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September 1, 2002

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Tie-Dye Party

By Dee

The tie dye party we held on Sunday, August 18, appeared to be a tremendous success. As usual, Vicki, our expert with the dies and creativity, did a fantastic job and was very accommodating to everyone and willingly offered her expertise. Approximately 20-25 people participated, and everyone dyed several pieces! So much colorful work was done. We cannot thank Vicki enough. She is so wonderful for doing this for us, and we love her for it.

I heard some talk that Vicki might return in September or October. That would be GREAT!!!!!

Coming Events

by Heather

As the seasons change, we are once again scheduling saunas. These provide a relaxing way to end a day and get to know other Eduners. If you have enjoyed a sauna in the past, you already know how pleasant they can be; if you have yet to enjoy one, be sure to work it into your schedule.

Looking forward, we are working toward an old fashioned hoe-down/barn dance in mid-October. This will be a foot-stompin' line dance, circle dance, or square dance good time. Complete details will be in the next issue of Bare Facts. We are also considering the possibility of a house party in the Wichita area in order to give our many friends further south in the state a more convenient function.

If you are able and willing to host an event in your home this winter, please let me know.

Highway Helpers

By Doug B.

It's that time again!! Time for a highway clean up. Meet us in the old Albertson's parking lot on the northeast corner of Fairlawn and 29th Streets at 9:30 am, September 29th.

The Kansas DOT provides us with stylish little orange vests to wear and funny colored trash bags to collect the litter in. You need to provide your own sturdy shoes and long pants. You may wear shorts if you really want to, but the long grass and low bushes kind of scratch up your legs. Gloves are optional, but a good idea. Some people like earplugs too. Bring some sunscreen and insect repellent if it's that kind of day. Don't bring pets or young children. A water bottle that fits in your pocket or clips to your belt is also a good idea.

After a short safety briefing we will car pool to the highway. Please try to get there on time so the rest of us don't have to wait for you. The whole clean up can go quickly if we have enough people, but plan on spending a few hours with us anyway. After it's all done we'll all go out to the Lake and rinse off the road dust. This past year, our highway clean-up has generated lots of positive comments and several inquiries. Please help out with this effort.

Talking About Breast Cancer

By Dee

During the Labor Day weekend, Susan D., a survivor of Breast Cancer and a mastectomy, has graciously offered to talk to women about dealing with breast cancer and mastectomies. I encourage all women to come listen and participate in this open forum.

This informal discussion will begin at 4:00 on Sunday, Sept. 1, in the meadow. It will probably last -1 hour. Of particular interest to many women, Susan will talk about issues of body acceptance after this surgery. This is a wonderful thing Susan has offered to share with us. It could prove to be life saving. It will certainly open many women's minds to making an adjustment to their own self-image as a survivor. Hope to see you all there.

If you know of other women interested in learning more about these important women's issues, invite them to join you for Susan's discussion.

Annual Meeting Scheduled

As required in our By-Laws, we have scheduled our annual meeting on October 26, just prior to our Halloween Party. We have this meeting every year to review our operation for the past year and get input from members about what they would like to see in the future. We will also elect a new Board of Directors.

All Eduners should consider a position on our Board. Elsewhere in this issue is a listing of Board responsibilities. Take time to review it and decide how you might make a meaningful contribution to our continued success. It is through the dedication of individuals who assist with their time and energy that we are able to provide a wonderful program and facility for our members to enjoy.

This meeting will mark the end of another great season for the Lake Edun Foundation. Under John's leadership, our special place seems to become even more beautiful and our membership has shown significant growth. Please take time to thank John and all Board members who have contributed to make this a wonderful year.


Activities designated HN are sponsored by Heartland Naturists

Sept 1; Sun; 4pm; Women's discussion - Breast Cancer

Sept 14; Sat; 10-12; Board of Directors Meeting

Sept 14; Sat; 7-9; Sauna

Sept 20; Fri; 8-10; HN Swim in Lenexa

Sept 29; Sun; 9:30 am; Highway clean-up followed by a jump in the lake & a sauna

Oct 11; Fri; 7-9; Sauna

Oct 12; Sat; 10-12; Board of Directors Meeting

Oct 12; Sat; Barn Dance

Oct 25; Fri; 8-10; Sauna

Oct 26; Sat; 6:30; Annual Meeting & Election of Board

Oct 26; Sat; 7:00; Halloween Party

Word From The Prez - Change

by John Ritter


For the cards, letters, emails and kind words of support, I want to thank all Eduners. Since my daughter-in-law's tragic accident, it has been difficult for my son and his family. The out-pouring of concern and support from so many Eduners has been most appreciated.

Although they will never forget this, my son and his children have begun to move forward with their lives. The boys have started school and my son is back at work. I truly appreciate the support of so many of my good friends at Lake Edun.

Report From the Chair

by Bornnude

Good Thing - A couple weekends ago, there were incidents of inappropriate behavior. The members present took care of the problem and this was followed by letters from the President to the violators. This was an ideal example of self policing. This is far better than having to rely on the caretaker or board members.

Not So Good Thing - Confidentiality is very important to LEF. While we wouldn't expect anyone to purposely disclose another member's identity, it is certainly possible to do it without intending to if you aren't very careful. Recently, a member was approached with the statement that Lake Edun is wonderful and the woman thought her ex-husband was a member there. Unfortunately, the response was positive. Don't be led into this.

Fun Thing - Although I will be out of town, this weekend is another chance at Capture the Flag. The rules and maps are at the barn.

The Times of London Promotes C-O Beach

A recent article in the rather staid Times of London on-line edition promoted seven tourist destinations in the United States. They note that because of a more favorable exchange rate, Brits can visit their former colony for much less than it used to cost.

Interestingly, the first destination they wrote up, ahead of the Grand Canyon or Fall colors in New England, were the beaches of southern California. After a general paragraph describing the sights on beaches they get to naming specifics. Of all the wonderful beaches in California, the first they choose to feature is Black's Beach.

"Black's Beach," they write, "in the upscale La Jolla area north of San Diego, is a strip of sand backed by 300ft-high cliffs that attract hang-gliders. The surfing's good, too, but be warned: it is also California's most famous nudist beach."

It's nice to know that the highly respected Times of London can promote a well-run, clothing-optional beach as a vacation destination to its readers. Hopefully, Americans outside of San Diego and Miami will realize the great economic benefit such facilities can have.

The Bible On Birthday Suits

By Jeffrey Overstreet

Is there consensus here? Critics agree that lustful thoughts are to be discouraged, and thus individuals need to exercise restraint and responsibility, acting responsibly in view of personal weaknesses and temptations. In a wonderfully extreme exhortation, the Bible says we had better pluck out our eyes than be led into temptation. But that refers to all temptation: perhaps it's that SUV in front of you on the highway, or whatever is in the glass of the person next to you at the restaurant. Should an auto enthusiast barricade himself in his house to avoid seeing that SUV that makes him jealous? Or should an alcoholic avoid all restaurants to avoid the temptation to order that margarita? Perhaps. But wouldn't it be better to develop self-control and wisdom that would nip that sinful desire in the bud? Jesus was adamant about avoiding temptation, but he was also strong enough to know how to enjoy wine, dancing, and the company of sinners, and he exhorted his disciples to go, to be "in, but not of, the world."

J. Robert Parks says, "A critical aspect of all of this is a proper understanding of Romans 14 and 1 Corinthians 8 and 10. We as believers must recognize that we have very different weaknesses." Michael Elliot refers us to Philippians 4:8, where we are exhorted to focus our minds on what is true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, and worthy of praise." For David Bruce, it's important to remember Acts 17:16-34, and, like Paul, go out and engage our neighbors, listening to their stories in order to better understand how to serve them and love them as Christ would. Doug Cummings reminds us of Mark 7: "Hear me, all of you, and understand: there is nothing outside a man which by going into him can defile him; but the things which come out of a man are what defile him." And Steve Lansingh offers these scriptures: "On the glory of the created body: Genesis 1-2. On the necessity of examining human sexuality: Song of Solomon. On the importance of flesh to God - the incarnation of Jesus: John 1:1-14. On the usefulness of stories in teaching truth: Luke 10:25-37, 15:11-31. On the diversity of choices within the Christian body: Romans 14:2-8. On the revelation of God through sinful people and actions: Gen. 1-Rev. 22."

Sounds like the Scriptures have quite a bit that is valuable for "teaching, reproof, correction, and training in righteousness."

Random Thoughts & Reflections

Earlier this month, Marian announced the birth of her grandson, Tobias Devin Taylor. Granny said he made his initial appearance weighing 7 pounds, 7 ounces. Be sure to congratulate granny. Hopefully she will be bringing this future member out to visit our beautiful place soon.

Items We Need

Uncovered Opinions

By Dave Bitters

Adventures in Toto-Land (and Elsewhere)

Last month (July 25-28) I attended the Western Naturist Gathering at the Lupin Naturist Club near San Jose.

In hopes that I could arrive in San Jose early enough on Thursday and depart late enough on Sunday that I'd catch most of the conference, I chose a flight that connected through Salt Lake City. As it developed, this gave me the opportunity to experience more of the Salt Lake City airport than I ever wanted to do. The hassles of post-9/11 travel simply made the destination more enjoyable. It was 85/ 85 when I left Kansas City, but about 55o in San Jose and vicinity, with low humidity. The sky was clear, bright blue, the median strip along Interstate 880 was a riot of color - flowers everywhere - and the noonday traffic was not particularly daunting.

Pulling off Highway 17 (the main link between San Jose and Santa Cruz) and onto the Old Santa Cruz Highway was like entering another world. The road is winding and narrow, and there's a deep canopy of redwoods and live oaks. The pressures of civilization begin to release immediately.

After turning onto Aldercroft Heights road, I began to look for the mailbox with the designation "20600." Here one turns left onto Lupin's access road. After a few hundred yards there's a smiling sunburst that announces "Lupin Naturist Club," followed after a distance by a tree stump in the middle of the road with a funky sign that says "Bear Left." From there it's a short uphill drive to the office.

Lupin has existed since the mid 1930s. Despite its long history it bears the strong imprint of current owner Glyn Stout (Yale, Stanford MBA). Glyn was both a product of the 1960s and a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur. So, predictably the ambience of Lupin is one of understated elegance - funky yet upscale as befits its secluded coastal range setting. Superficially it appears that much of it just "happened," but careful inspection reveals the attention to detail that's the hallmark of the Lupin staff.

After registering I spent much of Thursday afternoon pitching my tent and getting settled, though I did have time to attend one or two of the late afternoon workshops.

One of the traditional highlights of the Naturist Gatherings is a Friday trip to some kind of public lands nude recreation site. This year Rich Pasco led a trek to Bonny Doon Beach, one of the premier clothing-optional beaches on the central coast. The majority of this beach resembles a large natural amphitheater sculpted by the waves and the tides. The traditional nude section is at the north end - it once was called "Hole in the Wall" for an unusual rock formation that heavy rains destroyed about a decade ago. On arriving at the beach one has to walk about a hundred yards to get to Hole in the Wall.

Having spent part of Friday morning reviewing a survey I'd done for Naturist Society owners Judi Ditzler and Nicky Hoffman, I left for Bonny Doon a little after 11 A.M. Shortly thereafter I got to see the downside of life in Silicon Valley and environs. As I pulled onto Highway 17 westbound toward Santa Cruz I noticed that the traffic on the eastbound lane was almost at a standstill. This probably resulted from an accident and the high traffic density on this most dangerous of California highways. Santa Cruz, it seems, has become a bedroom community for the Silicon Valley overflow population.

Fifteen minutes or so later I got my turn at a California-style traffic jam as I approached Santa Cruz. As a result, a trip that generally takes 45 minutes took me almost an hour and a half.

Never mind. I got to Bonny Doon a bit before 1 P.M. By then there was a substantial group of Naturists (50-75) sunning and splashing at Hole in the Wall. The sky was bright blue, the surf was crashing mightily and the air temperature couldn't have been much above 65o. I had nice conversations for about an hour with old friends Harold Short, Susan Durst and Bob Morton, then drove a mile north on Highway 1 to the New Davenport Inn for a bowl of soup.

Back at Lupin later that afternoon, I had time to attend a couple more of the workshops and after dinner Mark Storey's showing of some old "Main Street" nudist movies. These were exploitation films intended to titillate mostly male audiences during the days of the Hayes Code and before the Supreme Court's Roth decision (and others) of the late 1950s. The cinematographers took great pains to avoid frontal shots below the waist. Viewed from hindsight, these films are pure kitsch.

Another Naturist Gathering tradition is the Saturday morning introduction session. From 9 - 10 A.M. those who wish to do so can use the microphone to introduce themselves to the assemblage. I took this opportunity to describe how I'd spent a week in Salt Lake City on Thursday, then talked about my trip to Bonny Doon. I noted that on arriving at Hole in the Wall "I knew I wasn't in Kansas anymore," getting a rise out of the audience. Then I took an informal poll. I asked for a show of hands of those who'd be willing to spend their vacation dollars in Kansas. Predictably, nobody responded. I made it clear that I'd expected this result, as Kansas ranks last in tourism among the 50 states.

On returning to the Heartland I found people immersed in political discussions and campaigns leading to the August primaries. The main contests were between the Right (who call themselves Moderates) and the Far Right. As it turned out, Far Right candidates took the sweepstakes - winning the Republican nominations for governor and attorney general.

I sent an e-mail to David Adkins (whom I thought had a chance to win the attorney general nomination) asking how he'd approach laws that might affect Naturists adversely. He artfully ducked the issue, stating that as Attorney General he'd be obligated the enforce the law. He didn't win, though. Instead we have Phill Klein. Probably there's no need to ask him a similar question. Most likely his answer could be summed up in one word: harshly. I suspect the same might be true of Tim Shallenburger, the Republican candidate for governor.

During the past decade I've watched the recriminalization of sexual conduct with a mixture of fascination and horror. In some cases this legislation remedied real injustices. But some of it has little social utility beyond playing to popular hysteria. In the early 1990s we had Chris Cooper's war on pornography that succeeded in getting the adult videos removed from most video stores and the men's magazines shrink-wrapped ("to protect the children"). (Early on the battle cry was "Porn causes rape," an assertion that rigorous social science research has been unable to affirm.) Then followed a spate of municipal anti-nudity ordinances aimed at eliminating strip clubs. (At least one of these ordinances has been used to snare Naturists.) Sensational coverage of the rape and murder of Stephanie Schmidt led to a sex-offender registration law. Initially this was limited to felony sexual misconduct but the legislature later broadened its scope to include misdemeanors such as lewd and lascivious behavior. So, due to a court case two years ago it's now possible (in Johnson County, at least) that one might have to register as a sex offender for being merely nude in a public place (however remote). David Adkins sponsored a bill to extend the scope of rape to include "rape by deception." (Remember the William Kennedy Smith trial? Smith likely would have been found guilty under rape by deception. Patricia Bowman whined that "He didn't even remember my name!")

In recent columns I've written extensively about the anti-nudity ordinances of Leavenworth County and Overland Park. These define a "public place" so broadly that venues such as Lake Edun (as well as Prairie Haven) would qualify. In 2000 the legislature considered a bill to declare nudist parks public nuisances.

I think Silicon Valley owes its success as the technology capital of the universe to more than just the proximity of Stanford University and the nice climate. In Santa Cruz particularly, the notion of public nudity merits a big ho-hum. In Toto-Land (particularly in Johnson County) it generates sanctimonious finger-wagging among public officials. I'm persuaded that some of our legislators (and legislators to be) would go so far as to reclassify it as sexual misconduct. The difference between Santa Cruz and Overland Park is attitude, though we also might say that it's also about freedom. In Santa Cruz one is free to be oneself. In Overland Park one is free to conform (and shop).

The Judy Collins song "Dorothy" tells us that "Dorothy was a fool/ She shoulda stayed," then wonders "Why she traded all that color for black and white?"

I guess I wonder why I did too.

Board of Directors Responsibilities


The Board of Directors sets policy and implements the program for the Lake Edun Foundation. Board members meet monthly as a group and as needed with their committee. Each member of the Board chairs a committee with specific responsibilities and makes periodic contributions to Bare Facts.


Preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors. Sit as an ex officio member of all committees.


Keep minutes of meetings of both the Board of Directors and members. Maintain membership records. Carry on correspondence with members and with others for the Foundation.

Maintain contact with all appropriate national organizations including TNS, NEC and NAC. Educate our membership on the function and importance of these organizations. Encourage support among our members for these groups.


Account for all money and property owned by the Foundation. Pay all legitimate invoices in a timely manner as directed by the Board. Make regular financial reports to the Board.


Implement the educational mission of the Foundation to the public through seminars, press releases, articles, presentations, meetings, interviews, etc.

Bare Facts Editor serves on this committee. Edit, write articles for, produce, print and mail our monthly newsletter.

The Web Master also serves on this committee. Maintain and enhance our presence on the Internet.

Education & Outreach committee is responsible for spreading the word on the beneficial impact naturism can have on the individual, the family, and our community.

Member Relations:

The overall purpose of this committee is to improve membership retention. Screen new applicants. Make a recommendation to the Board concerning their suitability for membership. Maintain contact with members; determine problems or conflicts that may develop with their membership. Work with the Social Committee to develop meaningful activities for all members. Remind members we have not seen about upcoming activities. Keep all members active and interested in the Foundation.


The promotion and publicity committee should work in concert with the Education Committee to arrange for appropriate publicity of our foundation with the objective of improving the public perception of nude recreation in general and increasing membership in the Foundation. We want to present nude recreation as a healthy alternative to other forms of family entertainment. We should strive to be featured positively in news stories twice during the year.


We realize not everyone will be comfortable with the Naturist lifestyle at first. The Social Committee must plan and coordinate special activities throughout the year that implement our educational objectives with our membership and permit members and guests to learn firsthand about the benefits of naturism. It should plan indoor events during winter months when use of our leased facility is not practical. It should make a special effort to conduct events that will attract women and families to the Foundation. Major summer activities should be limited to not more than one per month.

Return to Edun is a sub-committee. It plans the annual Return to Edun celebration including entertainment, security, and all aspects required for the safe execution of this event. Our objective for Return to Edun is to host an event to provide an enjoyable introduction to nude recreation for those who may not have tried it in the past. This committee should plan an event that is safe, enjoyable, and attracts new people to try the clothing-free lifestyle and then join the Lake Edun Foundation.


Insure we meet our obligations for maintenance and improvement as required by the terms of our lease. Organize our resources, including work days, toward achievement of these obligations. Coordinate with other committees to insure their requirements are met. The facilities committee is also responsible for insuring firewood is available for all friendship fires.


Insure we meet our obligations for conservation as required by the terms of our lease. Organize our resources in coordination with the Facilities Committee to achieve these obligations. Our lease requires we maintain a rustic, natural setting. This committee must plan ways that will tend to encourage suitable plant and wildlife growth. This includes planting trees and shrubs and attracting compatible wildlife. This does not mean all plants and wildlife are desirable. Poison ivy and other noxious and annoying plants must be discouraged. Likewise, beaver that kill trees or muskrat that damage the dam are not desirable. Our objective is to balance the needs of desirable plants and wildlife against our lease requirements.