Guests Are Welcome At Lake Edun

The Lake Edun Foundation welcomes visitors and guests. We encourage all members to invite their friends to experience the joy and freedom they take for granted when they come to work and relax in our place under the sun. Please explain to them that our leased special place is first and foremost an ongoing agricultural facility.

Agricultural memberships are available. As a part of your membership, you may bring as many as three guests with you whenever you visit. If your guests enjoy the experience, you may bring them back a second time. If they want to return again, they should join or pay the visitor fee. It is very important that all visitors and guests register at the barn each time they come to Lake Edun. We realize there are many locations where we and our friends may fish or tend a small garden. However, Lake Edun is one of the few where members may engage in these activities “naturally”. All of us have friends or know people who are curious about Naturism. It is important we educate them about the beneficial impact living a clothing-free lifestyle can have and invite them to visit our special place.

If you come upon someone new exploring or working at our facility, be sure to introduce yourself. Explain about the features and benefits of membership. Insure they signed in at the barn. See if there is some way you can make their visit more pleasant. Many visitors to Lake Edun have written glowing reports about the friendliness of Eduners and how much they enjoyed their stay. Keep up the good work!

Earn Free Membership

Any member may earn a completely free membership renewal. There is a very simple and straight-forward method. If anyone you introduce to our special place eventually joins, you receive a certificate good for 25% of the cost of your own renewal. You may bring someone new as your guest, send them a letter or email, or just tell them about the Lake Edun Foundation. So . . . introduce the Lake Edun Foundation to your friends. Tell them about the advantages of membership. If they are shy but want to try, tell them there are plenty of private places to get started. Be sure they write your name on their visitor form when they first come out. If they join, you receive 25% off your renewal. It’s easy!

The Perfect Wedding Present

Weddings are a special time. We have all been invited by friends to their wedding. And we go, bearing gifts. It is easy to spend $50.00 or much more for a friend’s gift. Now, there is a way to help members reduce this cost: Give a one year membership to the Lake Edun Foundation. This is FREE for any member to give to anyone whose wedding they have been invited to. Keep this option in mind next time you are asked to give a wedding present. What can be more appropriate? Give a present the newlyweds will remember (and talk about) long after the celebration has ended.

Mailing Address

Bare Facts is our way of keeping in touch with members and letting them know about upcoming events. It is also an educational piece our members can draw upon for information to use when talking with their friends. It is an important element in our educational mission. Therefore, all members must have a valid mailing address to which we can send Bare Facts and other mailings. Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Help Maintain Paradise

Lake Edun is a family orientated agricultural facility maintained by the Lake Edun Foundation. Discussion, deportment and actions should be the same at Lake Edun as would be the case at any fine, public location.

At all Lake Edun Foundation activities, we draw a firm line between nudity and sex. People are nude far more often for bathing than for sex. If nudity is associated with anything, it should be with cleanliness. Your board recognizes sex as a healthy, joyous, and intimate part of life. Without intimacy, most of its value is lost. Therefore, sex is inappropriate in any public place, especially at Lake Edun Foundation activities.

Likewise public discussions about sex, off-color jokes, and other, similar comments that would not be appropriate at a fine country club are not appropriate here. All laws and ordinances that apply elsewhere in Shawnee County apply here. This is especially true of drug laws.

We want to provide an atmosphere where families may teach their children to be pure in mind and body. Because we look after an agricultural area, we are also concerned about the environment. This makes the conduct of each visitor and guest important. All Eduners must help enforce appropriate standards of conduct, especially when it comes to visitors and guests.

Many who have not experienced the joys we take for granted are looking for a reason and way to attack us and take away this freedom we enjoy. If we can not respect these simple standards of conduct, we deserve to lose this piece of heaven on earth.

Body Piercing

Members of the Lake Edun Foundation are interested in promoting body acceptance. Jewelry and body piercing is done to draw attention to ourselves; earrings, for example, are worn to frame one’s face. Since the cornerstone of body acceptance is the ability to be happy with the body our God gave us, it should be unnecessary to enhance this gift. Enhancing one’s genitals with jewelry or piercing of the genital area does not serve to further our goal of body acceptance. Therefore, members, visitors and guests may not visit our special place if they have jewelry or body piercing worn for the purpose of enhancing their genitals or genital area.

Read and Understand

The Lake Edun Foundation strives to provide a healthy, pleasant, family oriented, clothing-free experience for all its members. At the same time, we wish to keep expenses low so our membership rates are as low as possible. Therefore, it is important that each member help us reach our family-oriented goal. Specifically, any violation of any Federal, State or County law or ordinance including any overt sexual acts or use of any illegal drugs will not be tolerated at Lake Edun or any Lake Edun Foundation activities.