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LEF Facility Closure!!!

For many years, the Lake Edun Foundation has worked hard to educate citizens of Kansas and western Missouri about the benefits living a clothing-free lifestyle can have on the individual, families and our greater society. To make it easier for members and others to appreciate these benefits, we leased property near Topeka where supporters can actually experience the positive transformations that accrue to naturists.

Management and care of this property is our greatest expense and the greatest demand on our volunteer time. For the past five years, revenue from donations has not reached expectations and we have drawn our reserves very low. In that same time, our pool of willing volunteers has greatly diminished.

We recently emailed you to explain the need for more assistance on the board and other areas. While our landlord has been willing to work with us, they expect us to successfully fulfil our responsibilities. For several years, we have fallen short. This year, they insist we demonstrate our ability to meet our obligations before extending a lease.

We have been unable to make satisfactory assurances:

  • We do not have effective leadership on the board;
  • We do not have sufficient member support on the board;
  • We do not have adequate financial reserves; and
  • We have no plans in motion for a successful year in 2018.

In short, from all appearances, at best 2018 will be a repeat of the last several years which were unsatisfactory.

As a result, next year we will not have a lease allowing access to the beautiful facility so many of us have taken for granted for so long. As time and resources permit, the Lake Edun Foundation will continue to work to advance our vision of the benefits offered by living clothing-free.

We profoundly appreciate the efforts of those committed members who worked so hard to find a viable solution to this problem. We wish the outcome had been different.