I had a first last weekend

Before I begin, I must mention that 2 years ago I was diagnosed with inoperable cancer and should have died before 1998 came around. Well, things didn’t work out that way and I made liars out of the doctors. In February of 1998, after 4 months of chemo and 25 radiation treatments I learned my cancer was in remission … and it still is. At that point, my wife and I decided when an opportunity arose, we would start doing the things that we always wanted to do.

In the past we have visited nude beaches but we have never gone to a nudist club, resort or anything like that. That is something I have wanted to do since I first heard about nudism, when I was about 10 years old. Well, I have been to Lake Edun now and it was a first for me. The following is the story about my “1st”.Last Thursday afternoon I learned Friday was going to be a totally free day off for me. My wife asked me what I was going to do. After some thought I said, “Why don’t you take the day off and let’s go to Topeka to visit Lake Edun together?” Well, she had several appointments that day and was not able to take off. Believe it or not, she said that I should go on over and check it out.

I visited Lake Edun’s web site some time ago and bookmarked it. After some quick e-mail, I learned that a single male is welcome. I got busy and made a couple of sandwiches, threw them and some coke in a cooler, packed a big towel and took off.

It is 92 miles from my house to Lake Edun. About half way there I started thinking; by the time I got there I was a nervous wreck and was shaking like a leaf. I have been to nude beaches many times but, at those places you don’t really have much interaction with other people. I knew this time I was going to have to meet some new people and be naked at the same time. When I reached the parking lot, I came real close to turning around and leaving. I just kept telling myself, “If it is too bad, you can always leave.”

Well, I walked to the “barn” where I signed in and left a donation. There were signs telling all about the place and what to do. After I signed in, I went looking for someone and found a naked guy named Chuck. He took quite awhile to tell me all about the place and really made me feel welcome. I then said, “Oh, where is a good place to take off my clothes.” He reminded me that if I had anything in the car I might want (cooler, towel, etc.) I should get it before going to the main beach to undress and meet everyone!

On the way back to the car I kept thinking, “I’m outdoors, I’ve just talked to a naked guy and I’m going to meet some naked people!” By the time I got my stuff and headed back to the main beach I was really shaking. My knees were knocking so loud that I was afraid someone would notice. Looking back on it, I have to laugh. I think that experience was one the bravest things I have ever done. I was alone and I was scared!

I reached the beach and there were a few people there. I put my stuff down, turned around, got out of my clothes, turned around again and met the nicest group of people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I tell you, I have never felt such a sincere welcome. It felt like I was joining a group of my best friends after being apart for awhile. I was made to feel completely at ease and totally relaxed.

After awhile I decided to do a little exploring, so I could give my wife a complete report. I walked around the lake and checked out the paths, clearings, and shady places. Lake Edun is a real nice place and I enjoyed exploring. But, soon I found myself hurrying so I could get back to the main beach and my new friends.

I arrived at the lake that first time just before noon and spent the afternoon talking, swimming, and walking around nude. I forced myself to leave at 7 that evening, after meeting more new friends as they arrived after work.

That evening, I told my wife all about my day. When I woke up Saturday morning I wondered if the day before was a fluke or maybe I was dreaming. I asked my wife if we could go over for the day. Well, she had about a dozen “things” that just had to be done. And besides there would probably be a lot of people there on a Saturday. I could go over if I wanted to; maybe she would join me sometime during the week.

I felt I might be pushing my luck but, I jumped into the car and drove back to Lake Edun. Arriving about mid-morning, there were probably 25 to 30 people there already and every one of them at least smiled and introduced themselves. They made me feel more than welcome once again. I finally left in the late afternoon, wishing that I could stay longer.

I once again told my wife all about my great experience. She promised she would visit with me some weekday in the very near future.

I have been an at-home nudist (closet nudist) for many years but, I can honestly say this whole first experience made me want to become an out-of-the-closet nudist. This past weekend has to be one of the most enjoyable weekends I have ever had.