Our first visit to Lake Edun

My wife Christine and I visited Lake Edun for the first time last weekend, and we were completely awed by the experience. Since this was also our first visit to a clothing-free location of any kind, we were excited and a bit nervous. We are usually nude at home, and are accustomed to performing daily activities without clothes, but we had never had the opportunity to do so in a social environment.

We were a little anxious as we walked to the barn and checked in, but within five minutes we felt completely at home. We transferred our camping gear to the grounds by South beach, got undressed and set up camp. We worked up quite a sweat from raising the tent and blowing up our mattress and floating tubes, so we went straight to the water. It was the clearest and cleanest lake we have ever swam in. We could have stayed in the water for hours. After swimming, we met people who were long-time attendees as well as first-time visitors. Of all the camps, barbecues, or outings in general, I have never found a group of people as friendly and approachable as the folks at Lake Edun. We were welcomed as though we were a part of a family. Everything about the whole trip exceeded my expectations, and I cannot over-state how amazingly pleased we are with the whole thing.

Strangely, the thing that struck us as the most profound about the whole trip was not being at Lake Edun, but rather what it was like after we left. On the drive home, suddenly my shirt felt like it weighed a hundred pounds. Our skin couldn’t breathe, and we felt awkward and constricted. It served to show just how free and natural clothes-free living is, and the obsession and requirement of clothing in our world seems kind of silly.

In the end, we completely enjoyed our weekend there and are planning on more trips in the future. 🙂

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