either enter the contest or bring a side dish will be asked for a contribution to our Legal Defense Fund.

Labor Day Reminders

We have lots going on over Labor Day weekend. Saturday is a Fish Fry and Pot Luck. Bring or catch a fish to fry and also bring a side dish to share. Eatin' will begin about 5. Sunday is the Tie Dye party followed by our Luau hosted by Dizzie & Bill. Tie Dye will begin at noon. Bring a shirt, hat or other item to dye. Cotton works best. Cost is $2 per item.

At about five in the afternoon, we once again share the wonderful Eduner food spread. Our hosts will provide Burgers, hot dogs and all the fixin's. You should bring a side dish and a good appetite. If you are unable to bring anything, you are, of course, welcome to join the festivities. We will just ask for a $5 contribution to the Legal Defense Fund.

Annual Meeting Planned

As required by our By-Laws, we will hold our annual Meeting on October 27, 2001 for the purpose of reviewing our operations for the past year, and electing a new Board of Directors. All members are encouraged to attend.

This meeting will mark the end of another great season for the Lake Edun Foundation. Under Eldon's leadership, the Foundation has continued to provide great clothing-free experiences for its members and is finding new ways to spread the word to others about the benefits Naturism can provide to families. We are particularly proud of our new educational video, Lake Edun Exposed.

All Eduners should consider a position on our Board of Directors. Elsewhere in this issue is a listing of Board responsibilities. Take time to review it and decide how you might make a meaningful contribution to our continued success. It is because of the dedicated individuals who assist with their time and energy by serving on the Board that we are able to provide a wonderful program and facility for all of our members to enjoy.

Kansas Invitational Begins Process

Members from Sandy Lane, Heart Land Naturists, and LEF met with two Naturist Action Committee regional representatives on Saturday, August 18. Discussion covered a number of areas of mutual concern to all clubs.

It was good to meet with our counterparts from other parts of the state. What we anticipated would be about a 2 hour discussion lasted about twice that long with some very productive areas of cooperation identified.

At the conclusion, we decided to meet again the weekend of November 10. If you are interested in working with the Kansas Naturist Network, please let us know.

Volunteers Make It Happen

Its hard to miss Big Mike when you are at our special place. His smile and friendly chuckle make him a truly "big" man. In addition, he is always there to volunteer when we need a hand.

This month, we recognize Big Mike for his on-going volunteer efforts at Lake Edun. He built the new floating dock for North Beach this Spring (last year, he built the new dock for South Beach), he regularly spends time pruning our miles of trails, he gathers and brings wood for our friendship fires, and he helps control the over-abundance of Cedar trees on the west side of the lake. As if this weren't enough, Big Mike also serves on our Board of Directors.

Anyone who thinks Big Mike only sits in the sun reading his paper does not know how much he does for our special place. When you see Big Mike on your next visit to the lake, be sure to thank him for his continuing contributions and for earning the distinction of being named the LEF Volunteer of the Month for August.

Volunteers at Lake Edun are critical to making our special place really special. Each month we recognize one of our members as the Volunteer of the Month in Bare Facts.


Sept 1; Sat; Fish Fry and Pot Luck Dinner

Sept 2; Sun; 12-4 Tie Dye

Sept 2; Sun; 5; Luau Party & Pot Luck

Sept 8; Sat; 10-12; Board of Directors meeting

Sept 8; Sat; Dusk; Friendship Fire

Sept 15; Sat; 10-2; Work Day

Sept 15; Sat; 6:00; Chili Cook-off & pot luck

Sept 15; Sat; 7-9; Sauna

Sept 15; Sat; Dusk; Friendship Fire

Sept 22; Sat; Dusk; Friendship Fire

Oct 13; Sat; 10-12; Board of Directors meeting

Oct 13; Sat; 6-8; Sauna

Oct 27; Sat; 6:30; Annual Meeting & Election of Board

Oct 27; Sat; 7:30; Halloween Party

Nov 10; Sat; 10-12; Board of Directors meeting

A Few Lines From The Prez:

by Eldon Rice

Where did the summer go? I was looking forward to an eventful summer at Lake Edun. It all started with a great weekend in May. I enjoy the tie die parties. Everyone is in the meadow enjoying each other's company. The next thing that I know, that it is September already. I missed the summer. All I can say is next year will be different. We have tons of events lined up for us this off-season. Keep reading Bare Facts for an event or a party.

Thanks, Eldon

Members Can Help Out

Our members have a variety of talents and we have some specific projects we wish to complete that some members may be interested in working on.

Earlier this year, we received a gift of a computer. We are interested in setting this up in the Barn to help us provide current information on our members and visitors. However, we need someone knowledgeable to set it up with appropriate security software, etc. If you are capable of working on this, we have all the software. It just needs to be loaded, and checked out.

We are anxious to complete Carver's Crossing. At the last meeting of our Board, we decided the best solution is to pour concrete. If you know how to work with concrete and are willing to supervise this project, please contact a member of the Board.

Looking forward to next year, we are considering engaging the services of a Public Relations firm to help get our message out. Let us know if you know of a good PR firm that may be interested in representing the Foundation.

Time For Saunas Once Again

As days become shorter, nights come sooner, and weather cools, it is time once again to plan periodic saunas. Our first sauna of this winter (ugh!) season is scheduled for September 15 from 7-9 in the evening.

It has been several months since we have shared the good times a sauna offers, so be sure to plan to join one of these. It is a great opportunity to meet other Eduners and share a relaxing evening. If you are unable to join us on the 15th, check the calendar. We plan them during the cool months. If you would like to request that we schedule a sauna at a time convenient to you, let a member of the Board know.

Work Day Planned

The first work day of the Fall is planned for September 15 from 10-2. We will be making some improvements to our special place and beginning our preparations for winter. If you are a working member, or if you just want to help out, we will have a number of projects we will be working on.

Join other Eduners on the 15th and let's work together to make some real improvements at Lake Edun!

Board Training Available

With Fall fast approaching, we will be choosing new members for our Board of Directors, soon. Now is the time to begin making plans, if you have an interest in serving on our Board.

Our Board of Directors is responsible for setting policy and insuring we meet our obligations to our members. It is because of their hard work and dedication that we are able to keep our membership rates so low.

If you think you may be interested in a Board position, the Volunteer Center of Topeka is offering a seminar for Board Leadership development. Participants will learn about policy-making, budgeting, fund-raising, and strategic planning. These skills will be useful on our own board. They will also be valuable in the future.

The seminars will meet Tuesday evenings from 4-5:25 in Henderson Hall at Washburn University from Sept 11 to Oct 9. Cost is $30. If you are interested in this opportunity, contact us immediately!

From The Mail Bag

Dear Lake Edun;

I always enjoy your newsletter. It's a refreshing change from so many others that just list events, where, who, etc.

The Naturilist Naturist by Biology Bill (I'm sure that's his real name) was especially interesting. ... But is only the small tip of a large iceberg.

When I lived in P.C.B. Florida a few years ago, thong (G-string) swimsuits were still new, bold, daring. The city council drafted a 3 (three) page definition of exactly what an ass (butt, backside, derriere) was. With full page drawings to help. They had to determine where the upper leg ended (or the lower back). If a swimsuit was cut high on the sides, how high is too high?

Gave new meaning to the word ludicrous.

Also, the police raided a topless bar & charged the dancers with ... indecent exposure. 3 foot tall neon signs outside telling the world it's "Topless." The ordinance stated that dancers must wear latex over their nipples.

At the court hearing, the dancer in question ripped open her blouse & asked the judge to tell her which nipple was latexed. The judge - unable to tell (in a well-lit courtroom & 3 feet away) dismissed the case, latex being a very thin, flesh colored, opaque covering in the first place.

The whole thing centers around nudity, & to me the question is SO WHAT!? So he (or she) is naked, O.K.

With drug pushers & murderers running rampant in every town, the cops certainly have better things to do than hassle a guy (or lady) who wants to swim (or sunbathe) nude. They can't even define what NUDE is.

If there is a point to this letter, it's this ... being naked is a very small thing (especially compared to so many other situations) so why do so many people make it a major problem?

Again, thank you for your newsletter.

- Naturally, Fred Garner

Save Your Aluminum. Bring it to the Lake!

The Naturalist Naturist

By Biology Bill

By the time you read this, it will be September. Here in Kansas, we humans begin to recognize the signs of impending autumn by mid-to-late September, primarily by the increased chance of cool nights and the lower likelihood of strings of days in the 90's. Of course, July and August are generally very hot, and we rarely think of autumn beginning in these months. However, to much of the natural world July and August are the early indicators of autumn, and the oncoming winter of cold and hardship.

So, what environmental cues can indicate the changing of the seasons? Autumn can be indicated by changes in temperature, different rainfall patterns, changes in atmospheric humidity, and other factors. However, all of these factors, while they on average change with some predictability every season, vary quite a lot in the short term. We can all think of Septembers that were warm, cold, wet, dry, cloudy, clear or any number of other descriptions. Every year's month is different from every other's. So, if you don't have a written calendar, which is true for every organism that is not a human, you can't count on these to predict the weather in the future. What if a warm September convinced a bird to stick around Kansas for a bit longer, and suddenly in early October the temperature drops below freezing? Overall, the most predictable feature of the changing season is the length of day, and the movement of the sun across the sky. While we can't predict the high temperature for a day two weeks from now, we can predict with incredible accuracy the time between sunrise and sunset for any day several years from now. Thus, while other animals and plants take changes in temperature and rainfall as signs of the changing seasons, they really depend on the passage of the sun through the sky as their best cue.

Because of this, animals have literally been preparing for winter for two months now. Have you noticed that the birds at Lake Edun were singing all spring, but tailed off and even stopped by sometime in June? A combination of the increasing heat of midsummer, as well as the shortening day-length after June 21 or so tells the birds in Kansas to wind up reproduction for the season. During April, May and June the temperatures and precipitation are great for raising a wild family. After that, however, temperatures get too hot, and then too cold. Rainfall becomes to irregular for raising a family. But the best signal of the changing season is yet again the day length. Even in more northerly climates, where there is no hot, dry midsummer period the birds still stop nesting and the ground squirrels hoard nuts when the short-term climate seems ideal. Why? The shortening days mean that fall is coming soon, and that the current ideal conditions will not last long.

A great example of the affects of the sun on animal behavior is the case of the monarch butterfly. You should be familiar with the black-and-orange insect that is common throughout our summer, visiting flowers and particularly milkweed plants. Every year, monarchs migrate from all over North America to the Kansas area, meeting here about the 10th of September, and then moving south to central Mexico. In the highlands of Mexico the butterflies wait out the winter, and move back north again beginning in February and March. So, how do these butterflies all over the country know to migrate south at the same time every year, regardless of hot spells and rainy times? They watch the movement of the sun through the sky.

A professor at the University of Kansas, Dr. Chip Taylor, is one of the country's experts on butterfly migration. He has discovered that the angle of the sun above the horizon is critical to the behavior of monarchs. As the seasons change, the sun's path through the sky changes. Near to the solstice in late June, the sun is as high in the sky as it gets during the course of the year. Dr. Taylor has discovered that monarch butterflies stop migrating for a given period of time around the solstice. When the sun reaches the threshold angle above the horizon before the solstice, the butterflies stop migrating and breed in place. While the angle rises to its maximum, and declines back down to the magical angle, the butterflies stay in their area. However, once the sun moves below the critical angle later in July, butterflies take notice. In southern Canada, this is their cue to migrate south. By the time they get to Kansas, the movement of the sun is still predictable if you correct for your latitude. However, if they move through Kansas in early September, they know they are safe from frosts and dangerously cold temperatures. The day length, and the angle of the sun in the sky is absolutely predictable, and the critical cue for animals preparing for the winter.

Thus, over the next two weeks, look for monarch butterflies moving through your backyards. They will (mostly) be moving south. So, please keep two things in mind: one, that with luck this small animal will reach Mexico in several weeks, and, two, that regardless of temperature and rainfall these animals are watching the sun to tell the season.

And, if you have gotten to the end of this article, you might have noticed that the end of last month's article might not have flowed easily, and you'd have been right! The last third or so of the published article last month inadvertently included several paragraphs of notes and paragraph fragments I had referred to in writing the article. So, please accept our apologies, and please send any comments to

Christmas In September

We still have a reasonably good selection of items from the Skinny Dipper Shop available and we do not expect to place another order this year. This is the perfect opportunity to prepare for the gift-giving season. These items make perfect gifts for the person who has "everything" or someone you want to astonish!

Although we currently have an excellent selection of merchandise, once it is sold we won't replace it until next season. Shop early for the best selection and save the shipping costs you would need to pay for items ordered directly from The Naturist Society.Uncovered Opinions

by Dave Bitters

From The Mail Bag

A few days ago I got my monthly reminder from Webb that it was time to produce some copy for the newsletter.

Concurrently I received an unsolicited e-Mail from Tim Pullen of Owensboro, KY. I read it a couple of times and found it a sincere compliment from a voice crying in the wilderness. Actually, I was flattered and pleased that someone was reading my monthly ruminations on the state of nature and Naturism. Although I had planned to write about some shenanigans that occurred earlier this year at the Westport Coffeehouse, this commentary can wait. Tim's note is worth sharing. I've edited it a bit for spelling and grammar but otherwise have left it uncut.

It expresses a view that currently reflects a minority opinion in American culture. But it's probably noteworthy that this opinion is being expressed at all. There's a political consciousness behind it that politicians will have to deal with sensibly at some point. Eventually we Naturists will learn how to be assertive enough to make our case without being defensive. When we do, politicians will come to realize that they can't ignore our interest (let's call it the Right to Dress) without risking trampling on others' rights as well. If public nudity laws had a rational (as opposed to a cultural) basis they could be defended. But they don't, and they can't.

Here's Tim's letter:

I am writing this letter to express my approval of everything you are trying to do for the people of this country, who feel like we can and should be like we were born. The Bible says we were supposed to be naked, but every bible thumper in the world speaks against nudity. Does the word hypocrite come to mind? I personally look forward to the day when anyone can walk outside their house, dressed as they see fit, with or without clothes.

You would think that all of these people screaming that nudity is indecent and immoral have never seen the human body before. If they had, they would realize it is no different than seeing an animal, be it a dog or cat, walking down the street. Should we put clothes on them also, just because there are peers of their own that don't like to see what they are really afraid to do themselves? Let me be myself, people, I was born this way, and if weather permits, I should be allowed to stay this way, NUDE! I don't try to create laws telling you where you can wear your clothes. So, you shouldn't say anything about me not wearing what I was born with out.

I started this letter to show support of you, but as you can see, it has turned into an opportunity for me to speak out, which I rarely do. And, that is something we all very rarely do, use the Constitution of the U.S.A.

Freedom of speech, that is where it starts, we all have to say what we want and we need to let legislators know that there are people everywhere that would like to see the nudity laws changed. I am one of those and I will continue to be a true Naturist forever.

Feel free to send this letter on to anyone you may think of who needs to know how most of us feel. I am also leaving my address for anyone who wants to put a stop to this discrimination. I would really like your feedback on my thoughts as a Naturist, if I have not offended you with my way of getting things off of my chest. I am just so tired of trying to find a place to be myself, and that can be difficult when you are from, Ky., like myself. I have to travel great distances to enjoy myself. My wife is starting to get discouraged about all of the traveling, but I think she is going to be alright with it all. She still enjoys it too much to give it up. I am here to fight with you if you need a backer. Keep up the good work and the fight for all our freedom.

Thank you, Timothy A. Pullen
Owensboro, KY.

Random Thoughts & Reflections

I was going to write something about the house across the street being for sale. Too late! It was sold by the 10th of August after being on the market for only 7 days and it sold for a very fair price. Once again, the market place speaks! Contrary to what some very vocal neighbors have been telling the County Commissioners, people prefer to live across the street from beautifully maintained grounds; they are much less concerned about our nudity.

After the production of our excellent video, the Board is beginning to think about hiring an ad agency next year. If you are involved in advertising or public relations, or know someone who is good in that area, let us know.

It's time to change our lock again. Members will find a new combination to the gate enclosed with this newsletter. If you believe you are a member but do not receive a new combination, please contact us.

Items We Need

By walking naked you gain far more than coolness. You feel an unexpected sense of freedom from restraint. An uplifting and almost delirious sense of simplicity. In this new simplicity you soon find that you have become, in a new and surer sense, an integral part of the simple, complex world you are walking through. And then you are really walking.

- Colin Fletcher, The Complete Walker III

Fun Things To Do In Topeka

The end of summer is upon us. Time for camping at Lake Edun and Enjoying many activities in Topeka. There are lots of things going on in Topeka in September. Here are some of them. Come to town, have a little fun, then come on out to the lake to relax or camp overnight.

Aug 1-11 "Tommy" at Topeka Civic Theatre. 357-5213

Aug 4 Ice Cream Safari at the Zoo. 272-7595

Aug 11 NASCAR O'Reilly

Sept 1-3 Shawnee County allied Tribes Traditional Pow Wow. Lake Shawnee, east side, -Reynolds lodge area. Contact: Michael L. Ballard 272-5489 (h) e-mail:

Sept 7-9 Huff-N-Puff Balloon Rally, Tinman Circle, Lake Shawnee. Contact Kirk: 271-0834

Sept 8 Paws in the Park. Gage Park, fundraiser for Helping Hands Humane Society. Contact: JulieFaust 233-7325

Sept 8 NASCAR Weekly Racing Series & O'Reilly Auto Parts Midwest sprint Car Series @ Heartland Park Topeka. 1-800-437-2237

Sept 8-9 Kansas River Valley Arts Festival at Gage Park. Contact Topeka Arts Council 234-0378

Sept 9 Grandparents' Day at the Zoo. Contact 272-7595

Sept 9 Hot Rod Show, Shelterhouse #3, Lake Shawnee. Contact Mark Searles 286-2284

Sept 15-16 MS 150 Bike Tour. Sponsored by MS Society. Contact Sheri Doudet 272-5292

Sept 20-23 Light the Night. Sponsored by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Contact Kathy Madzey 316-687-2222

Sept 20-23 18th Annual Kansas Senior Olympics (individuals). Contact Kansas Senior Olympics 368-3798

Sept 22-23 Cider Days, fund raiser for American Lung Assoc. Contact 272-9290

Sept 22-23 Truckstock 2001 with Diesel Drag Racing and O-Reilly Championship Off-Road Racing @ Heartland Park Topeka. 1-800-437-2237

Sept 27-30 18th annual Kansas Senior Olympics (teams). Contact Kansas Senior Olympics, 368-3798

Sept 28 "Friends Night" Topeka & Shawnee County Library Book Sale, Ag Hall, Kansas Expocentre. Contact Friends of the Library 580-4400

Sept 29-30 Topeka & Shawnee County Library Book Sale, Ag Hall, Kansas Expocentre. Contact Friends of the Library 580-4400

Sept 29 Race Against Breast Cancer 5k Walk/Run, 9 am, South Terrace, Washburn University Law School. Contact Valerie Smith 232-2453

Sept 29 America's Walk for Diabetes at Topeka Zoological Park. Contact American Diabetes Assos. 316-684-6091.
Board of Directors Responsibilities

The Board of Directors sets policy and implements the program for the Lake Edun Foundation. Board members meet monthly as a group and as needed with their committee. Each member of the Board chairs a committee with specific responsibilities and makes periodic contributions to Bare Facts.


Preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors. Sit as an ex officio member of all committees.


Keep minutes of meetings of both the Board of Directors and members. Maintain membership records. Carry on correspondence with members and with others for the Foundation.

Maintain contact with all appropriate national organizations including TNS, NEC and NAC. Educate our membership on the function and importance of these organizations. Encourage support among our members for these groups.


Account for all money and property owned by the Foundation. Pay all legitimate invoices in a timely manner as directed by the Board. Make regular financial reports to the Board.


Implement the educational mission of the Foundation to the public through seminars, press releases, articles, presentations, meetings, interviews, etc.

Bare Facts Editor serves on this committee. Edit, write articles for, produce, print and mail our monthly newsletter.

The Web Master also serves on this committee. Maintain and enhance our presence on the Internet.

Education & Outreach committee is responsible for spreading the word on the beneficial impact naturism can have on the individual, the family, and our community.

Member Relations:

The overall purpose of this committee is to improve membership retention. Screen new applicants. Make a recommendation to the Board concerning their suitability for membership. Maintain contact with members; determine problems or conflicts that may develop with their membership. Work with the Social Committee to develop meaningful activities for all members. Remind members we have not seen about upcoming activities. Keep all members active and interested in the Foundation.


The promotion and publicity committee should work in concert with the Education Committee to arrange for appropriate publicity of our foundation with the objective of improving the public perception of nude recreation in general and increasing membership in the Foundation. We want to present nude recreation as a healthy alternative to other forms of family entertainment. We should strive to be featured positively in news stories twice during the year.


We realize not everyone will be comfortable with the Naturist lifestyle at first. The Social Committee must plan and coordinate special activities throughout the year that implement our educational objectives with our membership and permit members and guests to learn firsthand about the benefits of naturism. It should plan indoor events during winter months when use of our leased facility is not practical. It should make a special effort to conduct events that will attract women and families to the Foundation. Major summer activities should be limited to not more than one per month.

Return to Edun is a sub-committee. It plans the annual Return to Edun celebration including entertainment, security, and all aspects required for the safe execution of this event. Our objective for Return to Edun is to host an event to provide an enjoyable introduction to nude recreation for those who may not have tried it in the past. This committee should plan an event that is safe, enjoyable, and attracts new people to try the clothing-free lifestyle and then join the Lake Edun Foundation.

Lake Edun Association of Kids

Represent to the Board the interests of children of Foundation members. Promote events designed to involve children so they become comfortable at Foundation activities and parents recognize the benefits on their children's development. Elected by LEAK.


Insure we meet our obligations for maintenance as required by the terms of our lease. Organize our resources, including work days, toward achievement of these obligations. Coordinate with other committees to insure their requirements are met. The facilities committee is also responsible for insuring firewood is available for all friendship fires.


Insure we meet our obligations for conservation as required by the terms of our lease. Organize our resources in coordination with the Facilities Committee to achieve these obligations. Our lease requires we maintain a rustic, natural setting. This committee must plan ways that will tend to encourage suitable plant and wildlife growth. This includes planting trees and shrubs and attracting compatible wildlife. This does not mean all plants and wildlife are desirable. Poison ivy and other noxious and annoying plants must be discouraged. Likewise, beaver that kill trees or muskrat that damage the dam are not desirable. Our objective is to balance the needs of desirable plants and wildlife against our lease requirements.